Common Reasons Why Instagram Doesn’t Show Comments

Comments are very important for Instagram and other forms of engagement. By commenting on posts, people share their thoughts on different situations or express their emotions. Sometimes, comments become a part of a content strategy to help creators extend their reach and gain new followers. For example, experts force followers to write specific comments, so they receive free lessons or access to the studying program.

Still, the comment section may also be a problem. Sometimes people ask “Why can’t I see my comments on Instagram?”. They know that there should be dozens of messages under the post, but the program is simply hiding it from the users. What should be done in such cases? In this article, we will explore this problem and explain how to fix it. You won’t struggle because of comments not showing on Instagram.

Why You Don’t See Comments on Instagram?

There are not so many reasons why you don’t see comments on the platform. The first reason is because your Internet connection is unstable. In this case, you need to reset your Wi-Fi and reconnect your device to it. Another reason why you don’t see comments is because of potential issues with the platform. People can’t upload new media files, like content and even open the comment section. How to deal with Instagram glitches? Just wait when the connection will get back to normal. Soon, you will be able to upload comments and leave impressions.

Why Are Comments on Instagram So Important?

Comments are essential to overall engagement on Instagram. Influencers and bloggers often make comments an essential part of their Instagram promotion campaigns. They set a challenge for people to comment on their posts and reward users with the most creative comments. By doing so, creators increase engagement and push their posts to the top of the chart.

Your profile activity should not be focused only on comments. To succeed and grow your audience, you have to be proactive and use various techniques to attract new followers. In the video below, the author explains what you can do to boost your Instagram growth.

How to Fix Issues With Comments on Instagram?

Since we have a problem with Instagram comments, we should do everything possible to fix it. The internet connection is not the only issue that prevents people from working with the comment section. They should know what to expect and how to fix the problem. That’s why we gathered the most effective methods to fix Instagram comments not showing.

Update the App to the Latest Version

The first thing to do with the Instagram app is to check its version. If the program is outdated, it may have several issues, including problems with comment visibility. First, try to update the page and open the comment section. If it doesn’t work, do the following:

  • Close the application and open the app store.
  • Find the Instagram app in the store and check its status.
  • If you see the “update” button, click on it and wait until it is over.
  • Open the program again and check the status.

Keeping your app updated will not only prevent you from crashes but also give you immediate access to the newest features.

Clear Cache on Instagram

Another reason you don’t see Instagram comments under posts is that the cache is full. To deal with this issue, go to the settings section of your phone, find the Instagram app, and clear the cache. By doing that you will improve your overall performance and make it work better than it was before. Don’t forget to access the application again and check whether it helped or not. If nothing happens, try the next option.

Delete and Reinstall Instagram on Your Phone

This is a good old tactic that works with most programs. If something is wrong, you can always delete and reinstall the app, making sure it performs well and has zero issues. After uninstalling the application, download it once again. Access your profile and try to enter the comment section. The benefit of such a method is that you will get the latest version of the application on your device.

Restart Your Phone

Another way to fix an issue is to restart your phone. This may also help you avoid the issue when you can’t see Instagram comments. Try turning the phone off and starting it again.

What to Do if You Can’t See Comments on Instagram?

You tried everything, and it didn’t help. You still struggle because comments are not showing on Instagram. What should you do? An alternative way to access comments is to open the app on the desktop. This version does not need updates and it won’t suddenly crush in the middle of the session. So, you can access the page and check the comments.

Why I can’t see my comments on Someone’s post?

Sometimes, people leave comments under someone’s post on Instagram, but later, this message disappears. What happened? There may be two reasons. First, your Internet connection is weak, and the comment is not uploading. Second, the user changes profile settings and blocks comments that contain aggressive messages or specific words. It means you can’t leave comments on their Instagram pages using words they don’t want to see. They basically hide offensive comments to clear their feed.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram to Boost Engagement?

Besides getting likes, shares, and saves, creators also focus on getting more comments. Why is this so important? Comments help you increase your social presence. If the post gets dozens of comments and hundreds of likes, the algorithm will consider it as a positive signal. So, people use different techniques to increase the number of comments and make people react to posts and write messages. To increase the number of comments, you can do the following:

  • Run challenges where people have to engage with the comments section, respond to each other, etc.
  • Comment on other people’s posts to showcase yourself to a wider audience. Users will see it and comment on your posts, too.
  • Use hooks like “like and comment” to make people open the comment box and write something.

Another option to boost engagement is to buy real Instagram comments. You receive organic engagement and significantly increase your profile’s stats. The execution time may differ depending on the number of comments you want, but overall, it won’t take long to deliver the needed number of comments.

The faster you fix your Instagram comments issue, the easier it will be to get back on track, engage with your audience, and become better as a content creator.

Why are some comments not visible on Instagram posts?

Sometimes, comments are invisible due to app issues. Still, there are cases when users block comments, so no one can see them or type their own messages.

How can I fix the issue of Instagram comments not showing on my device?

You can delete the app from your phone and install it one more time, as well as clear the cache to make the comments on Instagram visible again.

Can the post creator’s settings affect the visibility of comments?

You can turn off comments on your profile but if you have older comments, the old ones will still be visible to you. Still, people won’t be able to add new comments.

What steps should I take if updating the app doesn’t resolve the comment visibility issue?

Consider reinstalling the Instagram app. It means you have to remove the application from your device and then get it back.