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... and hear, in return, the divine music-for-your-ears of that ding ding ding: the sound of Spotify royalties trickling in from track streams. (It’s usually an F-sharp, for some reason).

Because that’s the goal, right?

  • To promote your music on Spotify like a champ, get organic followers, superstar fans, fat monthly streaming statistics
  • To make every stream count by ranking in Spotify search and getting featured in premium Spotify playlists (you know, those that change every day at the whim of their playlist curators).
  • To get to the top 20, 10, 5 of the best Spotify playlists, overall and genre, and to monopolize Spotify’s Discover Weekly, Song Radio and Release Radar placements

Ok, but how do you make it all happen together?

How do you juggle managing your music community, releasing new tracks on Spotify (while promoting old songs for new streams and followers) and reaching the top of Spotify charts without breaking the bank?

If you’d think our answer would be “get the best Spotify promotion service”... well, you’d be right.

But we’d lie if we didn’t say there’s more to that. And nearly every Spotify paid promotion service on the Internets will, in fact, lie.

The thing is: it’s not just how much music promotion you do – it’s about doing music promotion SMART.

In particular, it’s all about balance: the balance between organic Spotify plays, followers, monthly listeners, and overall music campaign management designed for long-term success on Spotify.

Namaste to balance. How does it work in practice?



Well, bear with us for a sec here, and we BET you we’ll shed some light at the end of the Spotify promotion shitshow tunnel.

… and, who knows, maybe you’ll go ahead and click on one of those juicy Spotify marketing services ☝️  you see up here, in all their music-promoting, DJ-boosting, double 3D triangle glory ▲▽




Ok, so maybe you’ve been fiddling with DIY Spotify promo, getting organic followers and monthly plays for your track with social media marketing, community building, or even paid ads for music all over social media and the Net at large.

Maybe you’ve already shopped around for specialized, professional Spotify paid promotion and tried wrapping your head around how to choose the best Spotify marketing service out there.

(And here it comes again… you’ve come just to the right place!)

Or maybe, you’ve considered getting creative promotion for your band’s music or electronic tracks. Heck, some of our clients even went ahead and banged some Indiegogo and crowdfunding music promotion campaigns on their keyboards – not as much to promote a new album or track, but as an attempt to actually boost their Spotify followership with crowdfunding in order to get long-term streaming plays.

So, the million dollar question: what’s the best way to promote your music on Spotify?

The best worst answer is… it depends.

Duh!, right?

Not so fast. Music promotion is fluid, dynamic, and kind of complex, true.

But that means another thing: it’s highly hackable. So “it depends” means: it depends on whether you know what you’re doing.

Which is this: the best Spotify promotion is a perfect balance of plays, followers, playlist placements and, in some cases, a collection of Spotify algorithm hacks that give your tracks and profile a crazy popularity spike.

The “perfect balance” is key: too many paid followers and plays, and you lose long-term promotion advantages. Too little playlist placement, and the initial spike gets lost in background noise (the heat death of music streaming promotion at large).

Here’s the summary of what great, balanced Spotify promotion looks like. Check out the links if you’re eager to boost your Spotify profile right away, or read on for the full rundown of Spotify promotion tricks:

  • Spotify plays - the right mix of paid and organic, balanced to maximize your Spotify statistics and enable premium playlist placement, as well as a runaway Spotify popularity spike. To that effect, we offer both Spotify premium plays and short-period fast Spotify plays, so check them out if you want to boost Spotify plays right now.
  • Spotify followers (and monthly listeners) – used the smart way (and with a secure and professional music promotion system!) paid Spotify followers can boost your statistics and help you reach your perfect genre audience and the right Spotify playlist curators. Check out our Spotify followers and Spotify monthly listeners packages  packages, or read below to learn the tips & tricks of professional Spotify promotion.
  • Spotify playlist placement - A tough one, and honestly one of our favorite music promotion service. Here it’s all about knowing and liaising with the best Spotify curators, knowing genre playlists inside out, and delivering the perfect mix of Spotify followers and plays to get in at the right time.

    No TL;DR link this time, because you GOT TO read our Spotify playlist hacks below, you’ll love ‘em.


  • Finally, smashing Spotify promotion is all about laser-targeted custom promotion. We’ve been doing Spotify promotion since the beginning, when Spotify was a little Swedish startup with a dream and a bit of geeky code magic. In some cases, we recommend our clients special Spotify algorithm hacks like Spotify Discover Weekly and Release Radar placement, delivered with targeted spikes of plays, followers, and of course our algorithmic secret sauce.

Wow, ok, was that too much to process?

Music promotion is fun, but indeed, it can definitely get complex.

We just hope you got the central idea right though –– for great music promotion, balance is everything (namaste, brother)!

Let’s see, specifically, how the best Spotify promotion looks like, and how you should approach both organic and paid music promo, whether you’re a top DJ or just starting out with your lovely garage track.




Spotify plays and followers, organic or paid, are the most essential basic block of Spotify promotion, so to say. You need Spotify plays to boost your tracks on Spotify, and getting real Spotify followers helps you get your music out there, get fans for your music, and secure future music promotion success.

