From Discovery to Stardom: How SoundCloud Go Changed the Future of the Music Platform

In the crowded, limitless world of digital music, SoundCloud is a forerunner, a hub where musicians can upload and share their creations with the world. In many beneficial ways, SoundCloud has influenced the music and media industries. In addition, SoundCloud has helped new and rising musicians get heard by listeners all around the world. 

In this article, we look at the exciting world of SoundCloud. You’ll learn a lot about SoundCloud’s history, what SoundCloud Go is, how it saved the platform, and the best promotion tips that will help you hook audiences and make real connections.

Prepare to be taken on a thrilling adventure as we delve into the world of the revolutionary platform.

The Evolution and Impact of SoundCloud

SoundCloud has changed how people connect in the music and culture world. This system was developed in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss but didn’t go live until October of the following year.

Initially, it was supposed to be a way for singers to work together and share their songs online. Instead, the site’s creators wanted to make a place where artists could quickly post, share their songs, and talk to their fans simultaneously.

However, SoundCloud’s platform has evolved over time to include the uploading and sharing of whole albums, podcasts, and even interviews in addition to tracks.

Even now, SoundCloud is best recognized as a music-sharing platform. Many musicians and singers have taped and shared their songs on SoundCloud. These musicians have gained widespread popularity because their fans can preview their new tracks on SoundCloud before appearing on mainstream music platforms like iTunes.

SoundCloud became famous because it has unique features and focuses on artists who are not signed to a label. In addition, SoundCloud was a haven for up-and-coming musicians since it enabled direct uploads, unlike more established music streaming services. Because of this, many different types of musicians, such as DJs, singer-songwriters, and producers, have found SoundCloud to be helpful in distributing their work. In addition, artists and fans spread the word about SoundCloud by sharing their work and playlists with friends, increasing the platform’s popularity.

Not everything was so cloudless until the launch of SoundCloud Go!

In 2014, SoundCloud went through a rough patch while struggling financially. 

SoundCloud had many problems that made it hard to stay financially stable and worried people about its future. There are several causes for these problems: revenue generation, copyright infringement issues, licensing agreements, and monetization strategy.

Although the number of people using the platform increased, the business still needed help making enough money to pay its bills. This prompted doubts about the platform’s capacity to survive in the long run.

Things were looking bleak until March 29, 2016, when SoundCloud released “SoundCloud Go,” a paid subscription plan that eliminates the need to deal with annoying advertising and allows users to listen to tracks even when they’re not connected to the internet. SoundCloud’s subscription service has allowed the platform to reach a wider audience who like listening to the music and other audio content it distributes.

What’s special about SoundCloud Go?

SoundCloud always wanted to let people listen to music for free and never tried to overindulge with the ads. 

SoundCloud Go contributed to the platform’s success by creating a new source of income. SoundCloud could sustain itself financially and invest in its future development if offered a paid membership option. This allows SoundCloud to keep its free tier available while giving paying customers access to premium features. SoundCloud Go’s addition of licensed music widened the platform’s reach, bringing in listeners interested in both underground and commercial music.

Later on, it launched a new SoundCloud Go+ plan.
The price for a subscription is:
Soundcloud Go: $5.99/month.
Soundcloud Go Plus: $9.99/month.

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SoundCloud Go, and Go+’s advantages

  1. SoundCloud Go and Go+ provide ad-free listening, one of the service’s primary selling points. If you subscribe to SoundCloud Go or Go+, you’ll never hear an ad again when listening to your favorite songs. With this function, customers may enjoy their favorite music without any interruptions, allowing them to immerse themselves in the experience fully.
  2. Another great thing is that you can download songs to play when you’re not online. Users may listen to their favorite songs whenever they want by downloading and listening to them offline. SoundCloud fans who always want their music at their fingertips will like this new feature’s added ease and adaptability.
  3. In addition to the abovementioned features, SoundCloud Go+ users can access a more extensive library of songs. SoundCloud Go+ gives you access to more licensed tracks from major labels and famous artists, whereas the free version is limited to user-generated material and independent artists. This appeals to a broader audience, bringing in people who want to listen to independent and popular music on the same site.
  4. One of the most noticeable things about SoundCloud Go and Go+ is that it helps artists. Users directly contribute to the income pool split among the artists based on the amount of plays their tracks earn by subscribing to one of the subscription plans. This concept enables listeners to financially back their preferred musicians, giving them a reason to keep making and sharing music on the service. With this update, SoundCloud has continued to build its image as a place where up-and-coming musicians can share their work and get noticed.

More perks SoundCloud Go+ has for artists

  1. Another great advantage of SoundCloud Go+ for artists is its integration of DJ tools. SoundCloud Go+ further commits to the DJ community by integrating DJ-focused tools directly into the platform. Features like real-time waveform display, flawless track transitions, and advanced track search and filtering are all standard when it comes to DJ tools integration.
  2. SoundCloud Go+ DJs can access enhanced track metadata, including important information like BPM (beats per minute) and track genre tags. This further information aids DJs in making smart track selections and constructing coherent mixes, resulting in seamless transitions and unified listening experiences.
  3. SoundCloud Go+ has DJ-curated playlists featuring music, mixes, and performances currently trending in the DJ community. These playlists are great for DJs to get ideas and learn about up-and-coming artists and genre-specific trends.

