Soundcloud & Facebook Complex Promotion for 1 Month

Give your tunes an injection of Internet love! Here's a compound offer that combines electronic music social media marketing and music portal online promotion, designed to get your social profiles and a selection of your tracks of choice flying online.

These EDM promotion services focus on Facebook and Twitter mixed up with targeted Soundcloud promo. The former promotes your brand, the latter strengthens your tracks' performance. Talk about best of both worlds...

Order this one-month promo package today and attain natural growth of your social venues. Here you get: 

You will get the natural growth your social per 6 months:

  • +500 Facebook likes
  • +300 Soundcloud Followers
  • +200 Soundcloud Comments & +200 Favs (for ALL tracks)
  • +5,000 Soundcloud Plays (for ALL tracks)

The package is delivered a couple of days after ordering. We use real and active user profiles.

$80 $120
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