One Deezer Playlist

Here’s yet another venue for you to completely smash music streaming promotion. Promote one of your songs on Deezer curated playlists network. Get new streams every day. Get access to new listeners and promote your music all around the net!

We’ll add your track on the 1 Deezer playlist.

Playlist power: 100-300 streams a day:

During promo time you will get with a guaranty

  • 1k – 2k monetizable US, Europe based Deezer Music streams.
  • New listeners
  • + Deezer Music rating points
  • + Related tracks ranking
  • Organic increasing coverage

Get royalty and new fans streaming music.

Feel free to come back every day to see how it feels to see that stream count rise steadily (spoiler: it feels real good!).

Delivery time:

Placement proof link: 2 Days.

Streams delivery: 3-6 Days.

Note: Your order can be delivered faster. You are able to check Deezer analytic increasing via your Deezer for artists’ account. We do not recommend taking into account the data of your distributors, please focus on a reliable source Deezer for artists.


$ 15.00

Delivery time: 3-6 Days
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