Promosound is the Galaxy’s most hard-rocking music promotion service. Helping DJs and artists grab fame by the family jewels since 2012 or so.

1,000+ Releases
promoted on Beatport, iTunes,
Traxsource, Juno, DJ Tunes Top
100 and more
15k Music Tracks
featured thanks to our targeted delivery,
including multiple Premium Music playlists
5 Newcomers
propelled to the DJ Mag
Top 100 chart from 2017 to
5 Billion
organic Spotify plays to
date, growing at a
breakneck pace in recent
800k+ Soundclouders
reached by our campaigns and
promotions in the past year
20,000 Spotify Tracks
featured on Premium Spotify playlists,
including the crazy-popular
Friday Cratediggers, Fresh Electronic,
RapCaviar, Mint
8 Artists
Pushed to Billboard Top 20 digital
selling chart from 2019 to 2020
2 Billion
organic Music plays
delivered, and counting!
Promotion for musicians, by musicians

This here fine establishment is run by a gang of DJs, producers and label owners who turned full-on music promoters about a decade ago.

Navigating the nooks and crannies of both sides of the music industry, we’ve consistently helped thousands of fellow artists elevate their tunes above the noise and pack a full house on every promotion channel new and old.

Artist-sized arsenal of fame

Fortune may be a fickle goddess, but she helps those who help themselves. So here you are. Find all the tools you need to ‘hack’ her will, and shoot for the stars baby.

Aside years of experience and a passion bordering on obsession, our superpower is in the numbers. We’ve put together a ridiculously massive network of industry contacts, music-loving freaks, battle-tested promotion techniques, and sought-after accounts…

… and they’re now all yours for the taking. Mix-and-match the promotion you need to achieve fame your way.

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