The Power of Amazon Music: Why Every Artist Needs to Promote on This Platform

Attention all music lovers! Are you a budding musician who dreams of making it big someday? Then, today your search ends with Amazon Music! With over 70 million songs, Amazon Music has become a major player in the music streaming world, and it’s not just because of its vast library. 

In this post, we’ll discuss how Amazon Music has evolved into a crucial platform for promoting music in 2023 and why every musician should be aware of it.

A bit of history

Amazon Music (formerly Amazon MP3) debuted in the United States in 2007. It was the first online music store to sell songs without using digital rights management technology, sometimes known as “DRM-free music.” Through this service, customers may purchase 256 kbps MP3 files of songs from both major and indie record companies.
Amazon Music has expanded rapidly since its release and is now available in Europe, North, and South America, and Japan. Also, it has garnered around 82,2 million users

Amazon Music is one of the most popular online music services throughout the world. Thus independent artists can’t afford to ignore it. Did you realize, though, that Amazon Music provides a plethora of excellent resources for DIY artists?
If you’ve already released music to the public, you may begin promoting it on Amazon by claiming your Artist Profile. When your account has been verified (this may take some time), you’ll be able to log in and start using the many helpful features of the site to market your music.

Now, let me tell you more about some of the best features available on this streaming platform that will help you promote your music and take it to the next level. 

The voice technology data

The incorporation of voice technology is the primary differentiator between this Amazon Music for artists and existing platforms like Spotify for Artists. This is a fantastic method to go even farther in your marketing because the voice has become one of the key driving forces in music discovery. 

With this function, users may see how popular a given artist is on Alexa using the Amazon app. 

In addition to showing the overall number of voice requests for the artist, it also displays information about the various criteria by which users make requests for music. 

The director of Amazon Music noted that “Alexa, play…” is the second most used command, after “Alexa, set a timer.”  Music lovers may have their favorite track play as they wake up or have Alexa follow their favorite band or musician on Amazon Music and receive instant alerts whenever they upload new material.

Since “Alexa, play music” is one of the most frequently asked commands from Alexa and Echo users, you might want to find out how Amazon Music for Artists might be included in your music promotion plan. The company has made it as easy as possible for people to stream music by letting them do it with just their voices. And whether the user is already familiar with your music and has requested Alexa to play your latest album, or if they are exploring new music and want to find an artist similar to the one they just listened to, there is something you can do to reach both existing and new audiences.

The Artist Follow feature 

The Artist Follow feature is perfect for your music promotion, as Amazon Music makes it simple for listeners to stay up-to-date on your latest music.
You may be certain that your fans will be alerted as soon as a new single or album is released by you. Either a yellow ring will appear on top of their Echo, or, if they’re using a mobile device, a push notification will be delivered to their device. 

If you want your followers to have access to this function, show them how to follow you on Amazon Music by asking Alexa to do so or by clicking the “Follow” option on your artist page in the Amazon Music app. One of the simplest forms of fan-to-artist marketing is the “Follow Me On Amazon Music” button.

Find your audience on Amazon Music while streaming on Twitch 

Amazon has joined forces with Twitch, the fastest-growing and most-visited live-streaming and gaming network. How exactly does this benefit you? By connecting your Twitch and Amazon Music Artists accounts, you may alert your Amazon Music fans whenever you go live while streaming your music. More people will be able to hear about and see your performance this way. After signing into your Amazon Music Artists account, just go to your profile and tools page to begin the linking process.

Successful music promotion through selling your merch

The Artist Merch Store on Amazon is a great place to sell your merchandise and interact with your audience. Amazon streamlines the procedure by providing a central hub to design, sell, and ship goods like t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases. If you’d rather not use Amazon’s services, you can always create your own online store and handle all your purchases there. They deduct a tiny percentage, but their service might be worth it.

Benefit from Amazon Music user stats

Suppose you’re an artist using Amazon Music for Artists. In that case, you’ll have access to some powerful metrics, such as information on your fans’ listening habits, peak listening periods, and the locations from which they’re streaming your music. Also, it provides information on how popular your music is with Alexa. With this information, you may improve your marketing and release strategies to appeal to Amazon’s ever-expanding customer base.

Your song might be on Amazon Music playlists if you pitch it 

The pitching process has benefits beyond just getting included in an Amazon Music editorial. 

By submitting your music to playlists on the site, you may increase engagement with your current audience.
How? Look, they’ll receive the following: 

  • activity posts to their app’s feed 
  • mobile push alerts, including fresh music 
  • Alexa may send you a few more notifications if someone asks for your music this way. 

Amazon Music’s algorithm will use the metadata you give to decide when and where to play your music, both to current and future listeners, even if the Amazon Music curators don’t pick your song. The ultimate success!

Further suggestions for boosting your Amazon Music promotion

  • Maintain your artist profile updated with a recent photo, as this is where fans and curators will go to learn more about you and your work on the platform.
  • Make sure your fans don’t miss out on your new music by asking them to follow your artist profile on Amazon Music and receive updates about your new songs via their mobile devices or Alexa.
  • If you upload your lyrics to Amazon Music, not only will your fans be able to quickly read your song’s lyrics, but they can also ask Alexa to play your music based on specific lines, even if they can’t recall the title. 
  • Get paid promotion on Amazon Music from a reliable music promotion service to build a bigger fanbase.

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Buy real Amazon Music plays and reach a bigger audience!

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  2. Improved Search Rankings: The more times your music is played, the higher it will appear in Amazon Music’s search results. With time, this might increase exposure and, thus, playtime. 
  3. Credibility: Having a lot of people listen to your tracks can increase your credibility as an artist, making it more likely that other people will notice and think about listening to your music. 
  4. Return on Investment: You can see a return on your investment in paid Amazon Music plays if you are successful in promoting your music and gaining new followers, which will lead to more streams, product sales, and other forms of revenue. It’s a win-win situation for you. 

Overall, getting paid Amazon Music promotion from PromoSound can be a valuable tool for you as an artist that’s looking to promote their music.

Paid Amazon Music playlist placement will change a lot in your career!

Paying for Amazon Music playlist placement is really worth it for artists, as it is one of the best ways to greatly increase visibility and exposure to a wider audience. In addition, playlists are a popular way for listeners to discover new music, and being featured on a curated playlist can help an artist reach new fans and potentially increase their streams and revenue. 

Also, Amazon Music playlist placement can help with organic growth, as being featured on a popular playlist can lead to more algorithmic recommendations and recommendations to other playlists. By buying an Amazon Music playlist placement from PromoSound, artists can give their music a better chance of being discovered and enjoyed by listeners, ultimately helping to grow their fan base and increase their success.

To sum it up

As a result, Amazon Music is highly recommended for musicians looking to increase their exposure and build their fan base. You can reach your chosen audience and expand your career because of its large user base, specific advertising possibilities, and custom playlist capabilities. In addition, musicians can improve their chances of breaking through in the highly competitive music industry by making use of the paid promotion services provided by PromoSound.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Amazon Music’s benefits and start promoting your music today. Good luck, Star!