How do you promote music on Promosound?

The process of music promotion on Promosound is fairly simple. You just select the music-related service section, choose the promotion package, pay, and enjoy. But from our perspective it takes a little bit longer than that. At the moment of placing your order, your data streams to our database, and from that moment our two-day work starts. Of course, the delivery time may vary from package to package, depending on the size of it. One of our “selling points” is that we don’t ask for your personal information, thus your accounts on music streaming services will be safe. All we ask for is a link to your account or a specific song, that you are going to promote.

Enlarge your audience with our music promotion service!

What are our deals?

Our promotion service offers many promotion options, that can satisfy every musician out there and every promotion need possible. You can buy plays, likes, followers, and so much more for your music streaming services. You can also find promotion packages, that give you multiple promotion activities at once. Our promotion can help you popularize your music an almost every music streaming platform out there, whether it is Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, Audiomack, Pandora, etc. Plus, the more you promote – the more flexibility and options you get.

How to submit a link for promotion?

After you select the promotion package and proceed to checkout, you’ll come across a field to fill, saying “Add URL”, where you should insert a link to what you are promoting, and type any requests you want. If you forgot about a link, you can always e-mail us at infopromosound@gmail.com, or text us on social media. We’ll figure it out, promise.

What to expect? What is the delivery time?

As we said, the promotion starts instantly after publishing an order. The fraction of your money becomes reserved for the promotion campaign, paying for the ads, publishing, etc. The team of promotion professionals evaluate and examine your music, to select the best option for the promotion. At this point the audience gets selected, the approach to it, the marketing strategy shapes, and so on.

After all the preparations are complete, the promotion starts. The articles get published, your name gets featured, and all that. All placements and publications take time, so don’t worry if your order is not delivered instantly. Our promotion is real and organic, and that stuff takes time. The results can be seen almost live, and the speed of delivery depends on the size and complexity of your order. Of course, if your order is small it can take a day or two, but if you order something huge, it may take a full week to deliver. Unfortunately, the time of delivery can’t be decreased, because every second you take from it, the less we will be able to do our work properly. Good craftsmanship always takes time. Our diligence and careful approach allow us to make such a long-lasting positive impact on your career in music.

Do we provide refunds?

Yes, we do provide a refund, but only if we didn’t start the campaign. As soon as we start the promotion, we have to pay to our partners and employees, so no turning back from that. If you are not satisfied with the delivery, the refund can be discussed in individual, also We should also note that we have the right to refuse a refund in accordance with our Terms of Service. We always value the satisfaction of the client the most, and will do everything we can to provide you with the best possible result.

What kind of discounts do we have?

If you open any section on our website, you’ll see that some promotion options we offer are constantly discounted. With our growth, the price gets lower, and we want to help as many musicians as we can, so we try to keep our prices criminally low. Our regular clients get an additional discount, which can be seen in the personal account page. Plus, if you make an order that is bigger than 500 dollars you get a three percent discount on everything, and if your order is more than 1000 dollars – you’ll get 5 percent off. Oh yeah, consider subscribing to our e-mail bursts to get the best deals first. We always have discounts on various packages in our e-mails, and you can always find a great deal there.

In addition, we regularly provide various discounts of 50% to our clients who subscribe to the newsletter and promotions.

How long will followers follow you?

Since the followers you get from our service are completely real, we can’t say with certainty that they will stay indefinitely, but we can make our suggestions. By our calculation, the majority of people never unfollow a musician, even if they have stopped listening to his music. And the people who do unfollow – they will unfollow. So, it all depends on your audience. And of course, you can always buy more followers, to keep a steady growth. We recommend refilling your follower base every three months.

What information do you have to provide for a successful blog placement?

For a correct music blog placement we may ask you about:

  • Your biography, some highlights of your career
  • Your best track or video to attach it to the post
  • Cover photo of high-resolution
  • Your own picture, or the picture of your mascot
What is the difference between premium Spotify plays and free plays?

Spotify premium plays come from people, who pay for the subscription. With the subscription, they get higher quality of music, ability to skip tracks or to select them freely. And these benefits makes premium plays more valuable, since listening to your song is really a choice people do, when with free usage they simply can’t skip a song. Thus, premium Spotify plays are far more valuable.

Is it possible to use another promotion service at the same time with Promosound?

We strongly do not recommend using the third-party services at the same time with ours. This can lead to disastrous consequences such as deleting your content from Spotify and others. Of course, our terms of service prohibit this as well.

How often do we update playlists, and how long the song stays there?

After you order a playlist it may take a few days to update the playlist, since the update schedule is fixed. Each placement gets ten days time to make you a star. So, if you think that ten days are not enough – order it once more. It can stay in the playlist for as long as you want, as long as you are paying for it. We will notify you about the playlist update, and when ten days will be almost over.

What about a link to the playlist with my track?

Sure thing. We will send you a link as soon as it will get updated, and the promotion campaign is over. You could share that link with people, feel free to use it as you want.

Are there any genre restrictions for music promotion?

No, there are no restrictions. We believe that every musician deserves fame, so we do not limit our clients to any music genre. We continuously work with music curators on creating more playlists for every genre imaginable, so even if you o something like Mongolian rock, we will find a playlist for you. Of course, we have specialized playlist placement that you can order, like Hip Hop playlist placement.

Can I order promotion for two tracks, posts... at once?

Most services oriented for one track, account, post promotion. However, please read the description of the services carefully, some of them can be divided into several tracks, posts, etc.

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