Unexpected answer on “TikTok vs. Instagram” promotion dilemma

I will not surprise you by saying that social media is here to stay for a long time. In fact, its presence in our lives grows more and more every day.  

It’s not easy to figure out which of the social media platforms is ideal for promoting your music: TikTok or Instagram.

The TikTok vs. Instagram discussion continues to heat up. Both prove that today’s youth are particularly fond of watching video content, and both now have over a billion users on a monthly basis, with Instagram leading the way. That’s a lot of potential fans who will get the chance to hear your tracks.

Some people claim that TikTok is becoming a lot more popular and effective in terms of music promotion. But is this true?
However, can we say that one platform is better than another, and which one is better for music promotion? 

Instagram vs TikTok

If you’re trying to decide between TikTok and Instagram promotion for your music, I will shed some light on the key distinctions between the two platforms. So, read the article first, and thank me later. 

TikTok vs. Instagram 

Today, in the age of TikTok and Instagram, social media platforms are essential to our daily lives. Most of us would go crazy if we had to go an entire day without checking our texts and social media. Because of TikTok and Instagram’s massive user bases, you can’t afford to ignore social media.

Firstly, when deciding between TikTok and Instagram, it’s not a matter of which one is better but rather which is more fitting for your music. 

You’ll find the solution if you analyze who you’re trying to reach and what kind of content you’d want to use to promote your music and yourself as a musician.
And now, let’s talk more about each platform and how to choose where to promote your music.

Benefits of Instagram promotion 

The adaptability of Instagram is a major factor in its success. Instagram is good for almost everyone because you can make and share professional-looking photos, as well as short and long videos. However, this also depends on who your audience is. 

On Instagram, at least in the main feeds, the content we view has been filtered extensively. Instagram Stories are fantastic for showcasing spontaneous, in-the-moment content, while tools like Reels and IGTV provide content creators a platform to show off their skills and passion.

Most Instagram users are between the ages of 25 and 34, so if you want to get the most out of your Instagram music promotion, this should resonate with your target audience. 

In addition, Instagram offers its own set of analytics tools, making it easy for companies and influencers to track KPIs. This is useful for gauging the overall performance of a promotional campaign. 

Instagram is good for music marketing since it is a platform where communities can be formed, and relationships with viewers can be developed. After all, participation and a dedicated audience are crucial.

Instagram Features

To put it simply, Instagram is owned by Facebook. It provides a wide variety of innovative advertising features similar to those seen on other Facebook platforms. And they can be successfully used for music promotion.

  • Insta Stories. You can share your life routine through them and create a connection with the audience. 
  • The feed. Here, we may view posts from our friends, updates from the accounts we’re following, and advertisements. 
  • Live videos. You can broadcast in real-time. 
  • IGTV. Ability to post long-form videos. 
  • Shoppable. This is essential for making money off of Instagram. 
  • Hashtags. They consolidate related postings into a single location, making it easier to find specific information. You may increase your exposure and interaction by using appropriate hashtags. Hashtag generator apps let you find and make new hashtags that are useful for your purposes. 
  • Filters. You can edit and improve the look of a photo or video with filters on Instagram. 

TikTok promotion advantages

TikTok, which began as a platform for users to upload and share funny sketches, lip-syncs, and viral dance movements, is the platform that created multiple celebrities, well-known artists, and influencers in the social media sphere. Despite being a relatively new platform, TikTok has quickly become more popular among young people than Instagram.

Its virality and originality make it stand out from the crowd and have a significant impact on music marketing.

On TikTok, users upload short videos and share them with one another. The initial length of a video was 15 seconds, but now, for many users, TikTok has increased the maximum length to 10 minutes. You can also upload videos you make outside of TikTok. 

The program also has the ability to add music and filters to videos. Furthermore, the emphasis on music is far stronger here than it is on Instagram. It’s even possible to “duet” with other users by responding to their videos.

There are a wide variety of methods open to you as a musician for distributing your music. For example, you may start challenges that are guaranteed to draw attention to your tracks. You may also benefit greatly from TikTok’s analytics capabilities, which include information on a user’s video views, profile views, and followers, among other things.

A bit of TikTok demographic statistics  

Keep in mind that 60% of TikTok’s users are young adults (16-24), and make sure that this demographic matches up with your audience’s demographic. 

For this reason, you may expect the best results from TikTok music promotion if you focus on younger audiences. 

Instagram and TikTok comparison

So, is it better to focus on Instagram or TikTok?

In some ways, IG is super popular and easy to use because there you can:

  • You can scroll endlessly through Instagram’s feed, just as you can on any other social networking site. It’s simple to go from one thread to another without giving any of them your full attention. Reels (Instagram’s counterpart to TikTok) and Stories are the greatest content forms for advertisements on the platform.
    Instagram expands your options for creating and sharing content. This has its advantages, but it may also lead to chaos. Ads and content management across Photos, Reels, Stories, etc., may be a hassle and may not always yield a positive ROI (ROAS).
    Basically, Insta music promotion has great potential, but it’s gonna be complicated to draw the attention of new followers. Though, it’s perfect for building a deeper connection with your existing fanbase.

While TikTok is a bit different:

  • TikTok users make and share vertical videos up to 10 minutes in length. I think that covers everything. You may skip videos with a swipe-up instead of scrolling. This way, users will be more compelled to pay attention and see it through as a result.
    Choose TikTok if you want your songs to go viral rapidly and be widely heard. If you want to focus more on conversion rates and attract more fans through social media sites, Instagram would be a better choice.

What about social engagement?

TikTok and Instagram are both dependent on user interaction to function. The methods for increasing engagement and activity on each platform are distinct. 

TikTok’s entertaining hashtag challenges are a popular way for influencers to gain views and followers. TikTok influencer marketing may help you go viral far faster than Instagram can.Instagram, on the other hand, is great for visuals, whereas TikTok is better for how-to videos. TikTok makes it much less difficult to get fame than Instagram does. By tailoring your content production efforts in this way, you may increase your chances of success on both fronts.

Building a presence on both platforms

Being able to “be everywhere” is a terrific feature of social media marketing. Maybe we can avoid pitting TikTok against Instagram. It’s not necessary to risk everything on one venture. As an alternative, you can create content for either platform. 

Both TikTok and Instagram permit their users to share videos and photos created on other platforms. It’s a lot easier to make a video and then put it on both of these sites.

Over time, though, you’ll see that one platform is significantly more fruitful for your music promotion than the other. 

Because of this, you need to properly plan and generate content for various platforms and then do all in your power to increase its exposure. The data gathered may then be used to determine which platforms need further attention.

As a result, there is no clear victor in the battle between TikTok and Instagram. You’re not locked into using either one exclusively. Both are viable options, and each may boost your music to new heights. 

When put to good use, Instagram and TikTok may be powerful promotional tools. The secret is to give some serious consideration to the impression you want to give off with your content and the audience you want to attract.

At the end of the day, you promote on social media sites to attract more fans and make your music popular. 

Though, music promotion in its early stages might be extremely challenging for you. In this case, you will need help from a reliable music promotion service. 

Gain popularity with the help of an Instagram promotion service

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Wrapping up

It’s safe to say that social media marketing won’t be going away anytime soon. That’s why you need to create a business plan to promote your music on the platform you choose. 

Instagram is useful since its users may upload and share both images and short videos. In contrast to TikTok, where users are encouraged to follow the latest trends, users of this platform can focus on developing a distinct identity for their page.

So, before deciding what platform to choose, don’t forget to evaluate what kind of promotion your music need, and get a music promotion company that will help you fulfill your goals and get your career off the ground. 

Keep creating your music, promote it, and be the best at it!