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Make promotion easy, fast & smart! Take one shot and get 8 followers packages from the main networks and streaming services!

✖️ 1k Tidal Followers

✖️ 1k Facebook Likes

✖️ 1k Spotify Followers

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✖️ 1k Instagram Followers

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✖️ 1k SoundCloud Followers

Delivery time: 5 days.

$ 170
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Make promotion easy, fast & smart! Take one shot and get 8 followers packages from the main networks and streaming services!

✖️ 2k Tidal Followers

✖️ 2k Facebook Likes

✖️ 2k Spotify Followers

✖️ 2k TikTok Followers

✖️ 2k Instagram Followers

✖️ 2k YouTube Subscribers

✖️ 2k SoundCloud Followers

Delivery time: 10-25 days.

$ 329
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🎤 Grammy

Make promotion easy, fast & smart! Take one shot and get 8 followers packages from the main networks and streaming services!

✖️ 5k Tidal Followers

✖️ 5k Facebook Likes

✖️ 5k Spotify Followers

✖️ 5k TikTok Followers

✖️ 5k Instagram Followers

✖️ 5k YouTube Subscribers

✖️ 5k SoundCloud Followers


Delivery time: 15-30 days.

$ 749
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Make promotion easy, fast & smart! Take one shot and get 8 followers packages from the main networks and streaming services!

✖️ 10k Tidal Followers

✖️ 10k Facebook Likes

✖️ 10k Spotify Followers

✖️ 10k TikTok Followers

✖️ 10k Instagram Followers

✖️ 10k YouTube Subscribers

✖️ 10k SoundCloud Followers

Delivery time: 20-60 days.

$ 1350
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You creator, don’t skip this opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Your future is waiting for you! Speed up the moment of success with music promotion! If you want to push forward on every front possible, our promotion packs are for you. The most popular social networks and music streaming service – the best bang for the buck. More for less!

Full-fledged music promotion for your musical dominance

Are you a new musician, new gear in the music industry clock? Probably, you already read about every single way of music promotion for a single musician, or for a band, or for a DJ, etc. Surely, you know the basics of promoting and branding, maybe even tried performing your own social-media promotion. Yes, it is a great idea to connect your social networks like Instagram or Facebook with your accounts on streaming services. However, if you are here, the results didn’t satisfy you at all, so you almost lost your belief in this way of promotion. What to do?

First, don’t get sad! Nothing is over! Your idea was great, but you desperately need help of the professionals from Promosoundgroup! We specialize on promoting solo artists, bands, MC’s, DJ’s. All our service serves one simple goal – making you famous! Therefore, we gathered a team of true music guru’s, who know everything about music, music promotion, social media, and so on. Combination of professionalism and desire to help every musician led us to creation of promotion packages. 

What can these packages do? Can they boost a career of a musician with only one song? Yes! Only our promotion packages can bring everyone to the stars! In the modern reality, every business is about promotion, and in music industry it plays a crucial role. With good promotion even a guitar man from the café nearby can become popular and loved by millions. Our promotion power, natural scent for success, and experience in marketing is all you need, to become new music icon!

After buying one of our packages you will notice substantial activity increase on your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook pages, as well as on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Tidal follower gains. As you can see, no matter which package you choose, on all platforms gains are equal. How is it possible? According to our research, more that 70% of people on social media follow their artist of preference on music streaming service. The same pattern goes with people from music streaming services. From Instagram, people can follow your Spotify or Tidal account, so you will get even more followers and activity than mentioned in the package! 

Come, on! Get on this fame train with us! If you are ready to work for your successful future, then we are more than ready to help you! Apart, we are weak, together – we are invincible!

What social media marketing trends are worth picking up, ad which ones are better be forgotten?

All major companies, like Google, Apple, Pepsi, etc. are true fans of social media marketing. They can sell everything without making commercials for every product. Wanna know how they sell a bottle of water to a drowning man? It’s all about engagement. People are now more demanding than they ever were before. All that – because of the internet. It has really made a difference in the world and a significant shift in promotion procedures.

Thanks to the internet, we can connect with almost everyone in the world, share opinions, chat with stars and so much more. Companies use social media not only to sell their products, but to connect with clients, to hear and answer. Maybe for a company that sells forks it is not very important, but in music industry social media promotion plays much more important role. In the world of music, connection with the audience is far more important, because the creator must understand, which songs are more liked and why. It will help him to evolve over time, and satisfy his fans with better music.

Let’s examine social media marketing on the example of Justin Bieber. He started as YouTube singer, but then his family and him saw potential in social media. Social media promotion made him, what he is today – insanely popular music star. After he gained certain mass, critical mass, he lost the need to promote himself and concentrated solemnly on music creation. That’s what you need! You need to gain this critical mass, attract as many people as possible, so you could have an army of loyal listeners, who will listen to you, and promote your music to their friends and relatives.

