Insta Autopilot 1 | 100 Daily Likes x 1 Week

Autopilot promotion pack for Instagram electronic music pros! One-week subscription.

Order, sit back, relax. That's how it works. These packages give you daily likes for your Instagram photos. This is both the easiest way to promote your music project and the most natural and organic of them all: you just focus on posting stuff on Insta and we'll take care of boosting its reputation.

How this works:

You get 100 daily likes for your Instagram pictures. Always from real, dynamic profiles worldwide with music interests (as always with our promotion services).

This is the basic weekly pack. With this package you get 700 likes total, i.e. 100 a day for a week. The likes apply to one photo daily, which is the easiest, most organic and simplest way of going about this. If posting tons of pictures is key to your electronic music promotion campaign, let us know in the message on checkout and we'll see what we can do.

Bi-weekly and monthly packs are also available, with 100 or 200 daily Instagram likes.

Just send us a link to your Instagram profile (or your handle) and we'll take it from there.

Delivery time: we usually answer/confirm within 12 hours.

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