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Top 1 on Curated Playlists
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Random Place on Curated Playlists
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Huge Audience Playlists Submission
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Playlist Push

Every artist needs help finding their ideal fans. Even after cultivating an impressive following, artists must ensure their fans remember them. Aspiring musicians have the same challenge of acquiring their first listeners. Spotify playlist placement will be a game-changer if you’ve exhausted all other options for seeing your music on the platform. Let us explain what it is and how to select the finest playlist promotion for your account.

You may have heard that if you want to sign a record label, you need to have a really attractive artist profile, particularly in terms of your amount of streams and followers. Any independent musician would like a popular profile, even if signing a record deal isn’t their ultimate goal.

Did you know that, on average, Spotify users listen to 41 unique artists each week via playlists? So, playlist placement is one of the most effective options when promoting your music since it makes your track visible to new listeners. And still, if you’re trying to get on playlists on your own, it can take years, if not decades, to gain substantial popularity. This is where finding the correct music promotion agency is crucial. Artists utilizing knowledge and contacts gained through the agency’s professional networks often achieve their aims much more quickly than they could without this assistance.

The guaranteed Spotify playlist push is accessible at Music promo services like ours provide powerful means for increasing exposure and recognition for your tracks, with audiences being reached, content placed strategically, and engagement taking place authentically to expand and grow a career as an artist or musician.

Spotify Playlist Placement

Importance of Spotify playlists for track promotions

Up-and-coming musicians can gain a lot of exposure through user-generated playlists.

These playlists affect how the platform’s algorithm recommends music.

That’s because the platform learns about the listener’s musical tastes whenever they include your songs in their playlists.

The streaming platform records this information and suggests songs to other users with similar tastes. But the platform’s editorial playlists are where it’s at if you’re concerned about the number of followers. Thanks to their massive followings, you can acquire thousands of new streams and listeners by utilizing these playlists.

For several reasons, Spotify placement has become integral to contemporary music marketing. Let us explain why they are so important:

  • Vast Exposure to a new audience: Playlists frequently have thousands or even millions of followers; getting your track featured on one playlist opens it up to an entirely new audience, expanding visibility and discovery potential.
  • Algorithmic Discoverability: Our service’s algorithm uses personal listening habits and preferences to recommend tracks; being featured in editorial playlists increases your track’s chances of being discovered by listeners who might appreciate your music but have yet to hear of it.
  • Credibility and Validation: Being featured on curated playlists gives an artist’s work credibility and validation from industry tastemakers, such as Spotify itself. Being recognized can build trust with listeners while potentially drawing the eye of industry professionals.
  • Long-Term Exposure: Being featured on a playlist provides long-term exposure. Users frequently revisit their preferred lists, giving your track continued visibility even after its initial release date.
  • Data Insights: Through the platform, artists gain valuable insights on listener demographics and engagement metrics; these measurements give insight into which content resonates most with particular audiences and can guide future marketing strategies or artistic decisions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Collaborating with playlist curators or influencers who manage popular playlists can open doors to networking in the music industry, leading to promotional opportunities, possible partnership agreements, and future promotional efforts. Building relationships with these individuals may even result in new promotional ventures or partnerships being initiated between you and them.
Spotify Playlist Placement

Spotify Playlist Placement Service by

When you pay for Spotify playlist placement from our music promotion company, you may get your music featured on popular and niche playlists.

Our service provides an in-depth knowledge of curating and placing tracks strategically to guarantee maximum visibility and interaction on streaming platforms. We systematically find suitable playlists in various genres, such as:

  1. Genre-specific playlists that fit your particular sound; 
  2. Top chart playlists that aim to feature popular songs;
  3. User-generated playlists that dedicated music lovers put together. 

With the help of these varied playlists, we make your music as discoverable and prominent as possible, allowing you to reach more people and grow your fanbase. As part of our work, we recognize the significance of supporting emerging artists; therefore, we offer a few free playlist placement perks to jump-start their musical success journey.

Our organization provides real playlist placement to various playlists tailored to each client’s specific needs. You can choose from multiple playlist placement packages:

  • Top 1 on the Playlist of your choice (Electronic Pop Top, Speed, Helm, Secret Electronica, Maximum, Indie Choice, Hello Berghain, hYPER LOOP)
  • 50k Followers Playlist Placement
  • 100k Followers Playlist Placement
  • 250k Followers Playlist Placement
  • Get featured on playlists, random place (Electronic Pop Top, Speed, Helm, Secret Electronica, Maximum, Indie Choice, Hello Berghain, hYPER LOOP)
  • 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 Spotify Playlists Placement

When you get Spotify playlist placement from these different playlist packages, they aim to make your music more visible and easy to find. This way, we ensure you connect with your target audience and improve your profile.

