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Over the past several years, the music industry has experienced tremendous growth. Some of the new performers and albums that come out monthly are well-received by the public. Beatport, which debuted in 2005, provides access to the world’s most extensive electronic music collection, with the most recent releases from the most prominent DJs and musicians in the industry. The platform is great for DJs to find new dance songs to incorporate into their sets and shows.

The platform allows DJs and electronic music fans to stream tracks into their software. Another great feature of the site is the ability to safely save music offline, so you can listen to tracks even when you don’t have Internet access.

Uploading your song to this streaming service is just the beginning of promoting it. Promoting your track on the platform is essential if you want it to reach its full potential, and using paid music promotion can be extremely useful to boost your popularity. Here is a little guide to assist you promote Beatport accounts if you are puzzled about how to do so.

Why You Should Promote Your Music on Beatport?

Beatport is the go-to platform for DJs looking for music for mixes. If you are an artist seeking exposure through releases on the streaming platform, then don’t look any further: with 36 million registered users (465,000 DJ customers alone!) plus 11 Million Selected Tracks through 75,000 Label Agreements, it provides a fantastic home for the release of original works and productions!

Regarding digital service providers, this electronic music hub is right up there with the big dogs among dance musicians. Since their establishment in 2004, independent dance music labels have collected over $300 million in royalties.

Bear in mind that Apple Music and Spotify target more generalist audiences, in comparison with Beatport, which caters specifically to DJs looking for dance-centric tracks to incorporate into their sets.

Promoting your music via this platform can be of enormous significance as it exposes it directly to DJs and dance music enthusiasts actively seeking new tracks for inclusion in their sets.

Understanding Beatport

When it comes to technology, Beatport is still ahead of the curve.

Since 2004, the digital music store has offered innovative features to its users. In 2021, they joined the New Frontier Trading (NFT) and metaverse networks – joining those on board and expanding its services as they do so.

It unveiled its $9.99 variant of Beatport LINK in December 2021, giving consumers access to over 9 million songs, its DJ online tool, and its mobile app. Furthermore, its partnerships with innovative businesses prove its commitment to users and artists alike.

This electronic music marketplace stands out among digital music distributors by offering cutting-edge features and industry partnerships, enabling DJs to promote their works to an international audience while receiving international distribution through its services. Utilizing its resources can create an impactful presence within the electronic music scene! Promoting music on this DJ music platform is not something to consider – it’s a must! You have to use its resources fully for the maximum impactful presence within the electronic music scene!

Beatport Charts Explained

Charts have proven themselves an invaluable measure of artist popularity over time and understanding them is critical to an artist’s success and advancement. To launch a successful promo campaign of the platform, you must know what they are and how they work!

Top 100 Tracks: This chart represents the 100 most-popular individual tracks currently for sale on the streaming service and represents what tracks have gained the most traction among DJs and music enthusiasts alike.

Top 100 Releases: This chart showcases entire releases such as albums, EPs and compilations that have become bestsellers on the platform and provides insight into which collections of tracks are performing well. 

Top 100 Artists: This chart ranks the top 100 artists according to sales performance for tracks and releases sold, providing insight into which artists have proven most influential in terms of success.

Hype Picks: The platform’s editorial team selects these songs, known as Hype Picks, as outstanding releases worthy of extra consideration and makes use of this chart to highlight new talent or noteworthy releases.

DJ Charts: Comprised by DJs, these charts represent their personal selections of tracks to play during sets or recommend to other DJs. DJ charts may offer insight into trends or preferences within specific genres or scenes.


The Top 100 Tracks and Releases charts are widely considered among electronic music enthusiasts to be essential tools in understanding current trends and popularity within this community. As these charts reflect real-time sales data and trends, DJs, producers, and fans can utilize them as invaluable resources.

Beatport Charts paid promotion can significantly boost a track’s visibility and engagement. Our company provides superior Beatport promo services tailored to increase reach and improve charting prospects – helping your track reach new listeners and take your music career to new levels! With us by your side, connecting to new audiences becomes more achievable, and music careers reach greater heights of success!

