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People say that happiness can’t be bought, and it’s true. But, you can buy success. And success will make every musician happy. Napster promotion is the ultimate solution for you, if you want to cover all possible streaming services. We know you can be a superstar, so why limit yourself? Purchase Napster promotion and become a king! Hurry up, the clock is ticking.

What is Napster?

Now you are thinking: wait, I already heard that name. Isn’t it the service for peer-to-peer music sharing? Yes, it is. Probably you are old enough to remember, but for newbies we’ll explain: Napster was created for free music sharing in 1999, but after some “legal” problems it was stopped. Probably you heard that name in “Social network”. So, for many years the service was kinda forgotten, but a few years ago it was bought by Rhapsody. Now it is a music streaming service that has quite a big audience, but mainly stays forgotten by the majority of musicians. Maybe it happens because there are so many other music streaming services out there, and no one really understands the possibilities that Napster gives you. It can be not only a place to get new followers and move them elsewhere, it can be a good place for earning money via royalties. Napster music promotion now is more affordable, less competitive, and highly effective. Real promotion for real music professionals – that’s Napster promotions.

Why do you need Napster promotion?

Promotion, promotion, promotion. Why does every piece of advice about getting popular come down to promotion? Is it possible to do it without sticking your music everywhere? We really want to answer positively, but reality is not so good. Organic promotion on Napster and other streaming services is now crucial for a young musician. If you are young, ambitious, with cool songs and great ideas, you definitely need to be heard. And in the modern cruel world, where the speed of data consumption is enormous, how else can you get peoples attention? Sadly, only promotion can help. 

Music promotion is the ultimate weapon, used by everyone. To make some competition, you need to play by their rules, that’s the only way to beat them. You know how they say “if you can’t beat them, join them”. And this saying is so right here. You can be confident in your music, but you never can be confident in your success. In the music industry it is impossible to control anything, it all happens randomly. Random people listen to random songs. So you need your song to become one of these “random” ones. And the best way to do it is to buy Napster promo. Unfortunately, there are no Napster promotion codes that will give you plays. Sad, but true. Promotion is not free.

How to promote Napster?

Listen, it is very easy. You don’t need to be an astrophysicist to do that. The process is simple, and quite affordable, just in case you are interested. Here in Promosound we care a lot about your result and your music, so our approach is personal and kinda intimate. We are not robots that give you bots, no! Only real people, with their real organic plays. Napster promotion at Promosound is safe and legal. We promote albums, songs, singles. There is no such track that we can’t promote. How do we do it? 

Unfortunately, this is a mystery that we can’t reveal. However, we can tell you about some of our approaches. Let’s say, Napster playlist promotion. Sounds easy, right? Maybe. But every promotion for us is personal, and we treat your music like our own. So, the whole process looks like this:

  • Choose a promotion plan on our website, select the number of plays you want to get. Choose the best plan for your promotion needs.
  • Submit your song, and we will do the rest. Just stay in touch, okay?
  • We conduct our own research. Our managers will choose the best audience for your song, so the effect of the promotion will be permanent.
  • Enjoy the results! You will see the results of your promotion shortly.

With promotion solutions from Promosound, you can concentrate on creating music, and we will do everything about promotion. Napster promotion plays are real, legal, and permanent. Promosound guarantees!

What will you get?

Okay, so you’ve chosen your package, uploaded a song, and you see first plays to arrive. Great. But what will it give you? Let’s talk about money, first. Napster isn’t free, it costs 10 dollars per month, and for this money it gives many functions that are necessary. But it’s from the listeners perspective. For musicians this price means high royalties. The royalties on Napster are higher than on any other service, so the price you paid for the promotion will be covered almost instantly. Buying plays on Napster is like buying money. You will get not only money, you will get plays and followers. Your song will appear in popular playlists, heard by many people, and earn more plays organically. People like top-charts, and they find almost all their music there. Your song will be there. And playlists, where your song will be placed, they are not lame ones. They are popular, with thousands of followers, and they generate many, many plays.

Why Promosound?

There are so many promotion services, why choose Promosound? First of all, Promosound isn’t a scam. We deliver only real traffic, organic plays, followers, and likes. All our packages have affordable prices, and our deals really cut it. Else, we provide not only Napster promotion, and if you are satisfied with results, you always can purchase music promotion on other services. Our employees are experienced, and any of them have musical backgrounds, so you can be calm, your music will be heard and promoted by musicians, not some street weirdos. To sum up, choose Promosound. It is safe, affordable, real, and legal. If you are ready to build your future – Promosound will help!

How does Napster promotion work?

Napster promotion works by targeting the ideal audience for your music, enhancing your music's visibility and bringing in more song plays, followers, and higher chart positions. It leverages an intricate understanding of the Napster algorithm and audience behaviors to drive more meaningful interactions with your music.

Why should I use Napster promotion?

In the modern, highly competitive music industry, it's critical to make your music stand out. Napster promotion provides an edge, maximizing your music's exposure and reach. Napster pays higher royalties than other platforms, so with increased visibility and plays, your investment in promotion can pay off quickly.

What can I expect to gain from Napster promotion?

Napster promotion can result in increased plays, followers, and higher royalties. Your song will appear on popular playlists, leading to organic growth in listenership. With more exposure, you can expect a better return on your investment in the form of royalty payments from Napster.