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INSTA WHIZ| Real Views from real worldwide users. Get more views on your videos with 100% safe and effective promotion.

Expand your profile with quality views that will lead new fans!

Delivery time: 5 days.

$ 45
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INSTA WHIZ| Real Views from real worldwide users. Get more views on your videos with 100% safe and effective promotion.

Expand your profile with quality views that will lead new fans!

Delivery time: 7 days.

$ 499
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Grow your Instagram account with views from active real users + impressions (the total number of views on each of your individual Instagram Stories). Instagram Stories is a content weapon that can increase your audience significantly.

How to buy Instagram views for music

Or the better question would be, how to buy Instagram views the painless and – hear hear – even the fun way? 

You’re about to discover that with our paid Instagram views services, specialized in music industry playahs who know better. 

Talented musicians, DJs or bands smash their music and let people recognize their value. But smart ones mesh up paid social media promotion in the mix and take their music marketing to the next level.

How? With paid music Instagram promotion done right. They:

  • buy views on Instagram with real, quality impressions
  • buy Instagram story views from quality profiles that create 
  • Target their Insta music campaigns by time and place with quality paid video views

And since you’re here, you can do the very same.


“Best place to buy Instagram followers” – reviews

We’ve helped a literal ARMY of DJs, labels, bands and artists blow up their Insta profiles one video view and Instagram story at a time. 

In fact, Instagram views are an ace in our sleeve, because few music promotion companies bother to really specialize in this (they seem to think MySpace is still a thing, apparently).

But don’t take our word on that. Check out these music industry reviews:

“I struggled with promoting my new single, but the folks at Promosound took it to the next level! The story views I bought got me featured on major music pages – they just discovered me and got in touch!”

–– Rick B., 23, DJ

“Best place to buy Instagram followers, hands down! I bought 1k Instagram views for some of my stories, and the same day I had hundreds of new Spotify listeners and Instagram followers!”

–– Lee, 31, singer

“Love Promosound. Unlike all those dodgy wannabe marketers, they actually deliver safe and legit Instagram promotion.  I bought a few basic Instagram views packs and got hundreds of followers within days 

–– Lydia, 36,Indie Label Owner


Why buy views for Instagram, anyways?

Why, oh why?

Well, to launch your music career to Mars and back with professional, time-saving music promotion. Duh!

Paid Instagram promotion for the music industry has many facets, hacks, and tricks. And buying Instagram video views is one of the most often overlooked rabbits in that magic hat. With paid Instagram video views, you can

  • get a cheap leap forward in your music #instafame
  • promote your release, single or album while it’s hot
  • tease your music videos, or even podcast

Paid Instagram promotion for music is unbeatable because it’s FAST and cheap. 

Instead of struggling for months following and liking Instagram users, by buying Instagram video views and story views you make sure Insta’s algorithms notice you right away, and push you to the Search and highlight screens. So new fans follow right away – naturally, organically, and, again, FAST.

So if you’ve strained your eyeballs like Beethoven did his ears looking up how to buy instagram views, your search is over. You’ve found the Net’s rock-n-rollest oasis of quality Instagram music promotion.


Enjoy the best place to buy Instagram followers reviews

Let’s reiterate just in case: Instagram is YOURS for the taking.

Not in a month. Not after you get 4000 Instagram followers. Not after you get invited by Oprah to discuss DJ-ing. NOW. 

Don’t let your music slip in the cracks and noise. Get the best paid Instagram views you can find out there and start discharging your phone battery from all the story replies (don’t worry, you’ll buy another one soon enough).

To buy Instagram video views and push your music promo to lightspeed, check out the promo packs right here. Find millions of cheap, real, legit Instagram video and story views, and get organic social traction for your music promotion. Today.

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