Payment Gateways FAQ


For Wise users: you can send payment directly on our Wise email:



For other user out of Wise:

🇺🇸 USD 

Account holder: Fotosynteza OÜ

ACH routing number: 026073150

Wire routing number: 026073008

Account number: 8310721041

Account type: Checking

Address: TransferWise. 19 W 24th Street. New York NY 10010. United States.


🇪🇺 EUR 

Account holder: Fotosynteza OÜ


IBAN: BE98 9670 2918 0693

Address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52. Brussels. 1050. Belgium


Bitcoin: 3CwYQF3F6hRfcNmkHPDtXchiZhPcuz5UD5

Ethereum: 0xD5140c9Ca5d78c49254DC4c16D25754a4F8C7FBF

Let us know after payment.

Since our main payment provider cant accept payment more than 500 USD.
The best solution - please create an account here you can top up your account inside payment service.
After, you will be able to do any payments with no limits. Just during checkout chose this option
Check video instruction HERE
If you have Payeer account, you can send payment directly from Payeer to Payeer, here is our Payeer account ID P1042847112
Let us know after payment.

Please send payment here

Note: Purpose of payment – Service

After payment, please send us Payoneer transaction ID.

MasterCard For 🇺🇸 Users

Due to the last updates, MasterCard may decline the payment, please try Visa or PayPal.

Debit Cards - The Most common decline reasons

As lately there are some discussions about SMM business it might be that some banks refuse to allow to make payments in social media marketing websites and decline the transaction with the "Do not Honour" code, as it covers all kinds of reasons. Please note that these decline reasons comes from issuing banks, not us, as all authorization process goes through them.

The most frequent decline reasons:

1) The code is 3000: Do not Honour - which can mean anything as customer's card issuing bank did not specify the reason of the decline (it can be invalid card, exceeded limit and etc.). In such case only customer can do something about it, like contact the bank and ask for the transaction to go through.

2) The second decline reason is 33333: 3D Secure Authorization Failed. - this means that customer did not finish the 3D Secure authorization, did not enter a special security code, entered an invalid security code, or closed the authorization window too early. A note in the checkout with the reminder to do not close the payment window too early, to wait until payment finalizes (or something like that) can help.

3) Transaction declined by authorization system (used almost every time when VISA card was declined)

4) Transaction declined (limit exceeded) (few cases when VISA card was blocked)

5) The maximum number of transactions per account already exceeded (few cases when VISA card was blocked)

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