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 Increase Your Social

 Get More Attention

 Drive Your Streams

 Delivery 7 Days

 Online Forever

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 Increase Your Social

 Get More Attention

 Drive Your Streams

 Delivery 7 Days

 Online Forever

Push to high-profile music blogs. FIVE posts + embedded media + social sharing. Online forever. Delivery 10 days.
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Music blogs placement - make the best out of the word of mouth!

The person reading this probably have struggled in music promotion already. Absence of financial resources in probably the most common “stop sign” for even trying music promotion. Ant finding new promotion opportunities is exactly what makes you read this article right now. With all that promotion on music streaming services, musicians seem to forget about music blogs. Music blogs and featuring your song in them is still one of the best promotion options, especially if you are on the tight budget. In this article we will explain to you the true promotion power of blogs, teach you some rules and ideas of music blogging. So, don’t as google about it. All you need to know is here.

The whole blogs are standing on two elephants. The name of the first one is networking. All major music labels, companies that do music management, indie-musicians, producers - they all try to relate themselves to the blogs somehow. Blogs have peoples trust, and huge influencing ability. Blogs can raise a wave of interest and hype around one artist, transfer readers to his accounts on music streaming services and social media. The effect is equal, for the huge stars and for the young, budding creators. Promotion through blogs fits every musician.

The second elephant is the content, exclusive one. Sometimes new releases get mentioned first on different blogs, and not on the social media or streaming services. A great example - Pitchfork. This music blog is a true American legend, the one to be proud of. Many popular musicians got their first minute of fame in this blog - rave icon for teenagers Nicolas Jaar, or pop star Shaun Mendes. However, there is one problem. Since Pitchfork is the biggest music blog in the country, it concentrates mostly on the stars and popular musicians or whatnot. So for a new artist it is very hard to get featured there, and the whole attention is occupied by Drake, Cardi B, etc. Chances of getting Pitchforks attention for a young starting musician are low, almost negative. Why’s that? Because of the competition in the blogging world. So, if you don’t like the idea of your name mentioned near Cardi B, there still is an opportunity for you to get your music to the music blogs, to get attention and hype.

In the last few years Reddit is growing fast, becoming an excellent promotion platform for new musicians. Reddit is the most popular discussion website, with giant community, and it simply is one of the most visited websites ever. 330 million users in the audience, various music-related communities, high engagement rate - that’s what makes Reddit a great platform for connection with fans, reaching influencers and producers. You just have to know how to use it.

We will give you some tactic information, some strategy here, about increasing your visibility as a musician via Reddit. You can’t jump straight to the point on Reddit, that’t a faulty approach. When you open Reddit for the first time, you easily get lost. The navigation is messy, groups are confusing, so try to do baby steps at the beginning. Try joining small communities, with fewer followers. You need to bond with these people, gain some friends and weight in the community first. Try to make them feel themselves a part of your music career, of your songwriting process, engage them. Every day, present yourself to them in another creative way. Try copying subreddits of other users, make your subreddit unique and interesting. But don’t ever do spam. Users never favor it. Instead, try to often publish, reposting someone, posting memes or someone else's songs. Reddit accepts everything, so you always can post anything music-related, guides reviews of the gear, tips and trucks, etc.

Global lockdown, economic crisis, third world war. All these topics are hot nowadays, many people are interested in them and have something to say. Try to make some benefits from them, write a song about 2020 for example. Also, there is practically no privacy on the internet, and all information can be found with enough effort.  All our idols, all stars, we know everything about them. So you need to write your background, publish your story. All fans like intimacy and privacy in their relationships with their favorite musician. In a short, interesting form share your dreams, fears, ideas, goals with your fans. Keep your posts clean and simple, no long texts with boring self-repetitions. As your number of followers will rise, try engaging into bigger communities, following the same algorithm. Reddit has the power of connecting you to the popular musicians, producers, critics, so use it wisely. Try not to make enemies too.

Another option of experiencing free blogging is the Medium. Medium has lower user pool, so it sits right behind Reddit. However, we can say with the most certainty, Medium has overcome Reddit in every other way. Real users, organic and understandable user-experience, presence of numerous influencers, convenient form of the blogs, and much more. The segment of music blogs is one of the most popular categories on Medium. 