Of course, if you are a newbie in the world of music and just started your Spotify/SoundCloud account, it can be hard for you to gain mass without competent help.  With the help of social media promotion service Promosound, you will gain audience fast, with stable result. Only here you can buy real followers, not some bots.

With clever promotion ideas, strong marketing strategy of Promosound, the success of Justin is waiting for you to grab it. All left to do is to stretch your arm and grab it. Promosound connects comprehensive promotion packages for all major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and music streaming services (Tidal, SoundCloud, Spotify). On all these platforms, we deliver great ideas and music promotion strategies, as well as content planning. Also, we can help in managing the consistency of a music band, or optimization of the social media profiles or music streaming accounts. Promosound will find and bond together real follower with popular social networks, for the ultimate promotion performance.

Where to find new followers? Buying real organic followers from Promosound can be as successful as summer hit. After you get hundreds and thousands of followers, you will see, how our marketing team  prove the importance and effectiveness of connecting with fans through social media. Of course, you can try doing all marketing on your own, but it will never be as effective as what we are offering. With the same finish point, you will be there much faster with Promosound, than on your own. 

Many musicians turn their eyes on Patreon these days. They say it is also effective way of promotion, but it is more of a donation platform. It does not have a compelling system to promote accounts, and Patreon is more like an ending point of the fan, so don’t start your promotion from there. Patreon should be ignored, especially in the beginning, since it can’s make people check out your Spotify account. If you are a new artist, your core goal is to show yourself to as many people as possible. A Hundred millions, billions! So, forget about Patreon, it’s not worth it!

Skyrocket your popularity with real followers purchase!

There will be no point in artist promotion, if there is no audience, on which promotion strategy is pointed. If you suddenly are a music creator, who is experiencing problems with passing the music onto the audience, the right thing to do is to invest in legal, real followers. Do you have doubts it is fully legal move for a new musician? Stop! In the beginning of the career, it is not only an optional move, it is a “must have” move. For every musician, buying followers is completely legal action, with no consequences. It is the law perspective. What about marketing point of view? Buying followers is legal and fair, only if these followers are real, and their flow is organic.

For example, YouTube lost more than a billion of views due to fake followers in 2012. And according to leaks and rumors, more than a half of Taylor Swift’s Twitter followers are fake. So, for a new, young, budding musician as you are, buying fake followers can lead to the end of your career, even before it started. You must avoid fake followers at all cost, if you don’t want to end up as thousands of musician, whose names are forgotten long before they could be remembered. Invest in buying real fans, organic followers, and you will make a mark in the music history!

There are not so many differences among music industry and other industries. Your success will be determined by the quality of your product, and most importantly by satisfaction of your clients. In our case, followers are our clients. Purchase of real followers will make you visible on the music sky, available for partners, labels, brands, and sponsors.  More followers you will have – more credibility you will have, more business opportunities and fans you will attract. Credibility you gain, will bring more artists, partnerships and engagements with other musicians, as well as potential collaborations. This principle is proven and clear.

Can you name at least 10 stars labels that are really successful with social networks, and who gain organic followers every day, gradually, steadily, the ones that buy followers, in addition to organic increase? These names can surprise you: The Weekend, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Griz. Their genres are different, music is different, butt the one thing that is similar – promotion methods. This proves, that buying followers really works for everyone, no exemptions.

How to buy Instagram followers, without losing them later?

Every person, who wants to buy Instagram followers must have in mind is the reliability of the source. If you are not the star like Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, you don’t have the luxury of keeping the majority of your fake followers. And if you are trying to turn your name into a brand, you must understand, that sponsors and labels don’t appreciate fake followers. They will see you as a bad investment and loss of time, and you don’t want that.

Yes, it may be hard to check the security and legitimacy of every service, that offers followers on Instagram. Happily, such a popular network as Instagram has its own service, that is specialized on finding services of fake followers. This makes your investment proofed, protected, and secure. Everyone can run the validity check for the followers they bought, even without much knowledge about Instagram.

The perfect start of the Instagram promotion campaign is buying real followers from Promosound. However, without the implementation of promotion strategy, your successful start can flop at any moment.  And in this case, no brand or sponsor will see you as a good investment. You need to learn some Instagram strategies, implement them, and after that your results on Instagram will please you once and for all.

The most important step, which is also first, is engagement. In the world of digital marketing engagement is very, very important. You not only must connect all your music streaming profiles with Instagram, for a successful and full engagement, you also must include your followers to your Instagram. How’s that? It means that your followers must take part in the development of your Instagram profile all the time. 

