When world crysis happens, wear your crown with Soundcloud!

No, not that crown, the crown of success and fame. Crown like kings once used to have. Nothing related to viruses. Be safe, kids! But now let`s talk seriously, let`s talk business. More and more new regulations and restrictions are being implemented every day in almost every country of the world. All life and work becomes more distanced, but it must not stop us from doing our job, doing what we like, pursuing our dreams. Do not let this obstacle stop you on your way to your future. Now we will find out how to promote on soundcloud.

What do people do at home at their free time? Do they work all day long? No! Of course not! They entertain themselves in all means possible. Films, video games, music, books and many other stuff. Have you noticed that i mentioned music not at the first place? Sadly for music industry, people tend to listen to less music, which leads to money losses for music streaming services, like Soundcloud. They lose so much money, that we barely can imagine. But we, as musicians can turn this negatives into positives. How? With safe Soundcloud promotion. Read ahead!

Is the soundcloud promote ship sinking?

Soundcloud as music streaming service was founded with the idea of sharing of creativity. Service was intended to give people ability to share, connect, and grow through the prism of music. This power, for many years made humans very happy, filled their hearts with right beats, rhythms, and melodies.

The problem unfolded, and company immediately noticed huge outpouring of tracks on Soundcloud. Only for the past month, the amount of songs that  were uploaded decreased for more than a half. This numbers are really huge, just trust us. Company understands, how hard is it to carry this burden for musicians and artists, because majority

of Soundcloud artists are independent musicians, without powerful and rich managers to help them. 

Helping hand of Soundcloud promotion

Due to this situation, Soundcloud decided to roll out few programs for creator support. First – partnership with Twitch. Second – decreasing price of Soundcloud pro unlimited subscription package cost by 50 percent. Last thing – creator office hours with artist relation team. This measures were intended to help musicians with impacts, they are facing right now.

But what about promotion? Was it clickbait and not the real info? Released not long ago options for Soundcloud promotion support are simply great. Not just because company invests more than 15 million dollars in promotional support, but also it provides every creator with promotion tools, to perform promotion by themselves. 

Sounds great, right? From the first glance it does, but… but… average person or musician knows nothing about promotion and how to promote soundcloud. In this light, we come to the stage. For ten years already we are pushing Soundcloud artists, manage their accounts, help to make releases and much more. Our extreme experience allows us to help you transcend all inconveniences of virus situation and make a great success out of it. Only safe and reliable Soundcloud promotion can do it. And we are true masters of the promotion. 

Above all that, Soundcloud decided to launch new marketing and distribution service, called “Repost”. This service is developed to to help artists in music popularization and promotion. also it provides independent artists with professional monetization services and industry-leading distribution techniques. 

Promote SoundCloud yourself?

Great, I can do everything by myself, you can think. Not so fast, pal. This words can easily be misunderstood, because, again, not so many people know what to do with them. We do. We can help and make you popular now with promote on soundcloud, even more popular than it was possible before. Why so? Because people listen to music less during this challenging times of self-isolation. No more long roads to work and back home. No more runs outside or gyms. Less people listen – more important their plays are. Some minor changes in number of plays, followers today mean much more than half a year ago. Every user and every musician become of greater importance to promote music soundcloud. To summarize, is this article related to coronavirus at all? No. Or related? Spread like a virus with Soundcloud promotion!