Gateway to Electronic Music Stardom: Beatport Unveiled

The music industry is a competitive and ever-changing environment where up-and-coming musicians encounter many obstacles on their path to stardom. But new ways to promote music have opened up since digital platforms have emerged. Topping the charts is Beatport, a hub that has opened doors to stardom for innumerable DJs and producers in the electronic music industry.
Despite its lengthy and eventful history, Beatport has risen to prominence as a critical player in the promotion of electronic music. Musicians can significantly improve their careers by reaping the benefits of its many valuable features and vast audience.

In this article, we trace Beatport’s incredible history, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a major hub for musicians worldwide. We cover all there is to know about Beatport, from the compelling story behind Beatport’s top charts to the compelling reasons why Beatport promotion is so important. Therefore, stick around to find out how Beatport may aid in the success and recognition of musicians.

What is Beatport?

For DJs looking to stock up on electronic music, Beatport is the go-to online music retailer in the United States. With over 36 million users and 465 million customers, the company has become an undisputed leader in the DJ world since its founding in 2004.

Since 2004, Beatport’s goal has been to keep pushing for new ideas and inspiration, helping to lead and shape the way dance music culture moves forward.

If you’re familiar with Beatport, it has a somewhat different focus than platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Beatport is geared toward DJs who want to add the latest and greatest dance track to their set, whereas Spotify and Apple Music focus more on the customer.

Beatport’s catalog has a lot of songs that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else, like rare extended versions of songs and remixes. Compared to other digital music retailers, Beatport prioritizes electronic and independent artists (including all its associated sub-genres). The Beatport curation team gives each subgenre its dedicated section, which is a huge time saver for DJs looking for tracks they can use in their sets. 

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When and how did Beatport come to dominate the digital music industry?

Beatport’s early presence in the online music market was crucial to its eventual success. As the digital music market was only beginning to take shape in 2004, Beatport jumped on it. Beatport’s early mover advantage helped them dominate the growing EDM sector. 

Beatport also stands out because of its breadth of electronic music, including original tracks, remixes, and DJ mixes. DJs and producers used Beatport because it was the go-to destination for the best and most varied selection of original electronic music available in one convenient location. 

A dark period in Beatport’s history

Many reasons, including the ongoing development of the digital music market, weakened Beatport’s dominant position. The emergence of music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud posed a serious threat. Beatport Play was Beatport’s first streaming effort in 2013. The service was stopped in 2016 as the firm concentrated on digital music sales.

Beatport lost ground in part because of heightened rivalry. As the demand for electronic music increased, new distribution channels and online music retailers appeared, each with a specialized selection and set of tools to meet the needs of DJs and music producers. This splintered the industry and presented a threat to Beatport’s hegemony.

Beatport’s supremacy was further eroded by piracy and file-sharing. Like many other platforms, Beatport relied on income from paid downloads, and the ubiquity of piracy severely damaged this source of income.

Why is Beatport important for electronic musicians?

First, Beatport has a large audience you might want to share your music with. 

Beatport’s standing changed due to changing consumer interests and behaviors. DJs and electronic music fans first used Beatport for its curated track selection and DJ-focused features. Later, when EDM became mainstream, Beatport’s viewership grew. As a result, Beatport began to draw more casual listeners and non-DJ EDM fans. Because of this change in audience composition, Beatport had to modify its services to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

The store is perfect for music promotion as it has a higher stream rate than most regular streaming services, thanks to the addition of Beatport LINK and Beatport Hype. Also, it has helped to decentralize the electronic scene in terms of underground music by employing a truly dedicated editorial team for each genre. 

Beatport distributes 96% of its profits to independent record labels. Since its inception, it has distributed $300 million to independent dance music record companies.

In addition, DJs can find all the music they need for their sets at Beatport, as it has the most extensive collection of digital dance music. Beatport has been the go-to distributor for independent musicians and record labels for the past 15 years.

Types of Beatport Charts

Using Beatport charts to promote newly released music is a great idea. The excellent music you play in your sets deserves to be heard, after all. 

An artist’s popularity can be easily measured with charts because a higher position indicates greater popularity. Of course, not every musician has the same level of success or only has success in one musical genre.

