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Get more comments on Soundcloud. Why, oh my?

Who doesn’t like some good ole appreciation?

Especially musicians, DJs, bands, and artists – a vane bunch, that’s for sure.

But SoundCloud comments are about more than that. They’re about what’s known as social proof. See, when you get a lot of SoundCloud comments:

  • Random listeners and organic followers notice interest in your music, and get more interested in turn
  • SoundCloud’s systems see a spike in interest and push your tracks, albums, or podcasts up in discovery
  • The cycle repeats, and paid SoundCloud comments, likes and reposts become a stream of self-reinforcing, for-the-win-esque organic promotion 

Here you can get handpicked SoundCloud comments mixed up with the perfect ratio of real, legit plays and likes.


Best real SoundCloud comments, likes and reposts

Well, if you’ve been wondering how to get more comments on SoundCloud - easy, legal, legit, and cheap – you’ve come to the perfect place.

As a bunch of seasoned music promotion masters-of-disasters, we at Promosound have put together every electronic music marketing trick in the book, ready for our DJ, artist, band and podcast clients to enjoy hands-off, heads-up, bottoms-down.

More importantly, we’ve put together a network of REAL, ACTIVE SoundCloud profiles worldwide that you can access to get more comments on SoundCloud legally and effectively.

Over many years of music promo domination, we’ve reached a level of scale that gets the best SoundCloud comments, likes, plays and reposts in your hands without fuss or ridiculous music-marketing budgets. Just check our prices and offers and you’ll see right away.


Stirred, not shaken: get SoundCloud comments perfectly mixed

Ok, let’s cut to the chase.

What you see here are different SoundCloud promotion packages, mixed in golden ratios of music promo awesomeness. Meaning not only you don’t have to wonder how to get more comments on SoundCloud; but you get top quality comments plus the other SoundCloud promo features you need – in one fell swoop:

  • But real SoundCloud plays to boost your streaming stats
  • Get relevant SoundCloud comments from real worldwide profiles (our partner profiles always comment spot-on)
  • Buy customized SoundCloud comments with your message (aww OMG, sick beat drop, oh you! Sarah doesn’t deserve you, marry me XOXO)
  • Buy real SoundCloud likes at incredge value for $$$

This is a great way to save time and brain bandwidth 🤯 on your busy SoundCloud promotion: the best ratios of paid SoundCloud comments, plays and likes are already mixed up for you like the tastiest Mai Tai.


Get more comments on SoundCloud right here 📍

Pretty sweet, ain’t it?

No more wondering whether to, or how to get more comments on SoundCloud… and no more brain math to find the perfect balance of paid SoundCloud packs.

Here you get everything in one place, including customized SoundCloud comments guaranteed to shoot your music’s or podcast’s visibility to the highest Clouds of Sound.

All it takes are a few clicks. You’re welcome! Browse away!

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