The Secret to Spotify Promotion in 2020

A Guide to Help Promote your Spotify Pages

Let me ask you a question. How seriously do you take promotion on Spotify? 

A score of one meaning – what is Spotify, and a score of ten indicates you know your audience better than you know your mother. 

For many artists, Spotify can be somewhat of a complicated beast. Still, it’s the best tool if you want to stand any chance of increasing exposure and your following. 

However, you can’t aimlessly throw your music out there hoping it will stick. You will need an effective strategy to improve your chances of success. 

There are some fundamentals about how Spotify promotion works that you need to understand. 

Read on if you would like to know more.


How Spotify Promotion Works

Firstly, before anything else ensure you have registered for Spotify for Artists and optimized your profile. That tells Spotify you’re serious about them and they should be serious about you. 

Pro-tip. Compare yourself to Justin Bieber. What? You’re thinking “Is this guy serious? This website is a joke!” 

Wait a minute. Justin Bieber has a multi-million-dollar marketing team behind him, that worked on his Spotify promotion, so you should dissect his Spotify profile and others like him to see what they are doing. Belieb me! 

Secondly, the only thing you have control over is, you guessed it, the music.

It is your responsibility and your mission to recruit ordinary people into your army. Likely, you’re a music fan, and if you are, you will know it only takes a few seconds to be sold on new music. As soon as you hear that first riff, you just know, this is a band, act, solo artist, that I want to know more about.

So, now that the prerequisites are out of the way. If you’re serious about your music and your song is kick-ass, then read on. 

Spotify has many similarities to common social media platforms. Its decision-making abilities depend on their algorithms. Same similarity goes for Spotify promotion and social media promotion. The key to success on the platform is your numbers.  It’s as simple as that. That’s the secret.


What is the Best Promotion on Spotify?

If you have loads of plays on Spotify, then they will take notice. They will share your music with a broader audience, it’s a fact. If you want to turn a trickle of fans into a flood, your sole purpose should be to direct your current fan base to your account via Spotify promotion.