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How to promote your event and increase the attendance

Today there are many different ways to promote any events: a concert, party, music festival, and more. You can find a lot of different information thanks to the Internet. But we decided to publish recommendations to which we ourselves came from our own experience. We organized several dozen events: popular and not so. We know this area from the inside and can highlight the main important points that will help make your event successful throughout the plans.

  1. Time. First of all, it is important not to be late – to start event promotion on time, and this is not less than a month. You should have enough time to increase your audience reach.
  2. Remind yourself. Create an event in social networks is not enough, you need to constantly remind people about the event. Those who were going to visit him will not forget, and the number of interested people will increase. Make relevant posts on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) at least 2-3 times a week, but not more often. In the post, be sure to specify a link to your event. Content should be exciting. Write interesting facts about artists, add interviews, podcasts, videos.
  3. Use Facebook promotion tools. This social network allows you to set up an effective advertising campaign that can significantly increase the reach of your audience. but you need to be prepared that this method is not very cheap and you need to hire a professional who will help you set up the company correctly. If you don’t want to create an advertising company, you can choose a faster way – to order our Facebook promo packs.
  4. Make your audience more active. The most effective posts – competitions, because they help to engage the audience. Specify in the contest conditions to subscribe to your channel or leave a like on the page of your event, as a result, the winner will receive free tickets or vinyl.
  5. Add your event on Resident Advisor. It’s the most popular platform for event promotion. You can get additional coverage of a foreign target audience that travels to your city.
  6. Use partner promotion channels. Groups and pages in social networks with your target audience. You can collaborate with partners in barter.
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