SoundCloud Promotion

Here’s literally everything you need to make a killing on Soundcloud, the daddy of social streaming. From likes, plays and followers, to fancy services like VIP reposts and playlist promo, we’ve got it all, and then some. Real promotion, with killer value-for-shekels, thanks to our huge base of active users worldwide. 

Fine-combed Soundcloud promotion 💇🏻

It’s ON! Or better, you are.

You’re on Soundcloud, the killer have-it-or-go-home music promotion venue, where many a DJ, artist, label and indie band made their fame.

Now, time to create the path to yours. A detailed, fine-grained path made with all the good stuff: the best Soundcloud promotion money can buy. Think: 

  • Legit streaming promotion for your tracks & music profiles
  • Seamless process to buy real Soundcloud likes, followers, reposts, comments and more
  • Complex Soundcloud promotion strategies, such as monthly subscriptions (you’re welcome) and VIP reposts by music influencers

If that sounds interesting, you’re oh-so in the right place.

Here you’ll find fine-grained Soundcloud promotion, meaning, laser-targeting your every promotion needs. From the “classics” – Soundcloud likes, followers and reposts – to unique packages such as geo-targeted followers and premium reposts, and a plethora of likes, comments, group joins and more, mixed up in top value packages that cover every nook and cranny of promotion.

We’re stressing this right off the bat because, unlike other streaming platforms, Soundcloud is crazy flexible for promotion, and so should be the service you choose.

No other streamer is so focused on social features and on the creators themselves, so when looking for a music promo service, you should go for the biggest diapason of options possible.

To find those, go back to the top of the page. Or stay with us to learn the ins & outs of promotion on Soundcloud: the platform that made big-shot labels go “oh boy, oh my!”


Bit of history: battle of the labels


Major labels used to be the undisputed kings of music promotion, until streaming came to steal the show.

Soundcloud was the first, and when it came about, music promotion took a different turn. Instead of relying on major record labels and the machinery of traditional music marketing, artists and DJs started self-promoting their tracks and albums.

A bit like you today.

Soundcloud promo was a no-brainer from the start. First, the incredible visibility it offered to DJs and indie artist meant no need for ginormous marketing budgets. And with its creator-first approach, and later the introduction of Soundcloud Premier, it offered a direct way to monetize your music without relying on the apparatus of a big label. 

In a way, it was like YouTube for music, but really just focused on giving creators an awesome experience. 

So, with streaming platforms, music marketing became a game of:

  • precision kills instead of one-size-fits-all music promotion
  • organic promotion rather than mass-marketing
  • genre-based visibility and community recommendations
  • monetization of individual songs and releases rather than complex albums and tour

And in fact, labels have long tried fighting Soundcloud to take back control of music promotion. They didn’t like the label-killer repost feature. They hated the free organic exposure that streaming can give to your music. And they feared the efficiency that legit music promo agencies such as ourselves could offer through Soundcloud.

In fact, what’s unique to Soundcloud – the 175 million and counting music platform – is that it appeals to everyone involved in the fast-paced dance of the music industry:

  • Listeners can discover great new music on Soundcloud (and guess what, with the right promo, that’ll be your music)
  • Artists and DJs can reach new audiences with cheap and targeted promotion
  • Innovative labels and music managers can promote their artists and brands to huge, organic audiences (more on this later)
  • Professional music promo agencies, like yours truly, can offer killer-efficient promotion at great value, launching DJs and artists to the stratosphere without them breaking the bank. 

So, in the music promotion battle, Soundcloud is still stronger than ever, and the good old major labels lose ground.

They tried. They lost. Now they rest. 

Well… not quite. Unlike Ser Alliser, old-school labels aren’t out of the picture in music promotion, but Soundcloud is still going stronger than ever.

In fact, Soundcloud is a killer promotion platform for those labels willing to think a bit outside the box...

The flipside of the medal: Soundcloud promotion for labels


A brief aside here, in case you’re a label crying wolf (or just curious about music marketing 101, really).

While old school big-shot, blue-chip, tie-and-suit labels warred with Soundcloud for years, many labels embraced the new tide of music promotion on streaming, and did spectacularly well.  

In fact, many of our music promo clients are record labels, indie, local, and quite a few big and international ones. The best labels of this century are actively using Soundcloud for their music promotion, and that could be you, too. 

You can benefit from all the yummy Soundcloud promotion services listed up there, and given the breadth of our Soundcloud promo packages, as a label you’ll benefit even more from their level of detail:

  • if you have a label playlist you want to promote, you’ll find a truckload of Soundcloud playlist reposts and other promo packs in our new Soundcloud promo subcategory that’ll let you do just that
  • Or if you want to launch a new artist or a couple of your greatest hits, you can combine Soundcloud followers to boost your Soundcloud profiles…
  • and add mixed Soundcloud reposts, likes and plays to boost organic exposure. So many possibilities!