Advantages of Spotify Playlist Submission

Artists who want more exposure on Spotify and similar platforms can take advantage of playlist promotion in several ways:

  • Organic Growth and Engagement. You can promote your music with the help of a Spotify placement playlist, contributing to organic development. People are more inclined to interact with your music when they find it in a playlist they really like. The more people interact with your music on the platform—through likes, saves, shares, and follows—the more the algorithm will value and promote your music. That being the case, the algorithm may suggest your music to others, setting off a chain reaction of organic growth.
  • Targeted Audience Reach. Ensure your music reaches the correct people by promoting it effectively through playlists. Reaching out to people who are more likely to love your music is as simple as picking playlists that are a good fit for your style and genre. By narrowing your focus, you increase the odds of drawing loyal listeners who add your music to personal playlists more frequently and share it more widely.
  • Enhancing Brand Presence. Building an esteemed musical reputation is essential to long-term musical success. One way to promote your brand and share your story is through playlist placement on Spotify. Start giving listeners an immersive musical experience and help them connect emotionally by participating in niche playlists that fit your style, inspirations, and musical journey.
  • Building Relationships with Playlist Curators. A curator chooses the songs and keeps an eye on the overall concept of every popular playlist. If you want to boost your music career, connecting with playlist curators is essential. Interact with them on social media, share the music they’re listening to, and—most importantly—make music that their fans will love. If curators note your hard work and talent as a musician, they may think about promoting your future albums, which would significantly increase your exposure.
  • Measuring and Analyzing Success. You can easily quantify your success with legit Spotify playlist placement, which is a significant advantage. Information like the total number of streams, demographics of listeners, and regions served are all part of Spotify for Artists’ wealth of valuable insights and statistics. Analyzing this data allows you to gain more insights into your target demographic, identify patterns, and develop more effective advertising approaches.
  • Diversifying Revenue Streams. Income opportunities become available as artists gain more streams and visibility through playlists. When your music becomes more widely shared on playlists, royalties might increase along with opportunities such as sync licensing deals, brand collaborations, and live performances. Promoting your tracks through playlists could open the doors to multiple streams contributing to your artist’s success!
  • Elevating Social Proof and Industry Recognition. Appearing on popular user-generated and other playlists is a way to demonstrate credibility and recognition in the music industry. Your music deserves recognition and praise from fans, industry professionals, and potential collaborators. This status can increase credibility, networking prospects, and invitations to industry events such as festivals or partnerships. Ultimately, you can get cheap Spotify playlist placement and watch how it increases your presence on the platform and cements your status as a reputable and impactful artist in the music scene.
How to Order Spotify Playlist Placement
Choose a playlist placement package on our website and add it to your cart. Fill out your billing details.
Input additional information like all URLs, instructions, and requests.
To complete the purchase, Choose one of the most secure online payment options, like Visa, Mastercard, or Crypto. Once we get your payment, we'll start placing your tracks.
Pitch Your Song

Client Outcomes and Testimonials

Here are some of our clients’ feedback after purchasing Spotify playlist pitch services from us.

Emily Johnson

Collaborating with these guys completely transformed my music career. Their team not only fulfilled their commitments but went above and beyond my expectations. They nailed my tracks’ best Spotify playlist placement, resulting in a noticeable increase in streams and engagement. Their customer support was exceptional throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them!

David Smith

Promosound understands the needs of independent artists like myself. They were attentive, knowledgeable, and committed to my success from my initial contact with them. My playlist promotion resulted in increased streams and followers for my music; overall, I’m pleased with this partnership with the service and look forward to working together again on future projects.

Sarah Lee

Initially, I hesitated to use a playlist promotion service; however, this company completely altered my perspective. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and unfaltering dedication towards my campaign impressed me immensely throughout its duration – my music quickly gained visibility on Spotify with increased engagement thanks to their tireless work! I truly appreciate their knowledge and assistance and suggest them to any artist seeking to buy playlist placement and advance their music career.

Mia Rodriguez

Initially, I doubted I wanted to pay for playlist placement, but Promosound transformed my music journey. Their personalized method and sincere commitment to my success went above and beyond what I had hoped. Thanks to their strategic placements, my tracks saw a significant increase in traction, leading to a surge in streams and new followers. The service’s professionalism and clear communication made the process smooth and satisfying. I’m very thankful for their influence on my career and would suggest them to anyone looking to enhance their visibility on streaming platforms.

tips for securing placement on Spotify playlists

Valuable tips for securing placement on Spotify playlists

As an artist, you know that Spotify allows you to submit requests from your account for specific tracks to be featured on popular playlists. Gaining visibility and landing these spots may prove challenging for some artists; sometimes, taking years before someone approves your submission! Here are a few critical strategies for ensuring you take advantage of your opportunity to be included in these essential playlists.

