Shh…Here’s a perfect Facebook promotion strategy. Don’t tell anybody!

Would you agree that Facebook is one of the most profitable social media platforms? 

I would, and you know why?

Even though Facebook has lost many users under the age of 30 to Instagram, it is still extremely profitable to promote on Facebook if you are a musician. Here’s what you need to think about: Facebook has more marketing experts using it than ANY other networking platform. That’s because Facebook is an excellent advertising platform. What other proof do you need to start working on your Facebook promo

Here’s what you need to understand – it’s extremely important that you create a Facebook profile for your band (or for yourself, if you’re a single musician) immediately. I get that not everyone likes using Facebook, but if you’re a performer, it’s crucial that you have it.
One of the reasons to start a Facebook promotion campaign is its Music Stories feature.

How are Music Stories and Facebook promotion related? 

Facebook is always working to make sure you can have everything you need without ever having to leave your News Feed. As part of this effort, it has a music feature that lets you listen to samples of the music shared in your feed. Music Stories is a Facebook post format that will allow users to sample 30-second snippets of songs and albums posted from services like Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

If you want to listen to snippets on Facebook, you don’t need to have Spotify or Apple Music installed on your phone or be a subscriber to either service.
A music story may just be a 30-second sample, but you’ll still be able to click through and buy the full track or album or add it to your streaming library without leaving Facebook. To add a song from, say, Spotify to your playlist, you’ll see a “Add to Spotify” button in the music story. If the clip is a preview from Apple Music, you may click through to either hear the full song on Apple Music or purchase it from the iTunes store.

Do you see? You can easily sell your tracks on Facebook. All you need to do is learn how the Facebook promo works and build your own strategy!

Time to go big using Facebook promotion tips

You need to have an active Facebook profile for your music even if you never use Facebook for personal reasons. Considering Facebook’s dominance in the social media world, ignoring it would mean missing out on a huge audience. 

Thousands of other musicians are already using Facebook promo tactics to spread the word about their work. Finding the sweet spot between fan interaction and music creation is essential for standing out. However, slapping up a shoddy webpage and crossing your fingers isn’t going to cut it. Make sure your Facebook profile meets the following tips for maximum exposure.

Find the perfect frequency for your posts

Attracting followers without overwhelming them is a challenge.
Facebook might make it easy for users to find your profile, but you can improve your page’s readability by maintaining a regular publishing schedule. 

How often should you update your page on Facebook? It can be difficult to strike this balance. 

Despite the common belief that publishing twice a day is best for sites with a large following (10,000+), for profiles with less than 10k followers, this is not working. You might have to try a few things to find the right amount of posts to publish a day, but most people believe that if you post just 1–5 times a month, your clicks per post will almost double.

Be sure to spice up your page to get maximum attention

Make it interesting! This seems like a no-brainer, but it really can’t be said enough. If this is the sixth time in a row that you’ve posted, “Hey everyone, check out our new single!” people will start to ignore you (or possibly, long before then). Mixing things up and keeping them fresh requires injecting some diversity into the content if you want to attract and hold the interest of Facebook users.

Don’t be shy about becoming creative with your posts; they may be about anything as long as they relate to the music. Share a photo of your go-to piece of equipment, along with some thoughts on why it’s the best. Upload a picture of your first song lyrics next to your most recent one to show how much you’ve grown as an artist. Be genuine and keep things on a personal level. That facilitates people’s ability to connect with you and remember you.  Interacting with fans is a crucial aspect of a career in music, and social media sites like Facebook provide the ideal setting for developing meaningful relationships with your audience. 

Let people know how to contact you

This tip is simple but important because all the exposure in the world won’t help you if no one knows how to reach you! Get in touch with fans quickly by including a readily accessible phone number and email address, as well as links to your other online music platforms (like Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or Spotify) on your Facebook profile.

Use Messenger for Facebook promotion

Many Facebook users would rather use Messenger than the main app. It’s for this reason that you should incorporate Messenger into your Facebook marketing strategy if you’re a musician.

With its help, you’ll be able to engage with your fans at events.

Moreover, you will receive immediate feedback on your shows, videos, and official releases. 

Messenger excels at providing immediate feedback on your posts. You may gain instant feedback from your audience by sending out a Messenger blast as soon as it is published online. 

Create Call to action posts

In the end, your profile’s success will come down to how many people click through and do what you want them to do. Whether it’s listening to your new song online, checking out your newest music video, or attending one of your future concerts, your audience will be interested in what you have to offer.
Your post’s caption should provide a clear message about your music. 

Create a budget for paid Facebook promotion

Everyone knows that Facebook promotion is worth your time and effort. That’s why the competition on the platform is always crazy. If you, as a young artist, are willing to become famous, make people listen to your music, and follow your brand, you have to start spending some cash and buy Facebook promotion.

All you have to do is follow some simple steps:
1. Create a budget for paid Facebook promotion.

2. Find the best promotion service out there.

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Ok, now that you know what service to choose, your next question is, ”When buying Facebook promotion, what do I start with?”

Consider starting your promotion by buying real Facebook followers.

Why is it smart to buy Facebook followers

Look, without a dedicated fan base, your Facebook page is useless. Having a large number of followers makes it simple to get visibility for your page. Yes, in the beginning, you will have to put out some cash and buy Facebook followers. But when you reach a certain number of followers, they will continue to grow organically.

Buy Facebook followers from PromoSound

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  • Better Conversion
    Is the goal of your webpage to boost conversions and sell music?
    Then, the next step is to get real people to visit your webpage. More people will visit your profile if you have real followers on your page. Since the people you reach out to will be based on your niche, your sales will go up.
  • Increased Visibility
    Do you want your page to be easy for people to find? You should then focus on getting the page to get viral. Buying Facebook followers is a quick and simple way to boost your page’s exposure.
    As more and more people follow your profile, it will rise in the news feeds of those who follow you. The Facebook algorithms will give your page a higher rating.

Next step: buying Facebook likes

If you don’t know why you should buy Facebook likes for your fan page, here are some of the best reasons.

  • Buying Facebook likes helps pulling in new followers.
    Ask yourself if you’re likely to follow a new fan page if you find that it has a relatively low number of likes. As far as I can tell, the reply is no. When there are already a number of likes, though, attracting more fans is simple. As more individuals like the page, visitors will have more interest in it. That’s just how people’s minds work naturally.
  • It’s economically viable
    Getting likes on your page naturally requires paid advertising or consistently posting interesting content. Both methods include overcoming challenges.
    Either you have a lot of money, or you have to wait a long time. A really, really long time. Real likes, however, may be purchased from a reliable provider like PromoSound for a relatively low price. 
  • Simple Advertising
    Any entrepreneur who has just launched a company should take the time to brand it properly. Creating a memorable brand entails capturing the interest of consumers.
    Enough effort and time must be put into this procedure. Here’s a secret, though: if you buy organic Facebook likes, you’ll have no trouble at all in terms of promoting your brand. This straightforward method is perfect for young artists.

A Facebook promotion wrap-up

Truth be told, independent artists of the modern era just cannot survive without Facebook promotion.  Even when they try to deny it, most artists end up realizing the same thing. 

Incorporating paid advertising into your social media plan may significantly boost the results you get from cultivating a strong online presence through organic social media and fan interaction. You should be able to create a solid promotional strategy for your future album release using the information provided in this manual. I hope that after reading this article, you’ll build your best strategy for Facebook promotion.

It’s all in your hands. So, good luck!