Good to know, right? Soundcloud may have started out as the creator-first label-killer, but the best labels are using it to make a real killing.

Whether you’re promoting your label on Soundcloud or still haven’t started, there’s no time like the present. Embrace fine-combed Soundcloud promotion and smash it with exposure for your music and brand. 

And while we’re there, if you’re a label you may wanna check out our combined promo services for labels, which including email marketing, social media and more goodies across the board. Perfect on its own, or served with a side dish of Soundcloud.

Anyhow, with that out of the way, let’s cut to the chase: the nooks and crannies of Soundcloud promotion.

Buy Soundcloud plays & followers


If there’s a type of “vanilla” legit Soundcloud promotion, that’d be this one: paid plays and followers for the streaming platform.

The game of music streaming promo is a game of numbers. The more plays, followers (and reposts, likes and such), you have, the better your music visibility. Easy peasy. Here’s why that’s the case:

  • Algorithmically, streaming platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and co. favor songs, tracks, albums and playlists with better stats. As simple as that. The better the streaming stats, the more the platform believes the content deserves discovery by new listeners. So, once you hack the stats, you hack the promotion!
  • Psychologically, we humans are a herding species, meaning we flock to what others think is cool, exciting, safe, or beneficial. The same’s oh-so-true in music promotion. New listeners may discover your music organically with Soundcloud search discovery, but they’ll be more intrigued and likely to hit ‘play’, ‘save’ and ‘repost’ when they see many people have done the same.

So, by boosting your Soundcloud stats, you get both better discovery AND organic promotion advantages. One stone, a flock of birds.

When you buy Soundcloud plays and increase your follower count, you’re telling the entire world: here I am! – both the platform itself, and the new superfans you’re promoting your music to.

(Obviously, the two are connected: Soundcloud algorithms were made to serve humans, after all, so makes sense that one well-targeted promo rules ‘em all).

That’s all pretty dandy, isn’t it?

And the best part is this: you’ve come to the perfect corner of the internet. Whether you’ve never looked into how to increase Soundcloud plays and followers, or you’ve shopped around for how to buy real Soundcloud plays and followers.

Here on Promosound, we’ve put together a ridiculously OCD selection of paid Soundcloud plays, followers, as well as other promo services.

OCD, here, would mean obsessed with quality). Why?

We’ve worked hard for many years to collect real Soundcloud profiles around the world to deliver the perfect legit, safe, high-efficiency promotion for your songs, tracks and playlists.

Each stream and follower you get is from a real, active account 

  • For real Soundcloud plays, go here, and treat yourself to crazy-value promo packs for your stats, starting at 1,000 plays.
  • To buy real, active Soundcloud followers (from 100 to several thousands) head out right here
  • And to conquer the world as it orbits the sun with Soundcloud promotion, read below:

Conquer the world? Around the sun? What?

Unlike almost all of those Soundcloud promotion companies and agencies out there, we’ve bothered to place the world into your very hands. So, meet our Soundcloud geo-targeted plays, a cool music promo pack where you can select your target countries and promote your tracks by buying plays from a specific region, country, or mix thereof.

Comments, likes, reposts


Oooh yeah! Now HERE’s where we get really fine-grained with Soundcloud promo. 

As promised  💇✂ 💇‍♂️

While Soundcloud plays and followers are the ABCs of music promotion, this is where grandma keeps her most prized jewels (or grandpa his Smith & Wesson, for that matter).

Soundcloud lets you get much more creative with your music marketing, because it has killer unique social features, such as comments, likes and reposts. This means the Soundcloud marketing can tap into a wide range of resources to push your tracks to the dark side of the Moon and generate organic exposure for your music.

The way it works is this: 

Whether you want to promote a song or track, or you’re wondering how to boost your overall Soundcloud profile – paid comments, likes and reposts generate all the organic buzz you need to reach new listeners and improve your streaming stats:

  • Soundcloud comments (from real profiles, ofc!), increase engagement and show that stuff’s happening, so people engage more with your music
  • Soundcloud likes improve algorithmic discovery, AND when listeners see your song is more popular, they’re more likely to stream it away, or even add it/suggest it to popular playlists
  • As for reposts, well, those are Soundcloud’s battle horse, and arguably the coolest feature in music streaming promo. Introduced in 2012, they’re a direct gate to new listeners, and when targeted right (as we do), they act as a “virus,” propagating all over Soundcloud in the genres and interest you need most, and boosting every stat in return.

Another thing to note: while all our profiles are real and active, you can access reposts from top-notch, VIP popular profiles in our Soundcloud Ultimate promo packs. When major music influencers repost your tunes, they reach millions upon millions of new listeners. Great stuff, check it out to learn more.

So, anyway, these promotion services are unique to Soundcloud, meaning you should really consider including them to your EDM, indie, or other promo strategy. 

