How to promote your music on SoundCloud. Advantages of real and organic Paid Promotion

I bet that just like many other artists, you like SoundCloud and might even prefer it over the other music streaming platforms for distributing music. However, just like others, you probably face one tiny problem: you try to promote your song, and nobody cares.

I mean, even if you have a decent fanbase at the beginning of your career, you might reach 5k plays, or let’s even say 50k. But if that’s it, what are you supposed to do?

I have an answer for that. You should get paid SoundCloud promotion.

Cause when you’re making your first steps in the music promotion field, this is one of the main challenges you might face. Getting your music heard and sharing it with a broader audience is super complicated. Building a fanbase on your own can be a never-ending story and might take years. But you don’t have those years. So it’s natural to want your music to be heard once it’s out there. 

I know you want to ask lots of questions and understand how it works. You want to know how to promote your music on SoundCloud and why you should do it. So, get ready to read the article that will change your career if you decide to take action. 

Why would someone want to buy SoundCloud promotion?

You will go viral. Well, first of all, by purchasing SoundCloud plays you increase your chances of going viral. 

Getting paid promotion on the SoundCloud streaming platform will give you strong social proof.

Yep, that’s the main advantage of paying for your promotion. People will hear you; they will notice your music. At first, they might be attracted by the number of plays you have. Then, they will stay with you because they will love your music. People feel curious. They want to hear the music of an artist that has thousands of plays and attracts more and more people.

It will kickstart your campaign. Paid promotion can help you to get things going.  Instead of starting from nothing, you will begin with a few thousand plays, which will quickly boost your track and have more people listening to it. It will kickstart your campaign and can even attract the attention of the media, agents, and even record labels.

Give a new start to your Social Media platforms. Yes, once you get your real SoundCloud promotion, you will also boost your social media profiles and become more popular. And yeah, it will encourage people to talk about you and your music. 

Should I get a SoundCloud paid promotion?

My answer is: YES, YOU SHOULD.

You should if you don’t want to bog down at the bottom of the music industry.  

SoundCloud lets artists break into the industry. Thanks to this platform, many artists have become successful. But don’t think that it was easy. It was challenging for them, and it will be challenging for you if you don’t make your move. You’re competing with thousands of people who have the same goal as you do. So besides making unique and catchy music, you have to market yourself. 

SoundCloud is a great launching pad for aspiring artists and to make people check out your music and get more social proof. First, you need to purchase a SoundCloud promotion. It will take your music career off the ground. 

I know you might think you have never faced a harder job than this one. Promotion is complicated and exhausting when you have to learn everything about it and start from scratch. But once you’re ready for action, once you realize you don’t want to spend seasons on it, you will find the best promotion service that will give your SoundCloud profile and your music a really great chance at success. 

Investing into real SoundCloud promotion at this point is going to be your best bet against competing with your rivals. Everyone on the platform is fighting for their place under the sun. They all have funds and connections in the industry. Yes, not all those connections might make them famous, but some definitely will. And you don’t want to realize that you gave up on your career just by not putting enough effort and thought into it. 

That’s what makes SoundCloud so competitive. If you don’t use all the opportunities you’ve got, there’s a high chance you will drown in the amount of content out there that nobody listens to. 

I know you want to be heard by the right people, and trust me, a SoundCloud promotion service is your best bet. 

Whether you’re wondering what stats you need to boost to create an organic buzz around your music, I have an answer for you:

  • Start with SoundCloud comments (make sure your service promotes you to real profiles). Comments increase engagement and show that there’s something going on. People talk about you. 
  • SoundCloud likes. First of all, likes improve your algorithmic discovery. And yeah, when users see that your song is popular, there’s a higher chance that they’ll listen to it. If they like it, they might even suggest it to some popular playlists.  
  • Reposts. This feature is dope! Getting reposts opens you the way to new listeners. They were introduced in 2012 for the first time, and when your Promotion service knows how to do it right, they will make your song viral. Through re-posting your SoundCloud tracks, your music can get promoted through social media. It’s similar to Twitter’s retweet and favorite buttons. When people will be reposting your song, it’ll show up on their page as well as on their stream. And, obviously, the more reposts you get, the bigger is the exposure because it’s seen by the people that follow the person that’s reposting it.

Is it safe to get Paid SoundCloud promotion?

Some people have concerns about purchasing SoundCloud promotion. And yes, I can see why. Now there’re many companies out there who only think about getting their $ rather than providing people with high-quality services.

All I can say is that you have to be careful while choosing the right service. You really will get organic and impressive results when you find a company that knows how to work in this industry and knows what the best ways to promote your music are.

And, of course, you must be sure they will provide you with REAL plays, likes, comments, etc.

Yes, there’re companies in this industry that aren’t safe to use. That’s why you always have to know what you’re looking out for. In our world, you can always choose between someone legit and trustworthy, who deserves your attention, and someone who is just going to scam you. 

