YouTube Promotion Tactics: Here’s What Professionals Do

Do you want to know why does YouTube promotion mean so much?
Cause this platform has more than 2 billion users. Yep, that’s exactly how many people are using YouTube, making it the second most popular social media site in the world (after Facebook, of course).
And, should I mention that it’s owned by Google, the most popular website on the web?

YouTube has multiple features that make it a crucial platform for self-promoting artists, musicians, and bloggers. So, it’s hard to imagine an artist who wouldn’t want to take advantage of an effective YouTube promotion. Just because it would be foolish not to.
So, if you want to promote your YouTube channel, work on your YouTube music promotion, build your brand, and grow your subscriber base – you need to take the information you read in this article very seriously. 

To become the next YouTube sensation, you must first grasp the mechanism that drives the platform. The powerful beast that makes YouTube so successful is the YouTube algorithm.

Marketers say that no one can stop you if you have the algorithm on your side. Have any idea why? Well, as it turns out, research shows that the majority of YouTube viewers (81%) in the United States really watch the videos that are recommended to them by the platform. The data shows that it’s more effective to work with YouTube’s algorithm than against it. The main question is how to improve your video’s SEO and attract a massive audience. If you want an answer, let’s start by learning about the YouTube algorithm.

YouTube Algorithm and how does it work in 2022?

YouTube has attempted to keep its algorithm a secret since the site’s 2005 debut. During the last 16 years, the algorithm had different priorities and has changed a lot.

But at the moment, optimizing the user’s experience is its top priority. According to YouTube, its algorithm is a “Feedback loop in real-time that recommends videos to individual viewers according to their different interests.”
So, it has two main goals:

  • First, find a video recommendation that fits each person’s interests. 
  • Second, make sure they don’t leave the platform.

How does it personalize recommendations?

It uses three categories to do so:

  • Personalization. It takes into account the user’s watch history and actions on the platform.
  • Performance. Willingness to watch a video, attention span, level of entertainment, and satisfaction.
  • External factors. Topical interests, how your competition is doing, and relevance to the season.

I think you get the main idea. 

The algorithm works by figuring out what kind of content you have and then finding other users who have content that is similar to yours. 

For instance, posting a video on how to create a beat will have it appear among other videos on this topic posted by others who share your interests.

Your video’s trip through YouTube’s search engine begins the moment you upload it there. The video’s title and description are compared to those of millions of other videos to find the ones that are the most similar to yours using an algorithm. 

The system places videos in an order that takes into account a variety of metrics, including their level of popularity, average viewing time, and upload date. All of these considerations are compiled into a single list known as “the watchlist.” It doesn’t matter whether your video’s popularity was bought or if a famous person promoted it; on YouTube, the more popular your video is, the higher it will appear in search results.

Most important metrics for a successful YouTube Promotion

Now that you understand how important it is for YouTube promotion to be recognized by the algorithm, it’s time to learn what metrics influence it the most and how to promote them.

When you upload videos to YouTube, you want others to see them and leave comments or likes. Therefore, you should try to attract viewers interested in what you offer and build a connection with them. Many YouTube creators are successful because they are able to attract and maintain the attention of a certain audience. However, this requires work and time to establish. How can you do that? By boosting the following metrics:

YouTube likes


Likes are crucial for your YouTube promotion. When deciding which videos to promote, they are one of the factors taken into account by the algorithm. Likes increase a video’s visibility in search results for that topic on YouTube. For instance, if your video gets a lot of likes in a short period of time, it will rise in the platform’s rankings swiftly.
YouTube Comments


Your comments are like regular chatter in the online world. The algorithm sees comments and thinks people are engaging with your videos. So it’s like a sign that your YouTube promotion is going well. Also, comments will give you feedback that lets you make changes to your content when needed. 
YouTube SubscribersIn the simplest terms, a subscriber is a fan who regularly views a channel’s published videos and interacts with the creators through likes, shares, and comments. YouTube page promotion depends on establishing a solid online community. You need to work hard at building a dedicated following of subscribers. More subscribers mean more targeted traffic, visibility, and views for a YouTube channel.
YouTube Views


The number of times a video has been seen on YouTube is a major indicator of its overall popularity, and it has a direct impact on how effective your YouTube promotion will be. The YouTube algorithm will discount your content as irrelevant, low-quality, dull, and unrelated to any topic if it doesn’t get any views.

Things to do to promote your YouTube channel

Here’re some tips on what you can do to improve your YouTube music promotion

YouTube page promotion through search engine optimization

A YouTube music promotion works better when you understand that your video’s title, description, and tags are essential places to use keywords.

  • Keywords in the title. Make sure that the phrases you use are relevant to the topic (for instance, if the video is an instructional guide on making something, you should include terms like “how-to” and the name of your topic).
  • Keywords in the description. Include up to 400 characters of text here, again with only capitalization and spaces and no punctuation other than periods at the beginning and conclusion (this will help Google understand where each sentence begins). If you can, try not to make too many changes between sentences since this can confuse people scrolling through their feeds.

Plan when you have to post your videos

Establish a regular upload schedule, so your viewers know when to check back for fresh content. 

Delivery that exceeds expectations is preferable to delivery that falls short. Therefore, don’t promise to upload four videos every week only to miss two because you’re busy or lazy, thereby hurting and disappointing your audience.  

It’s up to you how often you upload new videos. However, it’s recommended that you upload fresh content at least once a month, so your subscribers don’t lose interest while waiting for a new video or wonder if your channel is still alive. 

Clearly, famous artists realize that uploading new videos to their YouTube accounts every three to four weeks is crucial. This way, they never make their followers wonder when they’re about to release new content.

Produce interesting visual content

If you create music, your YouTube channel needs more than just a place to store your songs. It should go beyond that.
It should have other content that adds value to your music and your fans’ viewing experience, especially content that lets them get to know you better. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and come up with some content ideas to help you organize your channel’s content and decide what kinds of videos to promote.

Here are few other tips on how to spice up your YouTube content:

– Create a few Q&A/get-to-know sessions

– Do live video streams

– Playlist series or sessions

– Create videos that will make people feel like they know more about your personal life. A few teasers, behind-the-scenes clips, and vlogs about your everyday routine will attract people’s attention.

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Buy YouTube likes to promote your YouTube channel

Yep, you can successfully promote your YouTube channel by buying YouTube likes. 

The perception of your channel amongst other viewers is greatly influenced by the amount of positive feedback you receive. Getting more likes increases the likelihood of getting favorable feedback from both new viewers and the algorithm.

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Even if we don’t consider the algorithm, you have to buy YouTube likes if you want people to start watching your content.

Most viewers will pay attention to your video’s like count because it’s one of the first things they’ll notice. It helps establish trust with your platform’s audience. That’s why your YouTube page promotion can’t go well without buying YouTube likes.

Buy YouTube Subscribers

Buying YouTube subscribers just makes sense. Subscribers are one of the most important metrics for a YouTuber. You need to have a fanbase. You need to show people that you post engaging content they can enjoy. People are most likely to follow someone with 10k followers than one with just 100.
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Also, you need to buy YouTube subscribers, as you can’t make money on the platform without a fanbase. Subscribers are crucial, ad they’re the most devoted followers. They have declared their loyalty to your brand, content, and  ideas.

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At the end of the day, YouTube is a huge platform that operates with the help of an algorithm that decides whether your content is worth being promoted, taking into account your content, audience engagement, comments, likes, shares, subscribers, and all those other ways you interact with its users. You can only succeed on YouTube if you have all these metrics covered.
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