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Do you have a band? Do you like camps? Bandcamp is all you need! Stop searching for the best promotion service out there, you’ve found it. Feel the fame on Bandcamp, feel the success with our promotion.

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In the modern reality the overload of content has become a natural and common situation. Independent creators with a small audience on all streaming platforms are confused and lost, and the tendency of growing consumer attitude towards the music only tightens every day. Have you noticed that you are not treating the music as a miracle already? There is no involvement in music search anymore, algorithms do everything for you. It is not you who finds the music now. Among young and budding musicians it is common to question “Why ain’t I recognized in the music world? Even in my own city no one knows me. Why?” So with the goal of helping young creators, in 2007 Bandcamp was launched. And it is the best music service, oriented at promoting new creators, making their names, that stands for high quality of music and is the least commerce-associated.

In fact, with the development of the internet and music streaming services, the question “how to present yourself on the internet, if you are a young independent musician, and make people know you?” becomes harder and harder to answer. Should you create a website or YouTube channel? Or a proper social network account? Or even put your music to commercial platforms? But if you do all that, how to target yourself? It all looks like a vicious circle with no escape. However, there may be a way out with Bandcamp, aimed neatly not only on the creators of music, but also on the listener, who wants to download and stream songs. With all advantages of social networks and streaming services it became one of the best places for every young and independent creator. Bandcamp is the service, where all the music diggers and pros create and discover new talents. How is Bandcamp different from other services and how Bandcamp followers write your story?

    Can promotion on Bandcamp be profitable?

One of the main differences of Bandcamp and other social networks is in its focus. Bandcamp is directly focused on working with musicians and musical material. The whole principle of its work is quite simple: every music creator who’s interested, can upload their works to the site and put a price tag on them. Moreover, the formation of value is based on the principle “from a certain amount”. A musician or label can charge $1, but you can pay $160. It also happens ‘name your price’, when you can buy tracks for free or for a nominal fee. Bandcamp only gets 10-15% from every transaction (whether it’s a digital track, vinyl, disc, cassette or merch). Bandcamp’s mission is quite simple: they believe that in order to develop a culture, musicians must be able to share their creativity, regardless of audience size. According to official statistics, fans have already paid the musicians $510 million for the entire lifetime of the platform.
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What is the biggest feature of the Bandcamp?

It is its diversity in requirements to the uploaded music and the community of music fans. And what are the services, provided by Bandcamp to the artists? First – the ability to upload their music in two formats (free streaming and paid downloading). You can upload in all popular formats, as well ass in lossless formats, like FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, and WAV. FOr digital download user can download the full album, or each track separately. For example on free Spotify subscription you can’t do that. Second – ability to sell music on physical drives, as well as merchandising.

    Do you need Bandcamp promotion?

So, taking all that information into account, why do you need our promotion on Bandcamp? Well, as it comes from the scenario of use, the popularity of each musician depends on the number of supporters. The more followers you have -the more popular you are. No other parameters are involved in this. So if you are striving with the performance of your tracks, don’t be shy and buy Bandcamp followers at Promosound. The service is friendly to everyone who uses promotion, because every promotion campaign attracts new users to the service, so Bandcamp only helps and encourages musicians to promote themselves. Bandcamp promotion is a common action, especially among more popular musicians, so you don’t need to feel ashamed for it.

What happens after you click “Buy Bandcamp followers”?

The experts examine your tracks, the situation on the service and choose the best strategy for you. Then, some special promotion channels, like blogs or various ads, are used. After the song gets promotion, people start noticing it, they go to Bandcamp, listen to the song, and pay for

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