Medium Artist Monthly Push

Delicious! Starter, main course & dessert - all wrapped up into one! Launch your tunes into the stratosphere with an all-inclusive music promotion pack, made for busy artists who want to focus on creating music.

Professional music promotion today must include music portal positioning, complemented by clever social media marketing, and spiced up by a few cool hacks. Here you get all of that, in a well-balanced package. 

Buy the Artist Push medium pack and treat yourself to Soundcloud promotion, music industry email marketing and social media promotion. The links below redirect to more specific services:

  • 1,000 Soundcloud Followers, 10,000 Plays, 200 Comments and 200 Favs (likes), 50 Reposts. All can be split among any number of tracks;
  • Natural organic growth: +2,000 Fan Page Likes from real users from all over the world;
  • 1,900 email contacts of Top Djs;
  • 5,000 email contacts of music-loving subscribers for your newsletter mail out;
  • 5% discount on your future Beatport Top 100 promotion.

Order yourself some deliciously pro, complete music promotion and focus on what you do best: creating tunes that give folks goosebumps!

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