Get More Instagram Likes in 2020 best practice

Most people evaluate their progress on Instagram by how many followers they have. Although having a lot of people following you is a great feeling, what good is it if they don’t engage with your music? Coldplay has millions of fans around the world, but it wouldn’t be much fun playing to an empty stadium each night, would it?

On second thought that still sounds awesome!!! Much cooler than my life.


Engagement is the most crucial measure of success on Instagram, when people react to your words, your humour and personality.

I would argue that engagement is even more meaningful for a musician. After all, you’re in the business of moving people, aren’t you?

So how do you scratch this itch? How do you get likes on your Instagram?

Like this post and I’ll tell you.

Just kidding. Keep reading

How to Get Instagram Likes

My first tip is to optimize optimize optimize.


Here is a handy checklist to help you optimize each of your posts:-


  1. Include a location. Always let your audience know where you are and what you’re doing.
  2. Tag other accounts in your niche or genre. Your posts will show up in their feed.
  3. Create an engaging caption to grab your follower’s attention. Include a call to action. It would help if you incentivized your audience to engage with your post. Something like – Please tell me if you like this post, drop an emoji if you like this post or song. 
  4. Use relevant hashtags.
  5. Reply to each and every comment or like. Follow up with your fans immediately within 30 mins of an action.


If you follow the above tips, your audience will grow organically. Real people like genuine conversations, and if your music is new and incredible, they will feel compelled to join you on your rise to superstardom! 


How to Check Instagram Followers and Following

Things like the time of day and the demographics of your audience are some of the most critical considerations to make when creating and posting new content. You can learn and understand this valuable data by viewing Instagram Analytics.


Go to – Insights – Audience. There you will find an incredible dashboard stacked with useful data to make informed decisions about your content.


A happy audience is an active audience always remember that!


Why Pay for Instagram Likes?

There is a reason why I told you to engage with your followers in the first 30 mins of them taking action on your post. It’s because the Instagram algorithm measures the success of your post over that period to decide if it should be shown to a wider audience. 


Instagram evaluates your engagement, and if you have lots of likes and comments in that specific period, they boost the visibility of that post. In this case getting more Instagram likes is crucial for success. That is precisely how something becomes viral on the platform.


While I do not promise every post will be a viral sensation, to stand the best chance you will need to pay for Instagram likes as part of a successful campaign. 


Can I Buy Instagram Likes?

That’s where we excel. Our service is safe and legal. We want to be a trusted partner throughout your exciting journey. We can help you to boost organic growth across all of your social media channels.