SoundCloud Thermonuclear

ᐅ 300 ~ 500 Organic Plays

ᐅ ~ 10 Organic Comments

ᐅ 10~60 Organic Reposts

ᐅ 10 ~ 80 Organic Likes

ᐅ Premium & Free Acc

ᐅ ~20k Audience Cover

ᐅ +++ Followers



ᐅ 1000~2000 Organic Plays

ᐅ 150~300 Organic Reposts

ᐅ 10~30 Organic Comments

ᐅ Premium & Free Accounts 

ᐅ 30~60k Audience Cover

ᐅ 1-2% Repost Followers

ᐅ 10~80 Organic Likes



 2000~4000 Organic Plays

ᐅ 30~80 Organic Comments

ᐅ 200~400 Organic Reposts

ᐅ Premium & Free Accounts 

ᐅ 60~120k Audience Cover

ᐅ 1-2% Repost Followers

ᐅ 150~300 Organic Likes



 3000~6000 Organic Plays

ᐅ ~ 160 Organic Comments

ᐅ 300~600 Organic Reposts

ᐅ 150 ~ 300 Organic likes

ᐅ Premium, Free Accounts 

ᐅ ~ 240k Audience Cover

ᐅ 1-2% Repost Followers



Yeah, you read that right. Meet organic Soundcloud community networking at its nuclear finest ⚛️  Just like neutrons smash one another ‘till the blaze of glory, we repost your track to a bunch of insanely popular Soundcloud accounts, where hardcore fans of YOUR GENRE trigger a chain reaction of plays, likes, reposts, comments. ZERO fake account BS. Reach 10,000 - 2.4 ***million*** Soundclouders and light up your stats in days with 100% organic promo!

"Radioaaactive! Radioactive..." 

... sang Imagine Dragons.

But did they know about the power of community-driven, chain-reaction organic music promotion?

Well… yes they did.

Their debut EP, It’s Time, was recorded in a Las Vegas studio and uploaded to YouTube, where it became viral and shortly thereafter led to a Hadron-collided acceleration to fame (acapella covers included... the dark matter of the music industry).

So the point is, if they could, why couldn’t you?

Why couldn’t you give your music the first point of entry into a huge community of hardcore genre fans, who’ll then like, repost, retweet, retwat your tunes in an EXPONENTIAL fashion?

We’ve gone to great lengths to make that possible, and this is the result:

the ultimate system for avocado-grade 🥑 100% organic promotion for your Soundcloud music.

Get ready to see its full power in action!


Community-driven organic Soundcloud promotion

So, why the fixation with all things nuclear science? ⚛️

And how does this whole thing work, exactly? 

Well, because we've devised 4 simple steps to paradise that mirror the chain reactions inside a nuclear facility (or, well, a bomb):

  1. We expose your music to the ionizing radiation of Soundcloud’s very finest accounts
  2. Depending on the number of Soundcloud promo days, you get exposure up to 2+ MILLION new listeners
  3. Lots of folks stream those tunes, and ONLY those who like them take things to the next level
  4. You get a natural, organic, real-as-taxes chain reaction of likes, relevant comments, more Soundcloud plays, and especially Soundcloud reposts that continue the reaction further

Now, the “ONLY” part in #3  is crucial.

Unlike buying Soundcloud likes, comments or reposts (which by the way you can get on this website for killer H-Bomb bang for your buck), true organic Soundcloud promotion is all about choice and… probability.


Real Soundcloud promotion = *real* fans only!

See, we only make sure your music reaches a WIDE and RELEVANT Soundcloud audience in the most efficient way. 

After that, the ball’s in their court.

A certain  % of those who really like what you got will do the rest on their own, kick-starting further Soundcloud exposure and engagement – the organic, community-driven way.

So, in a way, this of this like “Schrodinger’s cat” music promotion, where we provide you the box, and your Soundcloud engagement follows some probabilistic trajectory based on how the community feels.

But how can we be sure that you'll actually get the exposure you're after (i.e. have the cat more "half alive" than "half dead")?


A CONTROLLED reaction to boost Soundcloud plays, followers, likes & comments

Now, while getting organic Soundcloud promotion is a bit of science and a bit of art, it’s not all about luck.

In fact, just like the Large Hadron Collider, it’s all about math and experience.

See, after nearly a decade doing all things music promotion (especially EDM & indie, but also albums, singles, podcasts of virtually any genre), we’ve amassed quite the social capital.

We have tight relationships with

  • record labels
  • playlist curators
  • popular DJs and vocalists
  • music social media pages
  • even music marketers
  • … and of course Soundcloud pages, including some of our own

(In fact, we started by posting our founders’ techno and techno-fusion tracks, and then grew into much more popular and diversified Soundcloud pages –– not to toot our own horn here; follow Promosound and find out more).

So, with this always-fresh base of profiles, we know exactly where to repost your music based on your genre, style, preference and music promotion goals to give you maximum chain-reaction exposure. Every. Single. Time.

In fact, our Resident Physics Department has crunched the numbers, so we can say with confidence that, for instance, by getting Getting heard organically by 10,000 – 50,000 Soundclouders (the base package, see above) you will:

  • Get at least 300 Soundcloud likes
  • Gain 10-60 real reposts on Soundcloud
  • Catch up to 12 new Soundcloud followers (i.e. 2% of the number of reposts)

Check out the organic packages on this page to find the exact estimated organic exposure for your Soundcloud music (depending on promo days duration).


Get your organic Soundcloud promotion packs today

Without further ado, get ready to jump right into organic Soundcloud promotion with a nuclear-blast of a twist:

  • Get Soundcloud likes organically, by true lovers of your music genre
  • Turn hardcore music fans into Soundcloud followers with targeted community reposts
  • Collect relevant, genre-specific Soundcloud comments and boost your tracks’ exposure and engagement

All this, with a short-and sweet music promo that last from 1 to 10 days and exposes your music to up to 2.4 MILLION new Soundclouders!

Quit wondering how to get more plays on Soundcloud, and start doing. Or better, let us do the doing for you, and get our years of experience and industry relations to stand behind your Soundcloud success, and give you superpowers.

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