You Need Spotify Playlist Placement? We know what to do!

There are more than four billion playlists on Spotify – from those generated by Spotify’s editorial team to playlists made by users like you and me. 

Crazy, isn’t it?

So, why do people keep creating more and more playlists, and why do artists want to get on them so badly?

Well, there are many goals that musicians and producers have in common. One of these goals is to have their music heard by those who are really interested in hearing it. 

In fact, playlists serve this purpose. Playlists are an excellent way for musicians to have their music heard by people who care about listening to and engaging with their tracks.

If you want to get more followers and plays on Spotify, you need to learn more about Spotify playlists and how to get on them. 

Here, I’ll explore Spotify’s playlist formats. So, you’re a musician or producer. In that case, understanding the importance of getting on playlists and the difference between each playlist can help you launch your music career by concentrating your attention on what counts the most: getting your music heard by the right people.

Ready to dive in?

What is Spotify playlist placement, and why should you get it?

  • First of all, because of the exposure it gives you. 

If your music is pitched to a playlist, it will be exposed to a large number of potential new listeners. Spotify playlists are organized mostly by genre. Therefore, if a listener encountered your music on a Rap/Hip Hop themed playlist, they would be more inclined to explore more of your work. More listeners would be exposed to your music if it were included on many playlists.

Spotify also frequently provides curated playlists for a variety of occasions and interests. Some folks may go so far as to create a playlist just for some of their hobbies, and then they’ll listen to that playlist constantly when they’re busy doing them. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone online to find a nice playlist and then listened to it so many times that I ended myself following all of the artists on it.

  • You earn more money.

Most musicians are aware that Spotify pays musicians royalties for their songs that are streamed. At first, the revenue per stream may be minimal. However, a number of musicians have had one of their songs make it onto a playlist and get popular after that. Something like that can significantly increase your song’s stream count, which ultimately equals more income for you as an artist.

Types of Spotify playlists 

Spotify organizes playlists in several categories based on the people who create and listen to them. Let me tell you more. I’ll try to keep it as short as I can. On Spotify and other streaming services, you may find three main types of playlists:

1. Editorial playlists, which are curated by actual people who work for the platform;
Song selection for these playlists is based on the following criteria: 

  • How many people follow you on Spotify? 
  • Does your single, album, or artist page get much attention? 

Has your music been included on any playlists before?

While these factors are also considered by playlist curators, it is more likely that artists will be featured in case they are already well-known or have the support of a record label.
Though, never say never; there’s still a possibility you may get pitched to at least one of them. To get the ball rolling, use the Spotify For Artist dashboard to alert the editors of your upcoming track. A week is a good minimum amount of time to pitch a track before a release, but the more time you have, the better. For results, you need consistency, patience, and a loyal fan base that will help you gain momentum when you release new music.

2. Algorithmic playlists. The algorithms of streaming services use information about songs and listeners to generate personalized playlists for each user. These playlists consider factors such as the number of times a song has been played, how often it has been saved for later listening, and how often it has been shared with others. As long as people keep listening to it, this curation mechanism allows the same music to be on the playlists of millions of Spotify users simultaneously. In addition, editorial playlists are updated on a weekly or monthly basis, whereas algorithmic playlists tend to feature songs for longer periods.

3. Curated or User-generated. They are run by Spotify users. Here’s the math: even if you can’t break through the “locked” doors of editorial and algorithmic playlists, which is the situation for many independent artists, you may still be able to do so through curated playlists. In order to make it into the algorithmic playlists, streaming services like Spotify examine your data, including the number of monthly subscribers, the number of streams on this track, the number of playlist entries, etc. Editorial playlists typically feature musicians that are either signed to a label or have generated significant stream numbers, demonstrating the public’s interest in their music. But user-generated playlists are fantastic in helping artists achieve this goal of showing the organic popularity growth of their tracks.

How to get Spotify playlist placement?

Well, it depends on how popular you and your tracks are.
Let’s say you want to get on Editorial playlists. Then, you’d have to try to get Spotify playlist placement via your Spotify for Artists profile.
But just like I’ve mentioned before, if your fanbase is not that big, and your track doesn’t get enough plays and saves, your chances to get there are incredibly small. 

Then, you can take your chances with Algorithmic playlists. But again, this Spotify playlist placement can be possible in case you have data like followers, number of streams, other playlist entries, etc.

Your third option and I’d say the most effective option is to get Spotify playlist placement through Curated playlists. Buying Spotify playlist placement is the best way to get on these playlists. It’s hard to find a good playlist that will be in the right genre, have a lot of followers, and so on. But not if you know a good Spotify playlist placement service. These companies help you get on playlists and build your career, get more followers, and do more playlist pitches in the future. All you need to do is find the right one and buy your Spotify playlist placement

Reasons to buy Spotify playlist placement

Spotify curated, user-generated playlists… Whatever you call it, it can help you in your Spotify playlist placement. All these playlists can provide you with what you need most: get your music heard not only by your mom and dog. How? With the help of a Spotify playlist placement service.

As one of the most essential goals of every independent musician is to have their music noticed by a new big audience, the music industry and the algorithms of streaming services make this exceedingly challenging. But when you buy Spotify playlist placement and get on popular user-generated playlists, all of your challenges will seem a lot easier to deal with.  

Use Spotify playlist placement service to get on top!

There’re billions of playlists on Spotify, but you need the one that will make your Spotify promotion fast and organic, right?
Then, who can help you more than a professional Spotify playlist placement service? Right, there’s hardly a better choice than a respectable and reliable company.
A good Spotify playlist placement service can help you get on some playlists; the best service will get you on playlists that fit your music perfectly, where people will enjoy it and follow you. When you buy a Spotify playlist placement, you’re not looking for some random pitches; you’re looking for excellent results. And our PromoSound Spotify playlist placement service is the best on the market and knows how to provide you with everything you need. 

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To make it clear, let me tell you what benefits you will get from working with PromoSound Spotify playlist placement service:

  • If you’re smart and decide to get your Spotify playlist placement from PromoSound, you will get on the best playlists that will fit your music. Then, labels, Spotify’s editorial staff, and, most importantly, an authentic audience who wants to listen to your music will take notice as you amass streams from these playlists. Eventually, genuine Spotify growth will result from playlist advertising.
  • Later on, with the help of a Spotify playlist placement service, you can even wind up on more than a hundred playlists in addition to those few original playlists you were added to. I’m saying so cause it has already happened to many artists who worked with us. 

One of the less-talked-about benefits of buying Spotify playlist placement is the indirect effects it has. Imagine that you successfully get on a few different playlists. You now have lots of real-world listeners who can save your song, follow you, add it to their playlist(s), share it with their friends, and even listen to more of your music if they like what they hear.

Last thoughts on Spotify playlist placement 

I think it’s time for you to take Spotify playlist placement services seriously. Now the platforms’ algorithms put more weight on the number of monthly listeners and the strength of an artist’s stream growth. This means that an artist who generates 4,000 streams in November and 6,500 in December may be deemed more intriguing by the algorithm than one who makes 20,000 streams in February but only 1,200 in March. 

That’s exactly why you need to buy Spotify playlist placement from PromoSound. We know how to create an instant buzz around your tracks and how to make you a new Spotify Star. With us, your popularity on the platform will constantly rise.

Make your decision wisely, but don’t wait for too long. This world should finally hear what you’ve got!