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What is the best thing in Spotify? The music? The creators? Or the possibilities it gives to any musician who dares to start his career on Spotify? I think we all know the answer - ll of the above. Spotify is great, millions of people use it every day, and most of them are never gonna spare it for any other music streaming service. But musicians… Why do they prefer Spotify to every other competitor?

Easy - because of Spotify promotion. Bringing such a small, but meaningful component to the party instantly brightens the mood, lights sparks in peoples’ eyes, and gives a substantial boost to the career. More followers, more organic plays, more real streams, your name in all the charts and popular playlist, what else do you need?

Now when we see some key benefits of Spotify music promotion, the question arises - how to? The key to a successful promotion is: real followers, organic plays, playlist promotion, monthly listeners, and so much more, conveniently assembled in small packs, so perfect for implementation. Each promotion package is created to suit your needs. Small promotion boost, or a big one - you decide. You have all the ingredients for success,  so be a chef of your career - mix them, combine them in any way you want to finally create the ultimate music career. Do you want to know more about “cooking process” and your “ingredients”?

Spotify promotion can be different…

We hope that we were the first website you clicked on, while searching for Spotify promotion services. But even if it wasn’t your lucky guess to click on Promosound, you’ve probably noticed a few approaches to promotion on other services. Some of them offer huge prices for small promotion packages, others - ridiculously small prices for huge loads of plays and followers. But where is the middle? Neither one of them is good for you.

You don’t want to spend more on the promotion as you think it costs. And you want real results, organic traffic, and real users, not bots. Of course, bots are very cheap, almost free, but they won’t last long. Because of those cheap promotion services there are too many bad words said about paid music promotion on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

But we are here to fix it. We have three things that differ us from any other promoter. First - we provide real and organic traffic, generated by living people. Second - our service is fair. No false promises and undelivered deals. You get everything you ordered, no less, period. Three - we are always honest about our work with our clients. 24/7 support and answers to all the questions - that’s how honest and diligent we are.

What makes good Spotify promotion great?

As soon as we started working, we put a lot of effort to free “buy Spotify promotion” from the label of fraud. Countless hours of research, social engineering, marketing, PR, hundreds of clients only for experience and good name. And now we are confident to say, that the phrase “get Spotify promotion” is once again clean of any superstition and bad image.

So, how to differ a good promotion from a bad one? Good promotion is always real and organic. Organic plays from real people, real users following a musicians profile, organic traffic to the account, real shares and likes. Also, good promotion, just like ours, gives a great retention rate to every promoted track, as well as full-fledged curated playlist promotion. Now, let’s look at the components of your success.

Spotify followers

One of the most common promotion directions, at the same time very visible popularity marker. The more followers you have - the more popular you are. The math is really simple, no need to be an astrophysicist here. Any amount you want - you can get it. From just a hundred followers to a hundred thousands. You can get as many Spotify followers as you want to your account or your personal playlist. Worldwide followers or country-specific. Spotify music promotion through followers was never so easy and convenient as it is now.

Spotify monthly listeners

This parameter is usually overlooked and ignored, because people don’t seem to understand what a monthly listener number really is. It is not your number of followers, no. It shows how many people (separate people, different users) have clicked on your track in a month. Seems not so important, right? But leaving this parameter untreated makes a big difference on your career path. As you know, you should never ignore promotion opportunities. As usual, you can get 100 Spotify monthly listeners, or you can buy 40 thousand monthly listeners in just one click. You choose!

Spotify premium plays

Here we are. Spotify plays. The cornerstone of every Spotify music promotion. No promotion can be done without addressing the issue of getting Spotify plays. Such a basic parameter, the most trivial one, thus the most important one. By buying Spotify plays you can easily boost your popularity a hundred times, rise higher in the rating, and eventually get to popular playlists and user recommendation. The topic is a bit more diverse and broad to cover it in one short paragraph. So we’ll separate each type of plays we deliver for your reading convenience.

Spotify playlist plays

Everyone may need a music promotion. If you are a musician - you buy plays for your tracks and albums. And if you are more of a “music collector with a great taste” you can always buy plays for your playlists. Don’t ignore this option, because sometimes promoting the whole thing can lead to some unprecedented results. Imagine this: you order 10 thousand plays on your newly released album. In a first few days those plays get delivered, and you happily notice your tracks in top-charts. New plays start flowing, and boom, you’re famous now. 

Spotify Saves

While reading all the above-mentioned promotion options you are now wondering, why do you need saves? Such a parameter seems completely irrelevant, but as we said before - there is nothing irrelevant when it comes to Spotify music promotion. The logic behind saves is simple - the more people save your song to their library - the more they like it. Saving a song is the next step from liking the song. If you save a song - it is meant to last. Promoting your tracks by buying Spotify saves is a great way to freshen up your music promotion procedure, and get some additional advantage over other music creators out there.

Spotify playlist placement

If you were looking for a natural way to increase all your metrics at one, here is the offer just for you - buy Spotify playlist placement. What can be more natural than to promote a song through a playlist? People love playlists, people trust playlists, especially if they are human-curated. Of course an algorithm can create a splendid playlist, but the human will always add his soul to it. And when people see that the playlist is curated by a real human, their trust in every track increases a hundred times at least. We have playlists in every genre. You can be a Hip-Hop musician, an Electronic composer, a DJ, or a raper, we have a playlist for you. Plus, you can always choose, in what playlist you want to be, and how many playlists you want to “invade”.

Time to summarize

We sincerely hope to see you again on our website, and once again deliver you the best Spotify music promotion experience of your life. We are confident, that with our help with music promotion on Spotify, you will be able to reach the top, earn lots of royalties, and eventually we’ll see your posters all over our cities, signalizing about your success. And when we see them - we’ll smile.

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