You need comments, hash-tags, shares with your name, to create a brand. Everything, that you ever say or post will be spread by Instagram algorithms instantly, all over the platform. Make more posts, voting polls in stories, eye-catching content and publications. Define your brand history, origin, and your target audience. You need to create a perfect bi, and profile should be flawless. If your publications are in different styles, or simply messy, it will make the profile hard to understand and like. It will decrease the attention of users, and they will not watch you as attentive as they could’ve. Also, don’t forget to interact with other popular people, musicians, labels, critics, music magazines, producers. Create and take part in relevant communities.

You must make your name visible, noticeable, by posting interesting stuff, commenting, leading users to your profile. Try to be tagged as often as possible, tag other artists to your posts and stories. Try to collaborate more. You also should make live stories, live gigs for your fans, laugh with them or be sad with them. Make highlights of your stories, especially with followers and artists in them. Also, try making various giveaways and contests.

Connect more via Instagram, show your activity on other Social networks. Try Instagram ads, to make your presence more visible. Promosoundgroup already does all of that for you, rocketing campaigns and Instagram profiles. Investing in Instagram followers is an effective and secure way to become more popular as a musician, try it!

You need TikTok followers, trust us!

 Probably, you’ve already created your TikTok account, but results are not as good as you expected. You almost never hear the notification sound, and the app icon is deep in the folders. It is quite easy to avoid sadness and situations like this, especially if you learn some tips and tricks, every TikTok user must know. This part will be the guide for every musician, who knows how to create music, but has no clue, about what to do on TikTok to become popular. TikTok, however, operates on some rules, that can’t be read in user agreement, so listen carefully.

If you want to crank popularity to the max, and get full advantage of being popular, earn money and gain followers, and you are new to TikTok then do this:

  • Follow experienced TikTok users, try to gain as much information as possible from their accounts, try to analyze their style, or ask them about strategy directly. But don’t copy it exactly the same, leave yourself some room for creativity.
  • Create more and more engagement. In the world of digital marketing and social networks this is by far, one of the most common words. Engagement is everything. And by creating engagement on TikTok, you can transfer followers to other social media or music streaming services. Try making collaborations, engage other TikTok users, artists, musicians. Be active, and you will see the increased activity on your profile.
  • TikTok is a new favorite social network for youngsters. And don’t look at their age, look at their interests. Choose your target audience. Determining the target audience is very important, to understand what people want, and who will like your works. Knowing your audience will give you an advantage over other TikTok users and music creators.

TikTok is a young network, and is growing fast. So it is still possible to get many followers there in a short period of time. Don’t lose this opportunity!

How to be popular on Facebook in 2020?

What is Facebook? For the majority of young people it is the network for grandmas and simply elderly people. However, it is the opposite of that. Did you know, that Facebook accumulated more than 2,2 billion users? And if it was a network for college students once, it has evolved to the powerful machine for business and promotion.

What makes Facebook so desired for business? The algorithms of Facebook are the most advanced, so marketing possibilities are truly fantastic. Every Facebook ad gives 100 percent the expected result. Facebook now is everywhere, in every country, every city, every home. It is almost impossible to find person without Facebook account. So, without further ado, let’s concentrate on posts, you should make.

Here you can find simple tactics, available and easy to perform for every Facebook user, who wants to improve their account and gain more popularity. It is also useful for business pages, organizations, selling pages, etc. First advice – your page should be easy to find.

It is hard to attract new people, if they can’t find you. To attract new followers, you need to make your page one of the kind, so it will be the first link to click on. If you have the name for your brand, give this name to Your Facebook page. Next – make your page visually appealing. It must be a pleasant experience for everyone to check your profile. Also, good design makes engagement more often and stable. If your page looks good – make it better. Don’t leave your profile empty, add more information, more images, more engagement activities and so on.

Remember, how many times you’ve checked the whole profile because of only one cover photo? Use your photo to attract people, and Facebook algorithms – to keep your page relevant and popular among partners.  Algorithms will increase the flow of organic followers, interactions and engagements with brands will also generate new followers from their accounts. This will give you wider abilities for monetization and music popularization.

Make posts daily, on various topics, featuring different people and sharing opinions. Make your posts correctly, post them in the right time, don’t make promotional posts often. Try to be social, friendly, easy to talk to, close to your audience. Treat every fan as your best friend, respect them and never ignore their comments. If you have something to show them – make short teaser before, so they will be excited and more engaged. 

Also, don’t forget about promoting your Facebook on other networks. You can have a site, an Instagram page, the Spotify account. And link to your Facebook should be everywhere. You MUST be available and reachable. Try to get more hype, by reposting the most popular posts with your opinion, it will help to build your character better. Always use correct hashtags, location markers, tag right people and pages. And for the last – use Facebook ads. They are truly magnificent. No other ad system can deliver such great result, traffic increase, and overall satisfaction. 

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