So, 2016’s debut of Soundcloud Go represents a significant turning point in the platform’s development, as it signified the beginning of a new era for Soundcloud. As a result, Soundcloud is now a more competitive music streaming service, which has a profound effect on the platform. Therefore, the decision to launch SoundCloud Go was crucial for Soundcloud’s achievements and its impact on the music industry.

It’s time to enter the world of SoundCloud Promotion 

Promoting your tracks on SoundCloud is the best you can do!
SoundCloud is a unique music platform that has completely changed the dynamic between musicians and their audiences. There are over 76 million registered users, 20 million active content providers, 251 artists with more than 250,000 followers each, 189.87 million monthly visitors, and 12 hours of fresh content posted every minute.

SoundCloud differs from other services since it does more than stream and share music. SoundCloud allows artists to grow their user base, similar to social media influencers. 

You should start your SoundCloud promotion now, as it has become a great place to connect with fans through likes, comments, and follows. In addition, connecting with other musicians and music fans is easier than on other music-sharing platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. 

SoundCloud allows its users to express themselves creatively while also making them feel like they are part of a larger audience. 

Because of this feature, many artists have been able to kickstart their careers. Most comments on the app are positive about the track or artist, but musicians also use it to talk to their fans. You have to join SoundCloud and experience the power of real SoundCloud promotion!

What is a real SoundCloud promotion? Why should artists consider it?

By real SoundCloud promotion, we mean using the best methods to boost an artist’s profile views, play counts, and comments on SoundCloud. Real and organic SoundCloud promotion aims to increase the artist’s popularity by attracting new fans and fostering more natural engagement within the artist’s existing fan base.

SoundCloud promotion may spark a firestorm of exposure and help musicians connect with new listeners, influential peers, and media outlets. It’s a stage where original voices may be heard, melodies can find inspiration, and musical curiosity can foster innovation.

SoundCloud is a platform where musicians can freely express themselves, make meaningful connections with other music lovers, and get exposure to an engaged audience that values and promotes independent artists.

Tips on how to promote on SoundCloud

SoundCloud promotion means using a strategic plan to improve your exposure, connect with your audience, and find new friends. Some proven strategies for promoting your music on SoundCloud are outlined here:

  1. To start real SoundCloud promotion, you have to optimize your profile. Design a page that does represent your music and brand while also being aesthetically appealing. Use high-quality images, compose an interesting bio, and include connections to your online profiles.
  2. Become an active member of the SoundCloud community by listening to, commenting on, and sharing the work of other artists in your genre. For organic SoundCloud promotion interacting with other musicians and music fans is crucial. Also, it is a great way to meet new people, get your name out there, and inspire others to check out your work.
  3. Use SoundCloud’s Reposts and Playlists. Use SoundCloud’s repost tool to share other artists’ tracks and have them repost your music. Making and sharing genre- or theme-specific playlists will also bring in new listeners.
  4. Check Out SoundCloud Groups and Communities: Sign up for and engage in SoundCloud communities and groups that are appropriate to suit your musical genre. Listen to the songs of others and give constructive criticism. Having a presence on social media may help you network, get feedback, and find fans of your music.
  5. Make use of SoundCloud paid promotion. When you pay to promote your track on SoundCloud, you must have clear goals and know who you want to reach. Finding a reliable service that will help you fulfill your dreams and goals is essential to get the most out of your paid SoundCloud promotion.

How to promote your music on SoundCloud with a music promo service?

With the help of music promotion services, of course. 

Let me give you a few main reasons to start your organic SoundCloud promotion with music promotion services.

  • Increased Visibility: Music promotion services boost your music’s exposure, reaching a wider audience through targeted advertising and strategic campaigns.
  • Expanded Exposure: With SoundCloud promotion services, your music can be featured on radio, blogs, playlists, and curated collections, increasing your chances of being discovered by new listeners.
  • Genuine Audience Engagement: By targeting listeners who resonate with your style, music promotion services help you attract authentic fans who appreciate your music and support your journey.
  • Time-Saving Assistance: Professionals handle the intricacies of marketing, freeing up your time and energy to focus on creating music.

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Wrapping up

SoundCloud has become an integral part of music history, ingrained within the digital soundscapes we know today. The platform’s progress from its early days to the release of SoundCloud Go has profoundly altered how we listen to and distribute music.

In this article, we’ve discussed a myriad of strategies and techniques; we unlocked the secrets of how to promote music on SoundCloud, creating a ripple effect that reaches eager listeners around the world.

So, whether you’re a fan looking for new sounds or an artist ready to share your work, SoundCloud invites you to explore, create, and connect. So, let your songs go, and let SoundCloud’s musical orchestra take your tunes to new heights. The stage is set, and the spotlight awaits. It’s time to make your mark on the SoundCloud canvas.