The Benefits of Beatport Promotion

Promoting tracks to reach the Top 100 Beatport charts can be transformative for artists, DJs, and producers. Here are several key advantages:

  1. Targeted Audience Exposure: The electronic music marketplace provides targeted audience exposure through DJs, producers, and electronic music enthusiasts who frequent this platform regularly. Promoting your tracks here ensures they reach listeners interested in electronic genres – increasing your odds of attracting genuine followers for your track or album!
  2. Improved Visibility and Chart Rankings: Promoting on this digital music store can improve its visibility on the platform and potential chart rankings, increasing listener discovery of tracks appearing higher up Beatport charts more readily – expanding your overall reach within electronic music communities worldwide.
  3. Algorithmic Boost: The platform’s algorithm favors tracks with high engagement rates such as plays, likes, and downloads; paying to promote tracks may stimulate initial engagement that spreads organically via Beatport’s algorithm to new listeners after your promotion period ends – leading to continued popularity even after its conclusion!
  4. Faster Results: Organic growth can be slow and unpredictable; paid promotion offers faster results in terms of its immediate effect, making paid promotions an especially great solution for new releases with early momentum that could impact long-term success. Buy Beatport sales and get quick results to keep your music relevant in an ever-evolving industry like music streaming services.
  5. Higher Credibility and Professionalism: Tracks that rank highly on the platform’s charts tend to be perceived by listeners and industry professionals as more credible and professional, improving listener perception of your music while opening doors for potential collaborations or performance opportunities.
  6. Competitive Edge: The music industry can be fiercely competitive, so paid promotion can give artists the edge they need to stand out. As artists vie for attention from listeners and industry influencers alike, investing in paid promotion may give them the upper hand they need to catch listeners’ eyes and gain their approval as artists compete against one another for recognition. 
  7. Networking and Collaboration: Greater visibility and credibility can open doors to networking with other artists, producers, and labels in your scene. Being noticed on this music distribution service will bring collaboration offers or remix requests that expand your influence within the music community and further broaden its sphere.

Our Beatport top 100 Promotion Services

Promotion on Beatport may appear daunting, but it’s a massive boon for record firms hoping to enter the electronic music industry. The DJ music platform provides a one-of-a-kind venue to promote your tracks and albums to its huge audience of passionate electronic music fans. The question is, how can your bassline and beats be heard over all the others?

By getting paid Beatport promo

Our music promotion services are tailored to give your songs exposure on the streaming platform. You can choose the promotion package that best meets your needs:

  • Daily Beatport Push
  • Beatport Top 100 Hype Chart
  • Beatport Single Track Top 100 Promotion(Easy Genres)
  • Beatport Single Track Top 100 (Strong Genres)
  • Beatport Top 100 Promotion EPs/Releases Chart ➋-track EP
  • Beatport Top 100 Promotion EPs/Releases Chart ➌-track EP
  • Beatport Top 100 Promotion EPs/Releases Chart ➍-track EP
  • Beatport Top 100 Promotion EPs/Releases Chart ➎-track EP

Besides that, we promote tracks or albums in various genres:

Easy Genres:

  • Bass/Club
  • Breaks / Breakbeat/UK Bass
  • Dance / Electro Pop
  • Deep Dubstep / Grime
  • Dubstep
  • Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)
  • Electronica
  • Hard Dance / Hardcore
  • Indie Dance / Nu Disco
  • Psy-Trance
  • UK Garage / Bassline

Strong Genres:

  • Afro House
  • Deep House
  • Drum & Bass
  • Funky House
  • House
  • Jackin House
  • Minimal / Deep Tech
  • Orange House / Downtempo
  • Trance

Chart Promotion

Our Beatort top 100 promotion service can increase your track’s presence on t charts by strategically increasing its visibility and moving it up the rank ladder. With our services in place, your track reaches listeners and DJs alike for increased listenership, downloads, engagement rates, and stream counts.

Targeted Genre Promotion

Targeted promotion can be particularly effective for music that falls within one genre. We tailor our promotional efforts accordingly so they reach their ideal listeners and fans – helping your track gain more traction within its genre while expanding its fanbase and broadening overall impact.

How Our Service Works

Our Beatport promotion service is crafted to elevate your tracks on the platform through a diverse range of tactics. We amplify your music via a broad network of partner services, ensuring it reaches a diverse and targeted audience. Our approach includes:

  • Partner Network: By utilizing our vast network of partner services to promote your tracks we are broadening its reach and audience.
  • Targeted Formats: We employ custom thematic formats tailored specifically for your music genre, connecting with listeners who will appreciate and support it most.
  • Paid Advertising: With our targeted paid advertising campaigns, your music can reach key demographics more efficiently for increased downloads or streams.
  • Email Campaigns: Through targeted email campaigns, we engage a large subscriber base in your tracks ensuring industry professionals and music lovers alike become aware of them.

By combining these and a few more methods we will not only increase the performance of your tracks on the platform but also build your brand recognition as an artist. 

How to Launch Beatport Promo Campaign With PromosoundGroup

Follow these straightforward guide to get your top Beatport promotion package:

  1. Select the promotional package that best suits your goals and budget;
  2. Add the package to your online shopping cart;
  3. Tick the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions.”
  4. Make sure you include all the details, such as URLs, directions, and requests.
  5. To finish the transaction, select a safe online payment option, such as Crypto, Visa, or Mastercard. We will begin promoting your tracks as soon as we receive your confirmation of payment.