Since we already covered the philosophy of blogging, we need to talk about rules. Yes, there are rules in internet blogging. When blog is music-oriented, the rules are much more strict. On every blogging platform there are many other musicians with their own blogs, so it is almost impossible to find your ticket to the future in all the mess, that you will receive at first. To make everything clearer, you need to adjust the submission procedure and modify it, so you will have better content, and people will be interested to get to know your works. If you are planning to get featured in others’ blogs, prepare all the information you want to be mentioned, regarding your career, your music style, etc.

So, when everything is checked and ready - off you go. You have basically three main paths to take, to get featured in blogs. First - create your blog on any given platform. That’s the most common and the easiest route. Second - start e-mail promotion campaign. Even a simple well-designed and written letter will make you look professional in the eyes of blogger.

The last step is via promotion services, like Promosound. This way is much better, because it does not depend on your communication and presentational skills like the first two. Promosound experts will do everything for you, to give you the best blogging coverage and music presentation.

What music blogs are worth your attention?

First, we need to divide our list of blogs to sections, so it will be easier to classify them and explain. One section will be giants, like Pitchfork, Billboard, and the HypeBoat - true kings of music blogs. Yes, even they have some mercy, and you can submit your tracks there, but only one in the million gets a chance. So, to make a really useful list of blogs we will concentrate mainly on the second section - blogs for independent artists. These blogs will be a perfect place to start for every musician, no matter what music you are creating, especially if your budget is really tight. 

Let’s start from the sweetest one - “Eargasm”. This blog is good for any type of music, any genre, it is universal. Next - here’s the blog for Hip-Hop and Electro-Pop musicians - “ThisSongIsSick”. Yes, many of music blogs have weird or funny names. Third one - for strong riff fans - “LouderThanWar”. Also, we can’t avoid mentioning “Tiny Mixtape”, “Music crowns”, “The Word is Bond”, and “Reddit Independent Music”. Phew, that’s the basic list of music blogs, worth mentioning at the first place. They are free, so it will be a good place to start. However, these blogs are not powerful enough to make you a star, more like a bright flashlight. So, despite the fact that you can post there for free, if you really want your career to shine, look for publications elsewhere. So, it will be better to trust promotion service in your blogs promotion, especially if you want to play among the giants. So, here is the full list of giants in music blogging for the end of 2020:

  • Resident Advisor;
  • Billboard;
  • Pitchfork;
  • Hypeboat;
  • Brooklyn Vegan.
  • Hip-Hop Wired;
  • Pigeons and Planes;
  • Your EDM;
  • Stereogum;

We can name you a thousand blogs more, but none of them will be as good as above mentioned. These giants get the first releases, new albums, and promotion on them is fantastic for a new musician.

The best Rap and Hip-Hop blogs are here just to make you a star

Let’s cut all the small talks. We know, how do you feel, young musicians with fresh ideas, catchy songs, meaningful lyrics, when you are lurking in the shadows of the stars. Time passes, but nothing changes. So, here at Promosound we are sure that this inequality in creative potential for musicians has never been so huge. Al;l the internet is obsessed with the stars, but what about the future ones?

All these companies, record labels, producers, publishers, they are never near, right? Every time you have something to show them, they just look away. So you have to change that with featuring your songs in music blogs. Yes, it’s hard, if you want to do it on your own, and the field of Hip-Hop and Rap are the hardest ones to get in. You don’t really need a masterpiece, you need only a good song and a piece of luck. Only luck can help you on your way. If you want to do everything by yourself, here is the list of the best Hip-Hop and Rap blogs for the end of 2020:

  • XXL Magazine - This blog, shaped like a music magazine, is one of the oldest Hip-Hop oriented, and helped to discover Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar. So, huge thanks for that! Also, it has “Annual freshmen” list, where it features 10 new rising stars.
  • Hot New Hip Hop - This blog focuses only on the freshmen, on newbies without a name. Also, it covers many topics about music creation, fashion, trends, and everything else, that is related to Rap and Hip-Hop.
  • Hip-Hop Dx - This is one of the best, and definitely the most thorough blogs about music industry. Every Hip-Hop musician should try this boiling mixture of useful information and advanced promotion.
  • All Hip-Hop - The motto of this blog is: “we are CNN in the world of Rap”. This magazine-shaped blog always gives us new musicians, that are worth our attention.
  • Hot 97 - This rap blog is cutting it! It is simply iconic, and when it was a radio station it helped to popularize Rap all over the world, especially after it took the shape of a blog.