We consider all their albums within a given genre to determine an artist’s overall popularity. Only artists who regularly put out high-quality tracks that perform well on Beatport can hope to reach the top of the charts, as relying on the success of a single song isn’t enough.
You can sort everyone by time, country, and genre, just like Artist charts.

If you sort by the number of tracks an artist has uploaded to Beatport, you can easily compare how successful each of them has been. Compared to an artist who put out 1,000 tracks but only made the charts once, the one who put out 50 tracks and charted with three is clearly doing something right.

The Beatport Top 100 charts: Top 100 songs on Beatport are determined by weekly sales data. Every day at about 3am Denver time, the charts are refreshed. During the first five days after a release goes live, all pre-orders are split evenly. 

Genre-Specific Top Charts: Beatport’s top charts are broken down by subgenre, so you can find the best new music in techno, house, trance, drum & bass, and other electronic music subgenres. These charts highlight the most popular and influential tracks in each genre.

Hype Picks: The songs featured on the Hype Picks chart are the most popular and talked-about in the electronic music scene. It focuses on new talent, underground hits, and songs with the potential to break out. 

Staff Picks: Beatport’s experts select the tracks that appear on the Staff Picks chart. These songs are the Beatport team’s favorites and top recommendations, giving you an insider’s look at the best music on the site.

DJ Charts: DJs compile these playlists to feature their most-loved songs, upcoming releases, and tracks they plan to play in their own sets. DJ charts shed light on the musical preferences and inspirations of prominent members of the electronic music scene.

Beatport’s top charts provide an all-encompassing look at the current state of electronic music, enabling listeners to learn about new artists and styles while also staying abreast of the most recent releases in their preferred genre.

Importance of Beatport promotion 

Because of Beatport’s prominence in the electronic music community, it can boost an artist’s reputation and visibility. With Beatport promotion, you increase your chances of being discovered by fans, producers, and industry professionals interested in electronic music. 

Moreover, Beatport has a vast international following, with users located all over the world. With such a broad audience, you can gain followers worldwide and not just in your own neighborhood. Beatport promotion can open the door to a global audience and allow you to attract new fans.
So, if this is what you want, and you don’t know how to reach your goal, it’s time to consider boosting your career with the help of a Beatport promotion service.

Reasons for you to work with a Beatport promotion service 

Electronic music artists can benefit greatly from working with Beatport’s promotion services. A musician’s exposure, audience, and general success on the platform can all be boosted with the help of Beatport promotion services.

Using the Beatport promotion service, you can increase your music’s exposure in a number of different ways.

Specifically, this means getting your music on the Beatport charts. As the charts are an essential indicator of popularity on the platform, they will help you build a dedicated audience. Also, it would be best if you considered playlist Beatport promotion. Beatport playlists are curated collections of tracks that are promoted on the site. Including your song on a playlist can boost exposure, plays, and downloads.

Promosound: the best Beatport promotion company 

Promosoundgroup is an experienced Beatport promotion company. We provide various services geared toward your growth as an artist or record label on the platform. Artists will reach the intended demographic by collaborating with us to exploit this market. 

Among the Beatport promotion options we provide are: 

  • Chart Promotion: With our Beatport promotion company’s help, your song will get on the Beatport charts and rise in the rankings. Years of expertise in chart promotion means that our team knows just what it takes to get your song heard. 
  • Playlist Promotion: We can help you get your music heard by more people by submitting it to Beatport playlists. If you want more plays and downloads, our Beatport promotion service knows what to do. 

Of course, our Beatport promotion company understands that each artist is different, with their own style, sound, and goals. For this reason, we provide promotional plans that are unique to each artist and their goals. When choosing a promotion package, you can select a specific genre. Promosound Beatport promotion company may tailor a marketing strategy to an artist’s specific genre, tastes, interests, and goals to increase their visibility and sales on Beatport. 

Wrapping up

As the music industry evolves, knowing how to effectively promote your music on Beatport is more crucial than ever. Beatport has grown from its modest origins to become a global powerhouse, contributing significantly to the careers of many electronic music artists.

Musicians can now connect with their audiences on a worldwide scale and establish genuine connections with other experts in their field.

Beatport has become a sign of opportunity for artists, giving them a chance to achieve their goals. It has democratized music promotion, equipping musicians with the resources they need to forge their own paths to fame.

Whether you’re just starting out or already well-known in the industry, Beatport promotion can open up a world of opportunities.