Success Stories

Alex Martinez

PromosoundGroup made my track a hit! In just a few days, it hit the Top 10 Tech House category on Beatport! Their dedication and strategic approach paid off. Standing out on this platform is difficult, but their services will be noticed in the electronic music scene.

Emily Wong 

Their Beatport Hype Chart service was truly outstanding! They featured my EP, greatly increasing streaming and downloads while also building my credibility and increasing streams and downloads significantly. Working with them was both easy and efficient – thank you, guys!


Excellent Service! Their placement of my track quickly garnered attention on Beatport – truly transformative for my career! Additionally, their team provided exceptional guidance throughout this process and ensured listenership for my music. Highly Recommended!


What is Beatport Top 100 Promotion?

This service helps your music achieve Top 100 charts, enhancing visibility.

How does it work?

Our service boosts your track's engagement with real users through various ad campaigns. As a result, some users start purchasing the tracks, helping them climb the Beatport charts

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it adheres to Beatport's policies, ensuring the safety of your account.

How quickly will I see results?

Results typically appear within a few days to weeks, depending on the selected package and genre.

Can I target specific genres?

Yes, you can select packages that focus on specific genres for targeted promotion.

Will my track be permanently featured?

After we get your track to the top, the campaign is considered complete. Your track may go viral and stay in the charts for months, or it might drop out the day after the promotion ends. It all depends on how well your track is made and how much Beatport users like it.

How do I monitor success?

Monitor success through Beatport's top 100 chart pages, observing your track's chart position and engagement metrics. You can check also at Beatstats.

Can this service aid in career advancement?

Yes, achieving high rankings on Beatport can significantly enhance your music career by increasing exposure and credibility.

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I was skeptical at first, but PromosoundGroup's promotion really works. My track climbed to the Top 40 on Beatport, and the increase in exposure has been fantastic. Great job, guys!
PromosoundGroup helped my track reach new heights. Their Beatport Top 100 Promotion got my song into the Top 30, and the feedback from listeners has been amazing. Highly recommend!
So impressed with the results from the Beatport Top 100 Promotion. My track made it into the Top 100 and stayed there for weeks. PromosoundGroup delivered exactly what they promised.
PromosoundGroup's Beatport promotion is legit. My latest track hit the Top 20, and I saw a huge bump in streams and followers. Totally worth it. Will definitely use their services again.
I tried the Beatport Top 100 Promotion, and my track skyrocketed to the Top 50 within a week! The exposure and fan engagement were off the charts. PromosoundGroup really knows their stuff!
I was skeptical at first, but PromosoundGroup delivered beyond my expectations. My song not only entered the Beatport Top 100 but also stayed there for weeks! Best decision I made for my music career.
Thanks to PromosoundGroup, my song made it to the Beatport Top 100. The promotion was top-notch, and the results spoke for themselves. If you want to boost your music career, this is the way to go.
Amazing service from PromosoundGroup! My track hit the Beatport Top 100 and stayed there. The promotion was effective, and the team was super helpful. Will definitely use again for my next release.
PromosoundGroup's Beatport Top 100 Promotion gave my track the push it needed. It quickly climbed the charts, and I saw a huge increase in my fanbase. Totally worth it!
I used PromosoundGroup for my latest release, and the results were incredible. My track soared into the Beatport Top 50. The exposure I gained was unmatched. Highly recommend their services!
PromosoundGroup helped my track get the recognition it deserved. Their Beatport Top 100 Promotion is legit. My song charted in the Top 30, and the response was overwhelming. Truly grateful!
Huge thanks to PromosoundGroup for their Beatport Top 100 Promotion. My track entered the Top 100 within days. The support and results were phenomenal. Highly recommended for any aspiring DJ!
So happy with the Beatport Top 100 Promotion service. My track got the visibility it needed, and I saw a boost in sales and followers. PromosoundGroup really knows how to get results.
PromosoundGroup's promotion service is fantastic! My track climbed the Beatport charts quickly, gaining a lot of traction. The team was professional and delivered as promised. Will definitely use again!
Unbelievable results with the Beatport Top 100 Promotion. My track reached the Top 20! The exposure and engagement I got were amazing. If you're serious about your music, this is the service you need.
PromosoundGroup's Beatport Top 100 Promotion is the real deal! My track hit the Top 50 in no time, and I saw a significant increase in streams and followers. These guys know what they're doing. Big shoutout!
The Beatport Top 100 Promotion from PromosoundGroup was a game-changer for my latest track! Within a week, my song shot up the charts, gaining incredible exposure. Totally worth every penny. Highly recommend for any artist looking to make a mark!