How to Increase Soundcloud Plays and Boost Your Profile?

A play count is crucial for musicians who share their music on SoundCloud and other platforms in 2024. It determines your visibility on the platform and allows you to appear in charts and playlists more often. Moreover, the more visible you are, the more valuable you are for advertisers and influencers. Since you’ll start cooperating, you will unlock a new option to monetize your content and raise your net worth. Investing in promotion is a good option, but you need to do more to succeed on SoundCloud and become recognizable. So, what exactly should be done to raise the number of SoundCloud streams and get your music in the spotlight? Is music streaming promotion effective for stream boost? Keep reading to find out.

The Music Quality Is Above Everything

The main criteria users rely on when choosing music to listen to is quality. Transitions, tempo, the quality of the sound, and additional effects should be at the highest level. Before publishing your songs on platforms and promoting them, take time to ensure the quality is at the highest level. If you fail the first time, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Change the approach and do it again. Try yourself in various genres to find out what’s best for you. You present yourself with your songs, so ensure the end product has superior quality.

Use audio editors to bring your music to the best shape. There are both free and paid tools with different complexity, budget, capabilities, and other factors available. Review all available options and decide what you want to work with. 

Should you upload every track to SoundCloud? For the first time, yes, and there are two arguments for. First, you can easily remove tracks from the platform (it takes a few clicks). Second, you need more tracks at the beginning of your career to receive feedback on them. Once followers leave honest reviews about your products, you’ll understand whether something may be changed or not.

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Create a Strong Personal Brand

To stand out from the crowd and become visible to genre fans, you have to bring something unique to the SoundCloud ecosystem. People want a spark that will strike and make them listen to your music. To do that, you have to work on your profile’s visual appearance. What exactly should you do to make it look outstanding?  

  • Get an image that reflects your style and genre. Don’t look for free images from stock: hire an artist and ask to create unique art. Later, when you get more plays on SoundCloud and become recognizable, improve or replace the picture.
  • Create a brief and catchy description. With your profile image, it’s the first thing people see when entering your profile. Include the most valuable information.
  • Add links to social media profiles. Social media is what helps you build connections and share music with your followers. By sharing your songs via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms, you attract new listeners and get more plays on SoundCloud.
  • Use the Spotlight feature. It’s an option on SoundCloud that allows you to highlight 5 of your best songs. You put them at the top of your profile. When people enter your profile for the first time to discover your music, they can listen to these tracks and decide whether they like your style or not.

The Spotlight of Kendrick Lamar on SoundCloud

Get SoundCloud Next Pro

Believe it or not, getting the upgraded version of SoundCloud profile is a must if you want to gain SoundCloud plays. Building a successful music career requires investments, and purchasing SoundCloud Next Pro is one of them. 

Get SoundCloud Next Pro

SoundCloud Next Pro gives you multiple advantages, including: 

  • Unlimited track uploads.
  • Additional profile editing tools
  • Content monetization
  • Unlimited music distribution on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.
  • Access to SoundCloud Artist’s promotional tool kit (for example, SoundCloud radio)
  • Priority for support from SoundCloud

With SoundCloud Next Pro, you also receive access to advanced analytics. It showcases information about your most popular listeners, their locations, and the sources they used to proceed to SoundCloud. It allows you to improve your music promotion, make changes to your profile, and close other gaps to get more SoundCloud plays. For example, if you see solid engagement coming on the platform from Spotify, it makes sense to invest in Spotify promotion as well to maximize the impact. 

Last but not least, you will have a Next Pro badge on your profile. Spotify users will recognize you as a creator and trust you more.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Collaborations create connections, but what’s also important for you: collaborations create plays on SoundCloud. When you cooperate with someone, you basically showcase your product to the audience of other artists when they do the same. Consider looking for musicians whose genre, style, and strengths match yours, so you will build a strong duo.

Connect with musicians via social media, discuss details, and make some noise. 

Connect with musicians via social media, discuss details, and make some noise.

SoundCloud collaborations are good, regardless of your status. As a beginner, you can use a collaboration for a breakthrough and present yourself to the music community. Newcomers usually don’t have many views. A collaboration is a good option to showcase new music and get heard by the targeted audience. You will get plays on the platform and increase the follower count as well. People may consider you as a rising talent and will notice your music to listen to it next time. As an experienced musician, you can use collaboration to expand your audience even more and open doors for newcomers.

Join Groups on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a big family, and the way you can grow here is to join the family. By joining groups, you get another mechanism for promotion on the platform. Just enter the term you are looking for in the search bar and find the niche or genre you relate to. When you are in the group, you can share your music to get more feedback and engagement, search for valuable tips and insights, and communicate with other musicians for potential collaborations. It matters because the more sharing channels you have, the more followers you can get for your SoundCloud profile. 

Add Tags to Your Songs

Wise hashtag usage is another way to boost SoundCloud plays. With proper hashtags, listeners will see your music faster, and you will get more plays. Even when you use paid SoundCloud promotion to boost the stream count, the right hashtag will make the difference and increase visibility even more. Combine tags related to different topics (genre, mood, tempo, daytime, etc.). Still, don’t overcommit because using too many tags in the track metadata is not a good idea.

Add Tags to Your SoudCloud Songs

Generally, artists use one main tag, but you can go further and add two or three more to increase visibility.

Organize Powerful Promotion Campaigns

Knowing how to expand your reach is good, but you should use all the available resources to become famous on SoundCloud and get more streams. It means not only cross-platform promotion but a combined approach where you use paid services as well. Start with social media promotion, sharing your songs across multiple platforms. Always leave links to SoundCloud profile, so users can proceed and get you more plays. 

On Instagram, record Reels and Stories using fragments from your tracks. Add the hint “Sound On” to ensure people hear the music. Send your music to your friends to let them know your new track has arrived. Do the same on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube (record YouTube shorts), and you will see how the stream count rises. 

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Still, to make the campaign even more effective, you have to power up this tactic with paid promotion. If you need more plays, get the package with plays. Still, if you have more budget, you can get extended organic boost packages. It includes complex promotions where you get:

  • streams
  • likes
  • comments
  • reposts
  • follower count increase

The most important thing is that you get organic engagement from real SoundCloud users. Using bots for promotion may damage your reputation or even lead to a profile ban, so it’s better to work with trustworthy promotion services. With us, you will be supported by experienced specialists who’ll curate your profiles to achieve the needed results.

Use the full potential of SoundCloud and implement all the available features to get more streams on the platform and stay at the top charts of SoundCloud in 2024.