How to get new followers on SoundCloud – the beginners guide.

The first thing to mention is that this article is only for musicians who want to become famous. If you are not one of them – close this page. The following information will do you no good. However, if you are the right person, the person with idea, with vision, and with desire, you will find whole lot of useful information down the line. 

And now, when we are settled in, let’s start. This article will be about SoundCloud, and SoundCloud followers only. Maybe you will read a few small jokes, but I hope that you will be dead serious after reading this, serious and confident, with the belief that you can and will make it to the top.

I will try to give you some useful tips, that will help you get your first SoundCloud followers, boost your musical career, and just become a better version of yourself. So, let’s start from the basics, okay?

SoundCloud – the creators’ heaven

For the start – think about this: “to fight the enemy, learn the enemy”. Well, SoundCloud is not the enemy, but to become popular on this service you must learn how it works, and what to do. 

SoundCloud as a music streaming service was created not so long ago, but its approach to creators and music helped it not to be forgotten, but to grow and prosper. It has quickly outgrown all expectations, and became one of the most popular music services in just a few years. That’s something, right?

Artists come and go, but one thing stills the same – SoundCloud policy. No matter how talented you are, SoundCloud gives equal opportunities for everyone, every singer, DJ or a band. But even such a huge ship has its own weaknesses, and some of the today’s advices will be based on exploiting these weaknesses. Because the great warrior is the one who can make weaknesses of your enemy your powers. Enough with the small talks, and let’s start!

First – find out how to buy SoundCloud followers

Let’s not circle around this, okay? I know it was your first idea – to buy followers. And it is fine, nothing to be ashamed of. This is a good way to get them, with low effort and good outcomes. And yes, it is my first advice. It is first because I consider it to be the most appropriate and comfortable solution for everyone who doesn’t want to wait for long, or to spend too much time doing your promotion. I am one of these people, I believe that gaining followers and popularity on SoundCloud made simple is the way I want to do things. 

Buying followers from a trusted source is not a bad idea at all. It has its own benefits, such as fast result, ease of doing it, affordability and low time consumption. And you may say that it is not as organic and stable as constant and monotonous work with social networks and ads, but we will get to that later.

Every musician faces this question – how to buy SoundCloud followers? And I have the answer for everyone: find your partner service, the service you trust, and stick to them. Work only with them, eve if it is slightly more expensive that other similar services. Trust – this is the thing you want to develop. Only trusting your partner, you will get desired result, and sometimes even more!

Second – learn how to gain followers on SoundCloud using social media

Social media became a true cornerstone of modern promotion. Not only music promotion, but the promotion of everything. No matter what are you bringing to this world you need to use social media for your own good. But do you really need to learn such thing as social media? How hard can it be? 

Yes, you need. No, you must! Especially if you are a budding musician, who needs to promote your tracks. Social network is not that easy, it is a hard and hush place. You need to learn how to survive. Sadly, I can’t give a better advice than tries and errors. There is no 100% successful strategy for social media, but you need to find your way of dong it. Upload posts, make collaborations with groups or famous accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media resource that is available for you. And with persistent approach you will gain your well-deserved followers on SoundCloud.

Third – how to buy real SoundCloud followers indirectly, via ad service?

And here we are again talking about buying followers. No, this text is not an ad, it is just my vision on this question. Subjective, right? Don’t judge me for it.

So, ads. This paragraph is much more about ads than about buying SoundCloud followers. Every ad gives you some result. For someone it’s views, plays, clicks, or sales. For you, it is followers. Ads are one of the most hated among internet users way of promoting. No one really likes ads, but they are definitely working. No secrets, that despite all hate, ads are an effective way to popularize music, with the widest coverage possible. Everyone can see the ad and become interested in your song on SoundCloud. For example, if you use ads on YouTube, people will be able to hear a small piece of your song, and decide, whether they want to follow you for more, or just ignore. 

Through ads you can buy SoundCloud followers, and it will be very, very organically, I can assure you!

Four – how do you get more SoundCloud followers for free?

No one likes to pay, right? I will try to rehabilitate myself in your eyes, by telling that is not always necessary to buy followers on SoundCloud. Sometimes you can get them for free. There are many websites on the web, that offer free subscribers and other promotion related stuff. These sites work like this: you upload your song and agree on free downloads. People see your song, follow you, or share your songs, depending on the rules of the site, and after that they are able to download your song. You can say: “who the hell downloads music in 2020?”, and I will have no answer. It sounds ridiculous, but you can’t deny that it works. Not as fast and effective as buying followers, but free and requires more effort to it.

So, where to buy real SoundCloud followers?

Hope it will not sound like ad, but there are not so many trusted and god rated music promotion services out there. Services, that combine fast response, great prices, good followers per bucks ratio, and so on. There are many services, but not so many good ones. And it happened to be lucky day for you – you have found it, but you don’t know it yet. It is Promosoundgroup, yes. I can’t help but to interest you in cooperation with this service. Let’s make no fuss about this statement, and mark the question “where to buy real SoundCloud followers” as closed.

Does buying SoundCloud followers work?

After all advantages of buying followers on SoundCloud we need to find out, does buying SoundCloud followers even work? Yes, of course it works. Because in case it was useless, no one will do it. But here we are, right? Many, many musicians choose to buy SoundCloud followers, instead of doing it manually. If you buy real followers on SoundCloud from a trusted service, they will be more organic than you can do yourself. And it is certain.

Conclusion – where to buy SoundCloud followers?

Without further ado – Promosoundgroup. This is the best place to buy SoundCloud followers, with positive reviews, long years of successful work, and hundreds of satisfied customers. They know what to do. Does it sound like ad to you? Well, you are mistaken. This is just friendly advice from a person who knows, to the person who learns. Good luck to you, kiddo!