Soundcloud is uniquely killer among streaming platforms, because you won’t find such a flexibility on other paid, more premium-ish ones such as Spotify,  Tidal, Deezer, and Google Play Music. Those ecosystems are closed off, paywalled and profit-oriented, so there’s only so much a professional music marketing service like ours can do. 

For instance (and most infamously) even the best  Music promotion you can only buy plays and playlist placement, because the platform is incredibly rigid and unfriendly to promo activities (learn more here). 

And while a bit more flexible, Spotify is also very closed-off, so while we figured out how to separate paid premium plays from normal ones, and how to let you folks buy Spotify saves or specifically increase monthly listeners, there we can’t get to the fine-grained flexibility of Soundcloud paid likes, comments and especially reposts. 

All clear, right? Now, let’s take some action!

So grab Soundcloud’s unique promotion potential to the fullest. In our promo services, you’ll find great combinations of likes, comments and reposts, or single promo packs, made to fit your specific needs and smash that organic promotion. For. The. Win!

Special Soundcloud promo: playlists & Groups


Did we say fine-grained Soundcloud promo? You betcha.

Did we say we’ve combined all the promo services you need to smash music promotion, no matter your current popularity, genre, and artist form (DJ, artist, band etc.)? 

We sure did.

So take these goodies!

We’ve created specific Soundcloud marketing packs to deal with often-neglected aspects of streaming promo: Soundcloud playlists and Groups. These are special Soundcloud promotion services, designed to help you reach very specific music visibility goals – in no time and for incredible value for your cashies. 

With these special promo services you can:

  • Buy Soundcloud playlist reposts, so you promote your playlist and all the goodies inside. You get 
  • Get Soundcloud playlist likes, again specifically to boost your playlist and reach new listeners organically
  • Buy Soundcloud group joins – that’s right, you can use Soundcloud Groups to promote your music. Soundcloud Groups let anyone to submit music to an audience with similar interests and taste. This feature, very new in music promotion, is the perfect way to reach new listeners and promote your music across genres organically. 

Most of our clients know how and why to buy Soundcloud likes, followers, comments and reposts, but few know how to get professional promotion to smash music visibility with Soundcloud Groups and playlist promotion. That’s alright & totally understandable: the best promotion is the one that’s not available to everyone and their dogs (you know, those DJs and artists who push the same promotion tactics for years, without stepping outside of their boxes).

But now you know better. And you can take action. Head out to our Soundcloud playlist and Groups promo category, and treat yourself to the finest streaming promo “hacks” the market has to offer.

Soundcloud Monthly Subscriptions


Busy artist?

Fed up of adjusting your music promo every day like a poorly tuned violin?

(You know, calculating exactly how many likes, plays and reposts you need at all times, and spending hours on promotion daily).

If that’s the case, oh boy, you’re going to love this one.

With our Soundcloud promotion monthly subscription packages, you get all the benefits or time-saving, hands-off professional music promotion… AND the flexibility to smash your Soundcloud visibility across your entire music portfolio.

In a nutshell, here you can buy a mix of Soundcloud comments, favorites (likes) and plays, which you’re free to use however you want over the period of one month (or two, or more). They’re mixed up in the perfect proportions for today’s music promotion, so just what the doctor ordered:


  • Shift comments around your tracks and songs to boost what you want
  • Distribute Soundcloud likes over a month to get organic boost effects
  • Increase your play count to improve visibility and Soundcloud music discovery


Most importantly, these are as hands-off as they come: you define your distribution, and we deliver without you lifting a finger.

We distribute your likes, comments and plays for you as you sip a rum & coke while totally zoning on your Ableton session, or we promote your music while you’re busy on a tour… or simply when you want to leave music promotion to the pros while focusing on other things. 

Artists, DJs, bands and labels alike love these hands-off monthly Soundcloud promo packages, which give you consistent results month by month, and with killer value. So go check ‘em out and see for yourself how music promotion on autopilot feels like. (Hint: feels quite awesome).


Grab Soundcloud by the family jewels already


Alrighty now. Nod if this is you:

  • Tired of losing listeners to DJs with better promotion?
  • Ready to improve your streaming stats, but not sure where to start with Soundcloud promotion? 
  • Googled “how to promote music on Soundcloud” to the point of nausea, and praying for a complete promo service? 
  • Prefer to start promoting rather than reading questions after questions by this humble music marketing agency?

Then, Let Us Do This!

Check out all our lovely Soundcloud promo services, and indulge in real, quality likes, plays, reposts and much, much more, at ridiculous value for your shekels and with lifetime guarantee. 

Remember: streaming changed the music marketing game because it let everyone truly fine-tune their music promo. With that in mind, we’ve created the most fine-grained, complete Soundcloud promotion services you’ll find anywhere – yours for the taking at the click of a button:

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