Spotify Promo secrets – Fans will go crazy!

There’s no big secret that increasing your visibility as a musician online might open doors for you in the real world. And building your fanbase on Spotify is one of the major steps you can take for your career. After you figure out how to get your music on Spotify, it might feel like an uphill battle to get traction on such a crowded platform.

And for those wondering how to get more Spotify followers, hope is not lost! 

Here, we’ll show you the exact steps to take to attract your first monthly Spotify listeners. You can do anything by putting Spotify’s powerful social tools to good use.

Getting your first Spotify followers

It might feel like an uphill struggle when you’re just starting out and trying to gain your first few followers. The good news is that getting your first few thousand fans is usually one of the hardest parts of your career. Once you pass that point, you’ll know much more about what your fans like and don’t like.

To put things in perspective, gaining up to 10k followers on Spotify is a significant accomplishment. Almost 80% of Spotify’s musicians have less than 50 listeners per month, so it’s tough to break through the sea of amateurs and establish yourself as a serious rival.

If you want to become famous on Spotify and, what’s more important, in the whole music industry, then you need to put in the effort on your own before expecting anybody else to do it for you. The first few thousand are the hardest because you have to learn how to build an audience from scratch. Gaining even 5k monthly listeners is no small feat, but it will pave the way for far easier career advancement if you can accomplish it.

Well, if Success depends on amassing an audience and keeping them satisfied, your task is to learn how to create a dedicated fan base that will stream each and every one of your future albums on Spotify to maintain a consistent (and ideally rising) monthly listener count.

How? We’ll tell you!

Learn who your fans are

Or, in other words, know what your brand is about. You’ll find this tip on every list for good reason. It’s because identifying your niche and target audience is an essential first step, despite the fact that doing so may seem daunting at first. 

Find your audience by first deciding on the sort of image you want to project and, more crucially, the community you want to reach with your music.

Look for new followers

Let me tell you something; your fans won’t just appear out of thin air. Initially, the burden of finding them falls on your shoulders. Expose your music to people who might love it, such as those who put up playlists or produce content. To find your loyal following, you’ll need to put in some effort.

Use Spotify for artists to see Spotify promotion results

If you use Spotify for Artists to maintain an up-to-date profile, you can increase the likelihood of gaining new subscribers. This may be done by uploading new photos to the About section or refreshing the image used for your Spotify profile or banner. 

Boost exposure for your new song or forthcoming tour dates by editing your bio and adding an Artist Pick at the top of your Spotify page. Use Songkick to add upcoming concert dates to your Spotify profile. Although these are seemingly little tips, they are actually rather significant! If someone hears your music on a Spotify playlist and clicks through to your profile, you have a golden opportunity to gain a new fan. Maintaining an active and engaging Spotify profile increases the likelihood that you will be followed.

Spotify promo through collaboration with Other Artists

Building your network is essential if you want to attract a larger audience. Create a network of artists you can work with, whether it’s to promote each other’s work or to swap remixes. When you and another artist work together officially, you naturally expose both of your fan bases to each other’s music. Collaborate with other musicians who share your tastes and interests.

Promote your Spotify profile on social media

Truth be told, being a musician is much more than simply making music. The days we wish we could spend only practicing, recording, and touring simply aren’t realistically possible.

Even though I think it’s essential to have a strong presence on the most important platforms, it’s ultimately up to you to decide where you want to focus your energy and how you want to interact with your followers.
Use links that make it simple for others to follow your Spotify account when you share your tracks on social media. 

When posting new music to Instagram, how can you ensure that your fans really take the time to listen to it? You may do this quickly and easily by posting a link to the song’s Spotify page in your articles. Spotify’s mobile app now makes it simple to link to a specific track or album when posting to Instagram Stories.

Consistency is the key

Unfortunately, only some people are aware of Spotify’s full potential. To attract more fans, they should treat it like any of their other social media platforms.
To prevent your followers from losing interest due to a lack of new material, it’s important to regularly update both your bio and your posts. 

Today’s consumers want the information to be readily available whenever they need it; if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll just go elsewhere.

You have to keep creating and posting. The more, the better.

Spotify playlist promotion

By being included on a popular playlist, you might potentially get hundreds of new fans.
There are a few ways to get your music onto playlists, including submitting to curator networks or getting on editorial playlists. More people will hear your music if it is added to a playlist on Spotify. 

And yeah, there’s never too many playlists.

Think of making your own playlists for organic Spotify promotion

Making a Spotify playlist with songs that are similar to yours and include your own music is another great way to gain new listeners. 

Include one of your own compositions for every nine other songs. If you’re lucky, Spotify will start noticing that your music is making its way onto more and more playlists.
More people that follow your Spotify playlist may also end up following you.

Spotify music promotion through music blogs

Gaining exposure on Spotify may be accomplished by having your song included on music blogs and conducting other public relations work.
Mainstream blogs and editorials are frequently used as focal points in the music business.

You’ll be able to expand your network of influential music business insiders, which may lead to new opportunities for exposure, and you’ll also receive positive media coverage from reputable websites.
Playlist editors often visit music blogs searching for fresh songs to include in their playlists.
Having your music highlighted in a blog post dramatically increases your chances of being added to Spotify playlists. 

Get paid Spotify premium promo 

As a recording artist, becoming well-known on Spotify is one of the most important things you can do. It’s a big chance to rise to stardom or at least increase one’s profile.

Improvements in your number of followers and your number of streams will help the Spotify algorithm promote you and get you more listeners.

That’s why, if you want to actively gain more followers and streams on Spotify, the ideal strategy is to work with a professional Spotify promotion service. The more people listen to your music, the more likely Spotify’s algorithms are to recommend it to other people, increasing the likelihood that they will become devoted fans.

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To Sum Up

As it was said above, the number of followers you have is directly related to how many natural, ongoing streams you can get.
If you use all the tips mentioned here, genuine interest from your audience will generate a steady flow of new followers. 

Be patient as you start to use all these tips. Don’t give up, and soon you’ll start to see results if you stick with them.

Just choose a strategy and commit to it. It’s your time to shine!