The Untold Secrets of TikTok Promotion

When TikTok first appeared, skeptics predicted its doom. To some people, it seemed like a teenager’s platform with little chance of success. However, now that it has 1 billion monthly users and the most downloads compared to any other app, nobody takes TikTok for granted. 

This is a unique platform. There is nothing else quite like the way TikTok functions. The unpredictability and spontaneity of the For You page contribute to the platform’s unparalleled engagement rates. To get notoriety on TikTok and amass a large following, you must provide material that appeals to the app’s users.

So when you decide to start your TikTok promotion, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind – your strategy for marketing on this platform must differ significantly from other social media marketing strategies. 

TikTok is an ideal medium for reaching today’s youth market, which includes both millennials and Generation Z. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, its kind of native content advertising stands out.  On TikTok, you can host contests, get the support of the target demographic, and most definitely, you will get no or little negative feedback. Therefore, the largest possible live audience is a key component of the social network.

Though, a social media presence requires constant monitoring of the landscape and the ability to think on one’s feet in terms of content production. In addition, there is a lot of lighthearted and hilarious material on the social network, so it may not be the best fit for more solemn companies.

TikTok may also serve as a perfect PR tool. Brands and people alike may get promoted here.
You will need a marketing plan to promote an account and transform a regular person into an  artist, influencer, or media person. If you want to become one, read the following info on TikTok’s algorithm and best tips for TikTok promotion. 

TikTok’s algorithm explained

First, we’ll discuss how the algorithms used in social networks choose what information to suggest. TikTok uses an algorithm to determine the success or failure of a new video by first showing it to 20-50 users at random and then collecting data on the viewers’ reactions across multiple metrics.
It counts the number of views, how long they viewed it, how often they viewed it, how many times they viewed it, how many people subscribed to your channel, how many people commented on the video, how many times they liked it, and how many people watched it more than once.

All these characteristics determine whether TikTok will recommend your video to a bigger audience.
The algorithm pays a lot of attention to the following metrics: likes, views, followers, and shares. So, basically, you can say that your success on the platform depends on them.  

  • TikTok Views. Views are calculated differently between platforms. But  TikTok simplifies everything. A view begins counting as soon as your video begins playing. Once your video is played, you get a view. After that initial nanosecond of attention, there is no required minimum watch time. At the same time, you won’t get 100 views by watching your own video on repeat 100 times. TikTok does not tally views on your own account. The amount of views shows how well your video is performing on the platform.
  • TikTok Followers. If you want to be successful on TikTok, you need to spend a lot of time on the platform to build a fan base. When you have a bigger audience, you’ll get more attention for your music and your brand, which will help you raise brand awareness, boost sales, promote music, and build long-term relationships with your target audience. So, you need real TikTok followers who care about your brand and what you have to say if you want to get the most out of the platform.
  • TikTok Likes. To become more popular on TikTok and increase the chances of making it to the For You page or even the Discover page, creators need to get more TikTok likes. TikTok says that user interactions are the first thing it looks at when personalizing its For You page. TikTok likes help accounts grow as TikTok’s algorithm is affected by them. The algorithm takes into account likes, shares, follows, views, and more when deciding which videos to show users. And, of course, likes lead to more likes. Likes show other people in your target audience that a TikTok account is worth following. The more people like your TikTok videos, the more people will like them and follow you.
  • TikTok Shares. The number of shares helps you check how well a TikTok video is doing. It’s helpful to see how often your video has been shared because a high ratio of shares to views and likes to views means more people are watching your videos than before. It’s a good sign that the video is slowly spreading. All engagement is good with TikTok videos. But on TikTok, watch time, likes, and shares are the most important metrics. This is different from other social media platforms.

Now that you understand how songs and videos become popular on TikTok, we will talk about effective and real TikTok promotion for your songs and your accounts in general. You will learn how to expand your following and encourage others to share your videos and your music.

TikTok Promotion Tips

Yep, supporting user activity (regular content publication, audience reactions, commenting), using hashtags (we will discuss it a bit later), sharing the link to the profile on other social networks, increasing ER (engagement rate), etc., are all great ways to attract new followers to the profile. However, it is not enough. You need to have a firm grasp of the specific kind of videos that will be required on TikTok. 

TikTok users make short music videos based on a verse or hook from some popular song or sound. Is there something special about the videos uploaded to TikTok? Yes.

  • A typical video lasts only 15 seconds and has a vertical aspect ratio 
  • Sincerity and being part of the community is more important than getting the perfect shot 
  • Popular videos are viewed by more people

So, now, let’s pass to the tips you need to know. 

