Country-Targeted Spotify Followers +1,000

180 €
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Grow your audience and help people find your music on Spotify - now, with geo-targeting options.

Get new followers from some of the most vibrant music industries in the world: the USA, UK, Germany, France and Spain. More countries get added all the time, so stay tuned!

With this pack you get 1,000 followers from one of these countries, at your choice. Want more geo-targeted Spotify followers? Or more countries? No problem! Just add the product to cart multiple times and make sure you specify your preferred Spotify countries in the comment field. Easy-peasy. (We can give you up to 100,000 followers!).

More Spotify followers from national markets help you consolidate your reach and launch you as a successful artist way faster. It also helps with Spotify artist verification and the progressive accumulation of royalties.

Delivery time: 4 days.