So, if you are a young musician and you want to spread your music worldwide, you better look the advice from other cultures experience, and their popular musicians. If you want to get featured on “Hypeboat”, “Spin”, “Billboard”, “Stereogun”, and “Pitchfork”, you need to make no mistakes, because these giants tolerate none of them. So, if you really want to have some result from your promotion, better give this to Promosound. We will deliver the best result, and you will be satisfied.

Blog Post Push - feature and promote your music

What connects classical musicians, rappers, hip-hop artists, rock and hard rock artists? What is the same for all of them? Music promotion strategies, they are the same. And despite the fact that all these actions can be done personally by a musician, it is better to buy blog placements legally, to make the process easier and faster, without a neck pain. Also, purchasing blog promotions directly will make it more public, and more people will hear it. If you will be connected to some important figures in the music industry, it will give you much more than just a verification symbol on your accounts. It will increase not only your credibility but popularity itself. With direct blog promotion not even the smallest release of yours can go unnoticed, trust us. It will create hype and interest around your name!

Creating a perfect post for the blog, placing and promoting it sounds like a mission impossible, and you are not even Tom Cruise. So, Hip-Hop or Rap submission was made simpler - with Promosound collection of blogs. Right to the second point it goes. These are some of the best blog promotion services, which will take care of your posts, make them better than perfect. Take the full advantage of our offer today! Blog placement and Hip-Hop promotion with Promosound will greatly speed up your career, and clear you the stairway to the musical heaven.

Our Hip-Hop blog submission and Rap blog placement will get you featured in the most popular music blogs, and promote your blog posts. Do you have an idea? We offer you a blog for it. Any idea, no limitations, what will it be? Everything that will increase your visibility and online representation is welcomed!

Our Hip-Hop and Rap blogs are the perfect place for your music, photos, videos, thoughts, posts with future plans and releases. For a tour schedule, for example. Also, do you want to be exposed on Spotify? Or on SoundCloud? Or Tidal? Maybe you want to promote your YouTube and TikTok? All the promotion on our blogs, everything you need.

So, firstly, create your BIO. On social media BIO is just a small section of the artists page, placed somewhere where eyes won’t even see it. In blogs, on contrary, it can be your presentation, with every detail you want to mention, it can be the magnet for your fans. And when your new fans will subscribe to your blog, they will definitely tell about it to the others, because people like to share their preferences with the others. Your blog will open the doors to a completely new audience, fresh and juicy. Also, you can always change your BIO, so it will better fit the modern realities, making it more understandable for future generations.

Next - SEO. This is the most important part, and someone even considers it to be the last one. Yes, you’ve heard these letters many times before, and maybe you even know what they mean. All promotion packages are SEO-friendly, and that fact guarantees, that your blog will pop-up on the Google page with the high rate. In the modern world everything must be SEO-optimized, so we always up-to-date.

What do our blog placements have to offer? The outcomes are different, but pleasant. Our blogs always presents new and fresh musicians to its audience, and always keeps the quality bar up high. The blogs are humanly curated, and kept updated to the needs of users. All the content, every video or song, every text is curated. So, you will look a real professional who knows what to do with our blog placement promotion packages.

The blog placement on Promosound covers all existing genres and music styles among Rap and Hip-Hop, because o musician  can create identical music forever. This blog placement can increase the chance that your music will find its listener in a couple of times easily. Double them, even quadruple them. The results can be huge, especially if your music will be relevant.

Our best promotion experts will gather all the information, and meticulously transform it into the perfect blog post, that later will be published in one of our highly influential spaces. Now, when you learned so much about blog placement and promotion, use this knowledge, promote your music, order blog placements, and finally become the star, you were destined to become. All our blogs are created with one goal - making you a star, so try them now! Our belief in our goal of discovering new artists, helping them to get what they deserve - that’s what pushes us and our quality forward. Blog contents are various and diverse. There are interviews, releases, premieres,  insights, guides, and much more. Every reader is always entertained, and we always evolve, to provide the best promotion experience. 

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