A mistake folks often make with Spotify promotion is to go all-in with getting Spotify plays, usually hoping to:

  1. get royalties ASAP and feel stuff is happening (yay!)
  2. improve their Spotify stats and enjoy those big fat numbers

Well, that can work sometimes, but it’s important that you use your Spotify plays as part of a wider, smart Spotify marketing approach. You want to promote your music organically on streaming platforms, and get it prepped up for long-term success, rather than look for shiny stats and feel-good results (which most online music promotion services offer shamelessly).

What you need instead is a real assessment of your current level, and the right mix of paid and organic music promo services to improve long-term success:

  • The right quantity - from a couple dozens plays to may thousands of Spotify streams a day, we manage scale however you like it. But we always advise for the right balance -- just right to tickle Spotify’s algos and guarantee long-term success
  • Perfect timing and laser-focus: never go for generic fake plays, followers, streams and the like. We focus on geo-targeted services and genre-specific Spotify promotion, which give the best results.  

So, the overall advice is: always strive to build your organic music community, but get paid Spotify promotion to magnify effects and climb to the top of lists, charts and Spotify playlists.

We can help you do that with all the crazy flexible Spotify promotion packages you’ll read about below, and in other venues as well. In fact, some of our most popular music promo services include Top 100 placement on Beatport, Soundcloud DJMag and all the others.

Cool. Let’s now see what’s the deal with Spotify plays, followers and playlists - when to go organic, and when to unleash the power of music paid promotion.




First off, Spotify plays - which to get, and how to get them? The best ones are those fine-tuned to your:

  • Spotify account status
  • Spotify plays, ranking and streaming statistics
  • Genre, real user base, and music community

Usually, the more popular you are, the best a large spike of plays works for your popularity boost of Spotify, but there are exceptions, where you can get plays in a very short time, or get a massive boost in Spotify premium plays to jumpstart your music career on streaming.


But first things first. What’s the right balance of organic plays and paid promotion?

Organic plays come from Spotify playlist placement, smart Spotify search ranking, and of course followers and regular listeners. Growing a music community and general music marketing usually lead to organic plays, but it takes time and quite a lot of budget to grow your plays.

So, instead, paid Spotify plays are a great trick to balance out your promotion, adding spikes of interest and boosting your Spotify stats where and when it matters most. We offer real Spotify plays from all over the world, from Spotify users with diverse genre interests and activity stats, and we know exactly how to mix the cocktail up to get you the best real results with Spotify statistics.

In fact, we focus a lot on geo-targeted and search-optimized Spotify plays, so we can make sure that every click on “play” gets your music the algorithmic advantage it needs to rank high in Spotify. In fact, we even offer specialized Spotify playlist plays to boost your music right where your audiences are (of course, after you get on the best Spotify playlists for your genre and music promotion status).

With Spotify plays out of the way, let’s focus on the other “hard number” in Spotify promotion: followers.




With music community engagement and multi-channel popularity, Spotify plays and followers, well, follow over time. Organic promotion outside of Spotify and other streaming platforms should always be part of a great music promotion ongoing campaign.

(If you’re not doing it already, make sure you smash your music social media marketing sooner rather than later).

Organic considerations aside, nonetheless, we always recommend paid Spotify followers to our every client, because they just work amazingly in giving your music long-term exposure on Spotify. They improve search placement, and even playlist placement, and get Spotify’s algorithms on your side.

And of course, because we deal with real Spotify followers, they get you lots or organic superstar fans as well (our music listeners around the world do love music, otherwise they wouldn’t be bothered to stream stuff 24/7, you know).

Also also, unlike plays, Spotify followers are a more permanent state of affairs, and they tie in to the psychological principle of social proof: if many people like this (music, track, artist, DJ), then it must be good! This is especially important today, when Spotify has become a merciless, crowded streaming service, and organic promotion is getting harder and harder.

Ok, what about Spotify followers and monthly listeners, then? Here’s a bunch of insider pearls of wisdom:

  • Where to find them?
  • Which ones are the best followers for you specific music?
  • How do you get followers for specific playlists?

We can help you with all three, but let’s first see how followers help you with Spotify promotion in the first place.

You should always try boosting your Spotify followers organically, regardless of ongoing or instant music promotion campaigns, but you should always integrate with paid (real) Spotify followers.

Especially when you can get them easily, cheaply and securely with paid Spotify promotion as managed by the pros (e.g., yours truly).

The thing with paid followers and listeners for your Spotify music is, they can have the perfect distribution in time and space. We can help you target specific country markets where you want exposure or Spotify playlist placement, or optimize your Spotify organic growth with geo-targeted followers distributed in time to keep you high in Discover Weekly and Spotify Release Radar.

(In fact, we even have a specific Spotify custom promotion service for that, which combines followers and plays with the idea of topping Spotify playlists, specifically).