Use a mixture of hashtags for effective TikTok Promotion

Like many other social platforms, TikTok’s viral content is often based on hashtags.
If you use popular or frequently searched hashtags, your video is more likely to show up in the “Discover” and “For You” tabs.
Mix up the hashtags you use in everything you post. They can be about you or your content, or they can be more general. You should also use hashtags that are already popular to reach more people.
Also, using keywords in your caption can also help TikTok figure out who to show your video to. This is like using hashtags. The caption helps the app understand what’s happening in your video better.

Start using TikTok’s effects to make your videos better

This works for TikTok music promotion, and not only music. TikTok has a lot of effects that you can add to your videos to make them better and more interesting. Sometimes an effect can become a trend on TikTok. With the right effects, you can make your video more interesting to look at, set a certain mood, or draw attention to certain parts. 

@www.naeisbaeExplain♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Follow, follow, and keep following

Jump right in and start following people! Follow other musicians and people who have a lot of followers, and follow everyone who follows you back. 

Here is the best way to start getting people to watch your videos on TikTok. It will also give you a chance to check out what other creators on the platform are doing to see what works and what’s popular. This will give you more ideas for TikTok content that you can use yourself.

Make duets

Another easy way to connect with other TikTokers is through duets. With the Duet feature, you can put two videos next to each other and play them at the same time. Dueting on TikTok is a great way to find new fans. For example, you could work with another musician to help both of you reach more people, or you could comment on a famous influencer’s videos in the hopes that more people will see your profile and follow you.

@schmoyoho intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 – from iconic interview on @doingthings ♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

Be true, be yourself, and be sincere

TikTok prioritizes genuine content. No need to stress about having the right lighting or frame for your movies, as it’s just regular folks trying to entertain one other with their own unique ideas. 

Make it entertaining for yourself! Ideally, your audience will be moved to action and start their parody videos in response to your challenge or viral trend.

Visuals & memes

It’s not just the music that’s made TikTok so popular; it’s also catchy, readily replicated graphics and the hilarious or motivational videos that users share. And mostly hilarious, I’d say.
My advice would be to start making memes.
Professionally filmed videos are not required. They need only to be captivating, intriguing, funny, realistic, and so on. If you can condense your song into a 15-second video that is simple to replicate, it may become viral on the website.

@lilnasx♬ MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X

Cross-promotion is the key 

In order to get your TikTok videos in front of more people, all you have to do is share them on other social media sites. TikTok videos may be easily imported into Instagram Stories. Sharing your videos is a simple two-click process right within the app.

Consider Using TikTok Stats

TikTok has joined the ranks of other major networks, like Instagram and Twitter, by implementing in-app statistics.
Your TikTok account’s analytics dashboard provides you with valuable information about your content and audience interaction at no additional cost.
The dashboard may be accessed from the “Creators tools” section of your account settings. After that, click on “Analytics” to get data on your video’s popularity (number of views, likes, comments, shares, etc.)


For an effective TikTok artist promotion, you can come up with a dance. Just make up a dance to one of your tracks and call it a day.  If it’s just hard enough to be entertaining while being simple enough for your followers to replicate with little to no practice, then share it!
Then, publish the tutorial. You should challenge your viewers to create their own videos.
Users are more likely to create their own videos after being inspired by a dancing challenge or lip-sync. You should expect more users to use your song in their own material if the algorithm is exposed to it several times.
This domino effect has made many previously neglected songs popular on TikTok. The site has already seen several examples of relatively unknown musicians gaining widespread popularity.

@charlidamelio @Landon Barker dc @madsywadsy01 ♬ super freaky girl nicki minaj out now – SUPER FRE@KY GIRL OUT NOW !!

Why Should You Buy TikTok Promotion?

When you decide to build your career on TikTok or other social media, you want it to happen as soon as possible, right? You make dozens of videos, take care of your profile, post consistently and at the right time, try to be creative, etc. But at some point, you understand that even when you do all that, you still have a hard time getting the feedback you’re expecting to get. You want to engage with your audience, but there’s hardly someone to engage with, right? 

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Wrapping up

These are the best tips for you as a beginner to start your TikTok artist promotion. If you learn how to mix free tips and TikTok paid promotion, you will have a 100% chance to succeed. There’s no other place for music promotion like TikTok.

Just remember that TikTok is constantly changing, so you need to follow all the new trends, create new content, be consistent, and always believe in yourself. Soon it will work out, I promise.

Don’t wait for too long, and go get what you deserve. 

Success awaits you!