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Everything the modern DJ, artist or music marketer needs to rise and shine.
Smash Soundcloud, or radio promotion, push your demo to the best radio stations out there, get featured on Resident Advisor, or simply sit back and relax while we manage your every promotion need month over month.

All Music Promotions, Assemble!

Well well now, the Day of Reckoning is here:

Meet & welcome the most ass-kickingly complete set of music promotion services that the electronic music scene has ever seen.

If you’ve been wondering how to promote your music – legit, legal, and effectively – you’ve come to the place that has it all.

Over many years of professional music marketing, we engineered the best and best-value music & electronic music promotions for DJs, bands, singers and labels, taking the heavy lifting and guesswork off your already busy plate.


Make sure you always get REAL music promotion

Music marketing done right uses different channels, so how to promote your music generally comes down to:

  • Organic: campaigns and mixed promotions that grow your social and streaming followerships
  • Paid: likes, plays and followers you buy for Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, or even Instagram and co.;
  • Cold: campaigns using outreach to music industry playahs such as labels, DJs, radio stations etc.

We feature all of these channels, and then some, right here in our main music promotions category. And most importantly, they’re all legal, legit and delivered professionally and with guarantees.

This is incredibly important when promoting your music – always, always get real music promotion, instead of (over)paying for fake, non-safe promo services that’ll backfire like a worn out Smith & Wesson – either with low results, or profiles getting banned.

All our likes, plays or followers (social media, Spotify, SoundCloud and much more) are real and worldwide, and every tailored music promo we deliver uses white-hat music promotion methods only. So you’re perfectly safe when promoting your music across all channels.


Indulge in the best music promotions out there

Whether you’re looking to push your single up the top charts, get album streams on Spotify or get followers for your podcast – you’ll find effective and cost-effective music promotions to get you right where you want to be.

Here you’ll find a plethora of legal music promotion services for all needs:

  • Streaming music promotions, including Spotify, Mixcloud,, plus all the big ones
  • Music promotions for radio, label contact lists, music blogs, top DJs and other organic music industry contacts
  • Complex music promotions including social media followers, comments, and likes – all real, legal and effective

Browse these unique promo packs here, and for more platform-specific music promotions such as Google Play check our specific categories and products from the menu.

The world of legit music promotion is yours for the taking – hands-off, easy, and effective.


Get real music promotion right here, right away

Stop wondering how to promote your music and get real music promotion at your fingertips.

Explore these music marketing goodies and craft your own path to fame & fortune, with effective, legal music promotion services designed around your needs and budget.

We guarantee delivery and satisfaction for every music promo goodie that you buy, including real followers, promoting songs on, and even top chart promotions. Happy promoting!