In conclusion, paid Spotify followers (real!) as part of a paid music promo campaign can give your stats just the right boost, help your music rise & shine on the best Spotify playlists for your genre, and capture the attention of new followers -- just thanks to the Spotify exposure you gain by boosting your streaming traffic.

Paid followers are pretty damn awesome, because they give your music & Spotify profile:

  • A growing community in the global areas you want
  • An “entry ticket” into the best Spotify playlists and their curators
  • Spotify algorithm advantages to rank high in search, Discover Weekly etc.

So, boost your Spotify followers already. Head out to our Spotify followers services and browse packages built for every genre, popularity level and music promotion needs.




And now, the last but DEFINITELY not least: how to feature your tracks into the perfect Spotify playlists?

We love this music promotion service because it lets us get creative and leverage our two specialties:

  • Killer algorithmic hacks and paid Spotify promotion expertise
  • Decades of music industry networking, including playlist curators and Spotify bloggers

Spotify playlists are the proverbial elephant in the music streaming promotion room (a room made of algorithms, fat studio executives, and broken dreams), so let’s give them the attention they deserve.

Playlists are the key to Spotify success, and they’re the hardest to pull off, because they have so many “moving parts,” including Spotify playlist curators, changing playlist submission criteria, and a highly competitive playlist landscape, where playlists rise and fall by the day.

In fact, Spotify playlist management and promotion is a beast of its own, and one of the trickiest music marketing tricks in today’s tricky book. Here’s a couple of things you need in order to push your music to Spotify playlists and keep it relevant, and get plays, followers and - ultimately - royalties:

  • Find the right playlists for your genre, with possible geo-targeting if you’re after local community boost for your music. While hitting Ctrl+F a million times tends to get tedious, fortunately we make the hard work in the background, with preselected best playlists with thousands of followers
  • Reach out to Spotify playlist curators - you gotta catch them and have them feature your track in their Premium Spotify playlist. This can be harder if you’re new of not very connected in the music marketing world
  • Build the right momentum on Spotify, with organic and real paid plays and followers that flag you as a hot, trending tune in the eyes of Spotify’s algorithms AND playlist managers
  • Promote tracks and songs in those Spotify genre playlists yourself, making sure you get the Spotify followers and organic streams that will matter most over the long run
  • Go above and beyond trying to reach top positions in Spotify playlists, only to be overtaken a day after by the next “hit” that just made it to Top 20

That’s a lot of work, amirite? Again, “shitshow” comes to mind except if you’ve done it before, thousands and thousands of times.

We’ve been working with Spotify playlists basically since before Spotify became a thing, and we’ve learned all the tricks to get your track to the top of the best playlists, with guaranteed streams, and the resulting upward spiral of momentum, with followers, monthly listeners and organic plays.

We have dozens of popular, premium Spotify playlists, by genre and country, and we regularly switch them up when they fall in followership and popularity. Our Spotify playlist promotion service is also crazy flexible, allowing you to choose everything you need, divided in comfortable plug-and-play packages.

You can fine-tune your Spotify playlist promotion by choosing:

  • Number of playlist – want one that’s laser-specific (e.g. an underground Spotify playlist with 10k followers)? No problemo. Wanna to diversify into 40 monetizable Spotify playlists placement, with guaranteed daily plays? Just say so.
  • Playlist push placement time: how long do you want your track to be played on a premium Spotify playlist? While we usually offer (and recommend) 3 months, we do 1 month for high placement submissions, for example Top 5 in over 70,000 followers playlist.
  • Speaking of which, you can even choose your specific Spotify playlist ranking! From Top 50 to keep it light, to the very #1 spot for an entire month (with guaranteed 24/7 streaming). How cool is THAT?

Sounds good? Your music sure will – to thousands upon thousands of listeners in the Spotify ecosystem, discovering and falling in love with your tracks via their favorite curated playlists.

And after that – to put the nail to the coffin, so to say – you can go further and cement your position with our specialized Spotify playlist plays to those musicians hell-bent on optimizing Spotify followership through a specific playlist (a very smart choice in most cases, by the way).

Alright, alright. Enough shameless plugging already. Go see for yourself:

Check out our premium spotify playlist placement service, which has helped a truckload of DJs, producers and musicians like yourself get to the top and stay there -- where the air’s thin baby!




Seriously. Are. You. Ready?

Smash your Spotify music promotion with our all-inclusive service -- one that, unlike all those “bestest Spotify promo solutions” out there, thinks long-term instead of pushing you to get Spotify followers, plays and playlist streams as much as possible, without considering the big picture (which includes organic and community music promotion).

Browse ridiculously flexible packages and options and tailor your Spotify promotion to your specific genre, followership and popularity level. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just drop us a line and we’ll create a custom package for ya in no time.

Another feature to remember: we offer the highest retention, meaning your track is played over its full length, which makes it as yummy as cake in the eyes of Spotify’s algorithms for search Discover Weekly, Song Radio, Release Radar.

Alright, let’s do this. Browse our packages and happy music promotion.

Bring warm clothes and an oxygen pack: the air’s thin at the top! 🔝

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