Just make sure you will not end up being taken advantage of.

Promosound. Best SoundCloud promotion service.

I can definitely claim one thing, Promosound is one of the best sites to get real SoundCloud promotion. I gotta start by saying that it’s a company with ten years of experience, run by music industry insiders. With people who began working in with music streaming platforms basically at the time when they were becoming popular, you’ll feel safe promoting yourself. Cause music pros with that amount of skills and background are definitely something you’ve been looking for.

Promosound is a game-changing service. This company will provide you with all types of promotions you might think about and even more.

By choosing it, your numbers will accelerate within a short time. Trust me, it feels terrific watching your streams rise. For sure, they offer paid promotion on multiple music streaming platforms.

But let me tell you more about what they offer regarding SoundCloud promotion. You can get legit streaming promotion for your tracks & music profiles, buy real SoundCloud likes, followers, reposts, comments, and even SoundCloud promotion strategies, such as monthly subscriptions (you’re welcome) and VIP reposts by music influencers.

Sounds interesting, I know. 

Paid SoundCloud promotion with Promosound.

Promosound will help you create your own path to success. The best path you can choose, to be honest. The company claims that they provide people with «fine-grained Soundcloud promotion, meaning, laser-targeting your every promotion needs».

Just take a look at what you will get by getting paid promotion:

«The classics». Meaning likes, followers, and reposts. The thing is that for Promosound, reputation is really important. The company wants the world to discover new stars. That’s why they specialize in real, global, active followers, real likes, and reposts on SoundCloud, which you can get easily, safely, and cheap – while also completely legit and legal.

Unique packages. Yes, they even have unique packages like geo-targeted followers, premium reposts, group joins, secrets, playlist and album PR, and more. You can even get top-value promotional packages that cover every promotional need. Also, you can buy the following unique  promotional packages:

  • Buy SoundCloud playlist reposts. «so you promote your playlist and all the goodies inside.»
  • SoundCloud playlist likes. These can organically boost your playlist and reach new listeners.
  • SoundCloud group joins. Yep, you can even get those to promote your music. SoundCloud Groups let you promote your music to users with the same musical interests. This is a new feature in music promotion.

I know it’s such a charming experience spending years on promoting yourself. But it cannot be compared to the joy you feel while watching the number of your SoundCloud followers growing every day.

You can totally rely on Promosound promotion service in everything concerning promotion and just concentrate all of your time and inspiration on music creation rather than focus on marketing strategies. You will get real, legit, legal, safe, effective promotion and with the best value for $$$.

So yeah, it’s time to stop wondering whether to become successful or not. Instead, just shoot your shot, get paid promotion on SoundCloud, and build your fanbase. 

Maximize your music promotion results.

Even though when you get paid music promotion on SoundCloud and 90% of the job is made for you, you still have to do some things to attract people, to make them love your music, and to make them your loyal fans.

Of course, it’s a topic worth discussing in a whole new article, but you should read about a few important things you need to take care of to get the most out of your promotion.

Set up your Settings on SoundCloud
It’s a nice thing to do when it comes to Soundcloud. You have to adjust it to your main need. I mean that one of the things that you can do is you can set your content so that it is streaming only. This way, you will block users from downloading your music, and this way, your stream counts will go up.

Sort Out Google SEO
If you’ve learned at least a little bit about it, you know that it is an important thing you should take care of while trying to boost your engagement on any platform. Sorting your Google SEO means making sure that all of your audiences can find your music easily and find you on other platforms beyond SoundCloud.
How? Make sure people know what your title and tags are and that they are good-looking and easy to read. When you’re using the correct tags, it’s easy to find a track through Google. Your titles should be professional and seem simple and informative at the same time.

Make your track SoundCloud friendly.

  • Well, it goes without saying that your track must be high quality. It’s a determining factor as to how well a song performs. I’ll only say that once you decide to promote a track, you’re 100% sure you’ve put your soul into it. 
  • Track title. It should be the general format “Artist Name – Track Title”.
  • Genre. Please, categorize the genre correctly. If you want to get into charts tagging with the right genre is essential. The first genre you tag with is often the most important. 
  • Design can help you stand out and attract listeners. So, make it look unique and professional. 
  • Take care of external factors. Get links to your tracks on blogs, sites, social media, everywhere. External factors must be taken into consideration as they also influence the exposure of your tracks.

So, at the end of the day, you must understand that wasting your time is not an option. You can grow your fanbase now. You can make it fastly and organically by using a SoundCloud promotion service.
By choosing Promosound and a few promotional packages the service offers, your audience will accelerate in very short terms. Just reach out to them and let the professionals take care of your future success. 

We live in a tough world where it’s not so easy for an upcoming artist to make a name. Yes, there’s a lot of competition, but you gotta act to make people hear about you. So buying SoundCloud promotion from Promosund will become a game-changing moment in your career.
So, think fast.