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We've been crafting promotions for artists and labels since the bygone era, predating Spotify's dominance, when SoundCloud was still in its infancy.
Promosound is the brainchild of music wizards who've been backstage, on stage, and in the studio, and now, we're here to sprinkle that insider magic on your music journey!
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Artists, DJs, producers and labels launched skywards with next-level music promotion.
Tools and techniques for literally any promotion goal, genre or background of yours.
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Fabrice Oze
Excellent Promo! They were no fake account all is regular, organic. Promosound know how to do magic. It's a super cool company with friendly customers service. Streaming Promotion on : Spotify, Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora and many more. Social Link : @fabriceoze or Fabrice Oze #fabriceoze #promosoundgroup
Jay Ltb
Really friendly and perfect service!!! they really are helping me out.
Very good promotion service. I have been working with them for several years. They have always delivered the services that I wanted. Can recommend them and will use their services again. We are reached Beatport top 100chart within 24 hours after ordering.
PromosoundGroup Group for the Win! At first I thought it was a scam, but after the first order these guys are good to me, never disappointed and always on time. They make sure all the promotions are 100% authentic, I will never use another service again. Big shouts to the PromosoundGroup team!
Excellent services, professional and attentive team. I have been working with PromosoundGroup for a very long time, and I am completely satisfied. They help me launch my promotions and "round off" the angles for lighter events. I think "people attract people". The prices are very competitive. The customer service is understanding and attentive. The packages are well thought out too. One day I found that a package was missing, and they created it as I requested, and made it available to everyone. Deadlines are widely respected and we receive what we buy, sometimes even more. What else? In today's world, these are the promoters that an artist needs.
The customer service with this group is always fantastic 🚀 They are attentive, they respond quickly and are always willing to help resolve any and all concerns. They truly are the best at what they do! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs quality promotion work done!
Sean Powers
I honestly have nothing but great things to say about PromosoundGroup. They meet every expectation and provide all services that they say they can do. If there ever is a problem which sometimes can be out of their hands, they have a superb customer service that is willing to find a solution to any problem encountered. I have been using this company for almost a year now and it has been a game changer ! I own my own independent record label and these guys allow me to meet my goals. 10/10 excellent work and please keep it up bc I’ll keep coming !!
Great service, always deliver on time and quick to respond, will highly recommend and use again! Best place to get music promo!
Johnny v
Great services, great promotions Reliable and effective 🔥
Kozak House
Very good music promotion services! I ordered Spotify promotion and i very happy. My track got a lot of streams in short time. Strictly recommendable!

Music Promotion

Everything the modern DJ, artist or music marketer needs to rise and shine.
Smash SoundCloud, or radio promotion, push your demo to the best radio stations out there, get featured on Resident Advisor, or simply sit back and relax while we manage your every promotion need month over month.

All Music Promotions, Assemble!

Introducing the most comprehensive set of music promotion services for the electronic music scene.

If you’ve been wondering how to promote your music – legit, legal, and effective – you’ve come to the place that has it all.

Over many years of professional music marketing, we engineered the best and best-value music & electronic music promotions for DJs, bands, singers and labels, taking the heavy lifting and guesswork off your already busy plate.

Make sure you always get REAL music promotion

Music marketing done right uses different channels, so how to promote your music generally comes down to:

  • Organic: campaigns and mixed promotions that grow your social and streaming followerships
  • Paid: likes, plays and followers you buy for Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, or even Instagram and co.;
  • Cold: campaigns using outreach to music industry players such as labels, DJs, radio stations, etc.

We feature all of these channels, and then some, right here in our main music promotions category. Most importantly, they’re all legal and legitimate, delivered professionally, and with guarantees.

This is incredibly important when promoting your music – always, always get real music promotion, instead of (over)paying for fake, non-safe promo services that’ll backfire like a worn-out Smith & Wesson – either with low results or profiles getting banned.

All our likes, plays or followers (social media, Spotify, SoundCloud and much more) are real and worldwide, and every tailored music promo we deliver uses white-hat music promotion methods only. So you’re perfectly safe when promoting your music across all channels.

Indulge in the best music promotions out there

Whether you’re looking to push your single up the top charts, get album streams on Spotify or get followers for your podcast – you’ll find effective and cost-effective music promotions to get you right where you want to be.

Here you’ll find a plethora of legal music promotion services for all needs:

  • Streaming music promotions, including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, , plus all the big ones
  • Music promotions for SoundCloud, Mixcloud, label contact lists, music blogs, top DJs and other organic music industry contacts
  • Complex music promotions for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Resident Advisor including social media followers, comments, likes – all real, legal and effective

Browse these unique promo packs here, and for more platform-specific music promotions such as Google Play check our specific categories and products from the menu.

The world of legit music promotion is yours for the taking – hands-off, easy, and effective.

Get real music promotion right here, right away

Stop wondering how to promote your music and get real music promotion at your fingertips.

Explore these music marketing goodies and craft your own path to fame & fortune, with effective, legal music promotion services designed around your needs and budget.

We guarantee delivery and satisfaction for every music promo goodie that you buy, including real followers, promoting songs on, and even top chart promotions. Happy promoting!

What makes your streaming promotion services stand out?

Promosound has over ten years of experience navigating the promotion industry, streaming algorithms, and promotion strategies. We understand that true success is measured not by numbers alone but by genuine growth and building fan bases for your content. Our data-driven campaigns leverage analytics to ensure they reach the right audiences while our dedicated customer support keeps you updated.

How do you measure success in social media marketing campaigns?

Marketing campaigns can be considered successful when the purchased package is delivered entirely and account metrics and statistics improve.

Can your promotion services help me reach international charts?

Our promotion packages can get your music onto Beatport, Traxsource, and Spotify international playlists and into key markets where people will hear it! Even if you don't get a chart promotion package, improved metrics from our campaigns can enhance organic discovery and help increase the chances of international chart placements.

What platforms do you cover with your music promotion services?

We offer promo services on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Audiomack, Pandora Music, and SoundCloud. You can also get SMM promotions on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

What support do you offer to first-time clients?

As part of our dedication to first-time clients, we offer comprehensive customer support services designed to create an easy and seamless experience. Our support team stands by to assist any time any concerns or issues may arise during this process and offers guidance and assistance every step of the way.

How secure are my data and payment details on your platform?

Thanks to advanced encryption protocols and stringent security measures implemented to safeguard sensitive information, your data and payment details are safe on our platform. In addition, our systems are constantly monitored and updated to be aware of potential security threats, ensuring maximum protection of data and payment details.

Are your promotion packages customizable based on genre?

We offer a number of promo packages on many platforms crafted for specific genres. Those packages can be tailored to your genre. You can: Pitch your tracks on Tidal genre-specific playlists Get on Curated Spotify playlists Choose a genre-specific package on Taxsource Adjust Beatport promo packages to your genre SoundCloud genre-specific packages