Optimize your profile and select playlists that align with your musical style

Spotify is run by algorithms, like any other social media, but without the people you talk to. And the goal is to keep users on Spotify for as long as possible.

As an artist, it is your job to make people stay on the platform. And if you manage to do it, the service will reward you. 

How? Here’s what you should do:

  • Sign up to Spotify for Artists
  • Optimize your profile
  • Divert all of your traffic to Spotify
  • Submit your music directly to the Spotify editorial team

Besides that, you should be sensible about the playlists you approach. A better use of your time would be researching your niche or genre and finding growing playlists.
Build contacts in the industry. Let’s say you contact a small playlist curator and share your first song with them. Get two or three more playlist creators in your next campaign. Then, your third song gets some more attention. If you can keep these relationships strong, by the time your fourth single comes out, you should have a group of playlist contacts who all know you and are ready to list your music.

And remember to create your EPK. When you finally get the contact information of a playlist editor, you’ll want to make an excellent first impression to have the best chance of being featured. The best tool for the job is an automatic press kit. Your EPK should be one page long and ideally posted on your website. It should list all of your stats and accomplishments. Tell the curator about any tours or acts that stand out, and don’t forget to mention all of your social media and Spotify fans that you can get on the playlist.

Dos and don’ts for submitting track placement requests on curator playlists


  • Find a list of curator contacts and only reach out to those who provide official contacts and are willing to accept placement requests.
  • Craft a well-formulated request, including a brief description, genre, artist information, and track details. It’s also beneficial to include an artist’s press release.
  • Include links to your social media profiles in the request.
  • Ensure your artist branding is strong before sending the request, and consider improving your play/stream statistics on our service to present your track in the best light possible.
  • Reach out only to curators who are relevant to your genre.


  • Only send links with a subject line or a well-written request.
  • Maintain a professional and business-like tone in your communication.
  • Only seek out official contacts with consent to receive requests and personalize your communications.
  • Refrain from sending emails to random contacts, which can be seen as spam and may result in sanctions.


To sum up, careful paid playlist placement is unquestionably essential to finding success with your music on the music streaming platform. Standing out and connecting with your target audience in the vast music landscape demands a well-thought-out and strategic approach. Utilizing playlists tailored specifically for your genre or style of music can dramatically expand its exposure, attract new listeners, and foster authentic interactions between songs.

To enhance your musical presence on the platform and maximize the potential of your tracks, we recommend considering the best Spotify playlist placement service provided by our platform. Undoubtedly, we will take good care of your music because we are experts at carefully selecting and placing tracks to the right playlists. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to launch your music career using real Spotify playlist placement.


What is Spotify Playlist Placement?

Spotify Playlist Placement is a service that promotes your music by getting it featured on popular and niche Spotify playlists, increasing your exposure and stream count.

How does playlist placement help my music?

Placement on playlists exposes your music to new listeners, boosts streams, enhances discoverability, and can lead to organic growth through algorithmic recommendations.

What types of playlists will my music be placed on?

Your music can be placed on genre-specific, user-generated, and top chart playlists, tailored to fit your sound and target audience.

How do I order a Spotify Playlist Placement?

Choose a playlist placement package on the Promosound website, add it to your cart, provide your billing details and any additional information, and complete the purchase using a secure payment method.

How quickly will I see results from playlist placement?

Results can vary, but many clients notice increased streams and engagement shortly after their tracks are placed on playlists.

Can I choose specific playlists for my music?

Yes, Promosound offers various packages that allow you to select specific playlists or opt for placement on playlists with a certain number of followers.

What is the benefit of targeting specific playlists?

Targeting specific playlists ensures that your music reaches the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of gaining loyal listeners who appreciate your style.

Will playlist placement guarantee more followers?

While playlist placement can increase exposure and streams, gaining followers depends on the quality of your music and how well it resonates with listeners.

Why Should I Invest in Spotify Playlist Placement Services?

Investing in Spotify playlist placement services is worth it as it saves you time and effort that could be better spent on creating music. These services are managed by experts who understand Spotify's algorithms and the music industry. They can ensure your music reaches a real audience, leading to organic growth and genuine interaction. Plus, these services can help you avoid pitfalls such as landing on irrelevant playlists or getting fake listens.

