TikTok said the clock – success is here!

TikTok is the result of the merger of two popular services in China. As a result, the world saw a new social network, which overwhelmed with its popularity the whole planet. Today TikTok is gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular every month. It’s not easy to describe the TikTok concept: young people record their own video sequences with fresh music tracks – some kind of amateur clips. However, TikTok grew into something much more – now it is a subculture, with its stars with a multi-million audience. What should you do to make your TikTok account popular ang gain traffic to your accounts on music streaming services?

What is TikTok promotion?

For the active development of the channel, you need to clearly understand for which audience the music was written, how you can unite it with interesting videos and attract new listeners and fans. It is worth formulating and writing down the answers to such questions: how can you make your music tracks even more interesting with video playback, how to make people want to subscribe to you and listen to your music, how to interest music agent and producer in your music. It is important to understand that people come to TikTok to relax their brains, and you can use it to affect their minds.

How to do promotion on TikTok

Before we find out what is promotion in TikTok, let us look on the statistics. It is damn interesting, even with the fact that we all have been using this service for a long time. Over past 2 years, the application has collected more than 500 million users; they make 1 billion views daily, with 90% involvement. And the average screen time for each user per day is 52 minutes. There are many options for promotion – from advertising accounts to hashtags. The principles of promotion in any social networks are the same – following trends and fitting into the interests of the audience. But you need to clearly understand the specifics of this process. Let’s try to understand it together and find out if you need our help.

Some basic principles

You may ask: “How can I promote my TikTok channel and become popular musician?” Select the best promotion service and gain success fast! In order to gain popularity and attract attention from producers, label managers and their agents, you need to enter the TikTok network as quickly as possible. It was necessary to create an account yesterday, but today it is necessary to fully promote music in it. In fast-growing services, speed is a key. Every day, people who are searching for new young talents constantly monitor TikTok, trying to find their new big star – you! So where can I promote my TikTok account and hack the system? Ideally, you need to start it by choosing the best service for organic promotion, Promosoundgroup.

One of the main point in TikTok promotion is choosing the right soundtrack. And since you surely are a musician it will be easy for you to choose songs you value the most, and consider to be the best songs you have ever written. And surely your electronic music, or rap, or pop music is great, no doubts. But there is a need for you to think about choosing videos that will complement your tracks. And your tracks can eventually find their place in TikTok database, and users will be able to use them in their videos. This will certainly boost your recognition, and pump up popularity. Did you know that TikTok pays good royalties to every musician for every track they add to TikTok database? It is quite big, much bigger than on other services, even bigger than on some specialized music streaming services.

What do we do for your music promotion through TikTok?

All the things that are usually considered as what promotion in TikTok is, can be provided by Promosoundgroup. You should start promoting music in TikTok as soon as you created accounts in various music streaming services. The faster you do it, the bigger will be effect. First weeks of songs release are the most important ones, so do not miss the chance. We can’t write music for you, but we can make your music play on any phone. With few clicks on the buttons on our website you can become star. What if I say you that some top stars are our customers? Maybe some of them are close colleagues with Madonna, Martin Garrix, and Jay-Z. I will not say names, but some dancing Monkeys were happy with the result.

Why followers and likes are the first priority

Working with number of followers is a difficult task. However, only our precise and competent execution will allow you to create a popular account on TikTok and gain certain attention of users and music producers. Now, what are all potential followers and viewers looking at? Likes. This “thing” in many social networks has long been the key. Buying TikTok likes has long been a necessary measure that all owners of popular TikTok accounts have resorted to.

Can TikTok views open doors to concerts and public love?

Along with likes and followers, do not forget about views. This parameter is not decisive for the growth of the channel. However, it would be foolish to underestimate its influence. Views affect audience growth. Psychology works here: the more views, the more people are interested in the content. And more people watch videos organically, more chances you have to find your future producer. Therefore, when working with your account, you need to concentrate on all four key parameters- likes, views, shares, and followers.

Are there any placer where I can promote my TikTok channel?

Today there are many services for gaining followers, likes and views. About many of them, some are better, some are worse. Not only promotion service determines success after all. Creation of new, unique music, use of new music recording technologies, and continuous search for new music waves – are the components of success in the field of music, not only TikTok. However, it is best to entrust your account to specialists from Promosoundgroup, to us. We know the magic!