How to monetize your music with streaming services

We have identified the main ways of earning on streaming services and distributors that will help to get your royalties

Certainly, the most popular streaming platform continues to be considered Spotify. Spotify pays royalties for all the listening and distributes about 70% of total revenue back to the distributors, publishers, labels and self-determined artists.

The most profitable way to earn is to use Premium Account which takes away the advertisements while streaming, but costs $9.99 per month. We offer you approximate prices by Spotify (they may differ slightly from reality). For 1,000 plays Spotify can pay 6$. Also, you can use free accounts on Spotify. If your track gets 100k plays (for the quarter) on a free account, Spotify will pay 2$ for 1k plays, from 100k till 200k – 4$, from 200k till 500k – you will get 6$.

As you can see, Spotify allows you to make good money. But this isn’t all the possibilities of earning with a successful streaming platform. Also, you can add your tracks to the popular Premium Playlists with the thousands of followers.

Get a significant number of plays – good, but the most important question: what tools will make it possible to extract the maximum profit. For this, we are helped by a new type of distributors – the platforms that easily deliver your music to all streaming services and help you get maximum payments. You don’t even need to sign a contract with the label, the intermediate link that ripped off the artists. For example, you will pay for distributor Distro Kid 20$ and get 100% of payments from all music shops and streaming services. Then you don’t need anything else for Distrokid. Furthermore, you can upload as many music as you want for all streaming services and some shops. But each distributor works on his own terms.

We recommend to work with distributors, who have proven themselves in the music industry:

Distrokid (20$ per year)

Tunecore (album: $29.99 first year, single: $49.99 each following year $9.99 per year, ringtone: $19.99 per year)

CDBaby (three different packs, 15% cut of publishing royalties)

SpinnUp (1-2 tracks for 9.99 EUR / Year, 3-6 tracks for 19.99 EUR / Year, 7-25 for 39.99 EUR / Year)

Ditto (unlimited distribution for 1 artist – 19$; for 2 artist – 29$, for 5 artist – 69$)

Be famous and fuckin’ huge!