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Bought from them many times. Always fast delivery within one day only, and when i’ve have had to change link their support answers in also always one day and directly fixes the issue❤️🙏🏻
Highly recommend
Absolutely blown away by the results! I decided to give Promosound's Spotify Playlist placement service a shot, and I'm thrilled I did. My music gained so much exposure in such a short time. Highly recommend
Promosound is the real deal!
Promosound is the real deal! Their Spotify Playlist promotion service worked wonders for my tracks. The increase in streams and followers was beyond my expectations. Thank you!
Was fantastic
Incredible service! I was a bit skeptical at first, but Promosound proved me wrong. My songs were featured in prominent playlists, and the engagement was fantastic. Will definitely use again!
Mat D
Impressed doesn't even begin to cover it! Thanks to Promosound, my music got the exposure it deserved through Spotify Playlist promotion. The process was smooth, and the results were remarkable. Highly recommended service!
Groovie I0
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Used the 3-playlist package from Promosound. Immediate boost in streams and followers. Great investment for any artist!
PromosoundGroup is awesome! My track got into 'Helm' playlist and my fanbase grew overnight. Worth every penny!
Promosound placed my song on 'hYPER LOOP' playlist. Engagement and streams skyrocketed. Will definitely use again!
Ordered the 10 playlist package and my music is reaching new heights. Promosound is a must for indie artists!
Thanks to Promosound, my track got into the 'Indie Choice' playlist. My Spotify numbers are better than ever!
Promosound is legit. Got featured on 'Secret Electronica' playlist and saw a huge spike in streams. Super happy!
PromosoundGroup placed my music on 'Electronic Pop Rock' playlist. My plays and followers increased significantly. Fantastic service!
Used Promosound for their 7-playlist package. Streams tripled and my followers are loving it. Highly recommend!
Best decision ever. My song made it to 'Top Speed' playlist and the exposure was insane. Thanks, Promosound!
Was skeptical at first, but Promosound delivered. My music got on 5 playlists and my Spotify stats shot up!
Promosound is the bomb! My track landed on a top playlist, and the plays just keep coming. Game changer for sure!
PromosoundGroup boosted my streams like crazy! Got on 3 playlists, and my fanbase is growing every day. Totally worth it!
PromosoundGroup's playlist promotion is outstanding. My music reached a broader audience, and the increase in streams was impressive. Professional and reliable service!
Thanks to Promosound, my indie songs are now on popular playlists. The increase in streams and followers was noticeable almost immediately. Great investment!
5 stars!!!!!!! Best organic promo I have ever found from similar websites
Its a game-changer. My beats got featured on top playlists, leading to more streams and new listeners. Highly effective!
PromosoundGroup helped my pop tracks get the attention they deserve. The playlist placements resulted in higher streams and a growing fanbase. Amazing results!
Great service! My track was placed to editorial playlist and it has gotten more than 10K organic plays in 2 weeks. I still have followers from this promotion, who keep following me and listening to my tracks
Excellent service from Promosound! My music was placed on relevant playlists, boosting my streams and listener engagement significantly. Very satisfied!
these guys transformed my music career. The playlist placements were strategic and impactful, leading to a surge in streams and new followers. Highly recommend!
PromosoundGroup's service is fantastic. My jazz tunes found their way onto the right playlists, and my fanbase has grown steadily. Professional and effective.
I was skeptical at first, but PromosoundGroup exceeded my expectations. My songs got placed on curated playlists, resulting in significant stream increases. Will use again!
PromosoundGroup delivered as promised! My music got placed on high-traffic playlists, and I saw an immediate uptick in streams and followers. Love it!
Totally impressed by PromosoundGroup's playlist push. My hip-hop tracks reached new audiences, and the feedback has been amazing. Great service!
Used their service to get on a few Spotify playlists, and it worked wonders. My track visibility skyrocketed, and the engagement was unreal. Worth every penny!
PromosoundGroup's playlist placements are the real deal. I saw a major boost in my streams within days! Highly recommend for any artist looking to get noticed.
i always thought that my music was way too niche to get a wide audience, and I am also relatively new to that business. But you made my new singles gain more than 50000 streams in less than a month! people go crazy about it and i always knew it but you really made it to be noticed
My tracks got featured on some high-profile playlists, and the increase in streams was immediate.
My track went viral after I bought hiphop playlist package. I honestly didn't believe in it at the beginning because there are so many scams. But it worked, and the plays keep coming even the promotion was over. Thank you, Promosound!
I was skeptical at first, but PromosoundGroup exceeded my expectations! Their Spotify playlist placement service gave my tracks significant traction, leading to a surge in streams and new followers. Their professionalism and clear communication made the process smooth. Highly recommend!
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