Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Promosoundgroup

Our Refund Policy lays out the terms governing refunds for our services, delivered with a sense of straightforwardness and a subdued ambiance.

1. Non-Service due to Company Error:

Should we falter in delivering the promised service due to our own missteps, a full refund will be granted. We own up to our shortcomings.

2. Partial Service Execution:

If our service falls short of full execution, a partial refund may be approved within 30 days. We believe in equitable reimbursement.

3. Scrutinizing Refund Requests:

Our team meticulously assesses each complaint. We deliberate, deliberate some more, and communicate the verdict on refund approval promptly. Clarity and candor are our guiding principles.

4. Refund Authorization:

If the refund is sanctioned, we expedite the process. The reimbursement is automatically channeled back to the original mode of payment within a stipulated timeframe. Punctuality and seamlessness are paramount.

❗️ Important Caveat:
Should a promotional operation have commenced, and our investments have been directed into technological resources and staff labor, a deduction of fee from the partial refund quantum may be levied. This accounts for the resources committed up to that juncture.

For any elucidation or inquiries regarding our Refund Policy, kindly engage with us via email at [email address].

Promosoundgroup – Navigating the nuances of refunds, with an air of minimalism and a hint of somberness. Your trust fuels our journey.