Spotify Promotion

Get Schwifty with Spotify promotion 🎤

… and “Show Us What You Got” in all your beat-mongering glory.

Because heck, life’s too short to let your Spotify play-count (and royalties) fizzle out like inbound flights to Wuhan back in the “glory” days of 2020.

Read below for the ABCs of how organic Spotify promotion actually works in the real world, and what’s in it for you. You’re in for a treat – and quite a few cocktail party parlor tricks to take home (spoiler: crippling spaghetti sauce! 🍝).

Oh, and if you didn’t get the schwifty reference… maybe you should go look for Spotify promotion in an opera house.

Or the rock you’ve been living under.

Or something.


Choosing Spotify promotion services the smart way

In all seriousness, we get it.

With so many Spotify promotion services & companies popping up like mushrooms at a psytrance pajama party, it ain’t easy to take your pick and go for the kill.

(We actually do get it, as we’ve gazed into all faces of Lady Fame, music’s ficklest mistress – as artists, as label producers, and as music promotion powerhouse owners. More on that later).

Choosing the best Spotify promotion provider is one of those spaghetti sauce paradox of choice kinds of deals:

🍝 too many options → too much brain-farting →  crippling unhappiness 🍝

… leaving you stranded and wondering: 

  • Which service is really effective? 
  • Which ones are legit and real? Which ones are even legal? 
  • What’s the best Spotify playlist promotion? Where in the Seven Hecks do I get proper Spotify plays? (Spoiler alert: here and right here).
  • What am I doing with my life?
  • Should I not have skipped bassoon lessons to go do drugs with the cool kids?

So, how the heck do you choose the real Spotify promotion that will propel your tunes to new heights?

Well, you have two easy and safe shortcuts:

  1. Read a neat little article that we wrote comparing the best Spotify promotion services. Go ahead, read the bloody thing. It’s fun.
  2. Use hack #01 right below– a positive, effective spin on the old saying
    “hate the game, not the playah” (it becomes something like “find the right playah, win the game”).

Ready to play?


Real people keep real Spotify promotion… real 

Ladies & gents, story time:

Ever since we were up & coming, Shure headphones-armed kiddos on the techno block, we’ve been knees-deep in music promotion, hunting for the best ways to buy the most effective audience boost for our tracks, and select the best promo companies to push our tunes upward & skyward.

As soon as Spotify became a thing, we started championing real Spotify promotion – first as users, then as service providers.

As musicians, we knew that, when growing your musical followership, nothing beats exponential and organic growth.

And throughout all these music industry travels and humble firsthand experience, we’ve found that the best music promo companies are founded by...

folks who not only have a track record… but also a ton of tracks recorded under their belt.

For the – wait for it – record, that’s us in a nutshell.

We’ve been making, producing and rave-organizing music the world over for well over a decade. Insatiable for promotion services as we grew, we started doing it ourselves – to, you know, do it really right.

Soon enough we became pretty good at it. And over the years, we’ve kept growing our promo “side hustle” into a massive one-stop shop that helps artists like you roam no more like we were forced to.


So, when facing the deluge of “legal” Spotify promotion companies out there ‘cross the Interwebs, start with this simple question: who the heck’s behind the brand, and all the Spotify plays, followers, album promotion and single EP boosts they offer?

A great example of this is looking for the best Spotify playlist promotion.

Sure, you could theoretically buy Spotify plays from a fat Korean hacker headquartered in Greenland, and get away with it for a few weeks, tops. In fact, you couldn’t know right on whether their service would be legal until much later (hello Spotify ban!).

But on the other hand, you would need someone who’s actually involved in the music industry to:

  • Suggest the best Spotify playlists to push to
  • Find the best music communities through playlists
  • Push your album or EP to legit fans who’ll actually stream them and shake those feet to the beat
  • Advise you on the ideal mix of Spotify promotion techniques to reach your goals

In other words, you’d need someone who knows music people to weave organic Spotify promotion around your beats, instrumentals, or 7/8 F#maj7add9 mid-phrase modulation showoffs.

Playlists are just the most blatant example, but this is true for every other promo service you get. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, we do Spotify playlist placement and do it with a vengeance).

I guess the TL;DR takeaway here would be: when it comes to Spotify and other streaming-platform or social marketing, real music industry pros are what keeps the promotion real.

And since we’ve been in the trenches like you, you can be more confident in us being allies on your side

… rather than just cash-grabbing button pushers bred on WarriorForum reposts in dark mama basements.

But we digress.

Let’s talk solutions.


Rejoice in Spotify promotion services handpicked by the pros

Right. Now that school’s out, time for a bit of not-so-shameless plugging.

Time to meet the Spotify promotion services that’ll make you fall in love, and finally quit:

  • shopping around for music streaming marketing that actually works
  • glueing your eye to the peephole waiting for the FBI/Men in Black to knock
  • buying Spotify followers that say “mini me go bye bye” after a few days
  • wondering how long your album’s, single’s or podcast’s artificial boost in popularity will last

In this here fine establishment, we pride ourselves with delivering organic Spotify promotion at its finest. We put under your belt our massive network of

  • obsessed EDM & genre heads 🤘
  • curators of popular playlists selected with a fine-toothed comb
  • label owners and other music industry playahs (that actually count!)
  • music enthusiasts with appetite for a few bucks on the side, ready to stream away at the push of (your) button

And if you’re wondering about the whole legal/safe/organic/fake controversy that’s been going for years in streaming platform PromoLand, know this: there are a ton of streaming algorithm-whispering hacks out there, but only the legal ones actually work and deliver results – both short- and especially long term:

Things like precise release timing, cross-playlist posting, geo-located follower selection and others – those are the true legit ‘hacks’ that Spotify actually likes and uses to push your music to the top of Discovery, Weekly Mixes and the other juicy bits that get you listeners that stick.

No tricks, just plain old math. Healthy diet vs. amphetamine pills. Blue-chip stocks vs. Wolf of Wall Street-style sales call hysteria.

And yes, needless to say, we do it all (well, the music promo part, not fad diets & “stonks”).

And boy, do we do it well. 


Pedal to the metal with Spotify promotion 🚀

Don’t become the “Artist Formerly Known as… You.”

Don’t let your plays & Spotify royalties fizzle out like a campfire in post-nuclear-winter Pyongyang.

Put your fame & fortune on the train-track to exponential success. Grow your organic Spotify promotion without worrying about long-term results or effectiveness, and get back to doing what matters: making music people love.

Then, when you rise above the noise, sure & steady, go reinvest that deluge of royalties into effective, legit music promotion that actually works.

Our Spotify Promo Uber-Mega Mix™ (patent pending) is crafted with love, skill and elbow grease by pros just like you, delivering the most effective connoisseur blend of services that make music streaming a walk in the park – from Spotify playlist promotions, to targeted plays, to everything else. (Heck, we even promote a truckload of podcasts in here. Crazy, right?).


And about that reference in the intro? No time to explain, but if you didn’t get it, know that you’ve made Bea very upset.

So let me ask you one more time:

Are you ready to Show Us What You Got?!


Scroll up, shut up (joking, not joking) and buy our Spotify promotion services already, you magnificent rascal, you! 👆👆👆

Beat-fully yours,

The Promosound Crew

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