How to turn TikTok into the infinite revenue source?


  • TikTok. What is it?
  • The phenomenon of TikTok
  • Making real dollars on TikTok
  • What is a Brand Sponsorship and how to make money with Brand Sponsorships?
  • The method of growing and selling TikTok accounts will make you filthy rich
  • Streamer-like method for earning money – go Live and receive the donations from the viewers
  • How to buy TikTok Coins?
  • TikTok, how to monetize it, and withdraw real money


TikTok. What is it?

TikTok is the most popular, the fastest growing social-media network, based on video sharing. It was created by a Chinese company ByteDance, and after completely conquering China in 2017 it began its expansion to the rest of the world with the simultaneous launch for iOS and Android. The app allows people to create short, funny, interesting videos, show talents and hobbies, spread the ideas and share thoughts and knowledge.


The phenomenon of TikTok

Let’s look at the timeline of the TikTok lifespan:

  1. 2016 – launched in China
  2. More than 800 million active users in a year
  3. 2017 – worldwide launch
  4. Almost 1,6 billion downloads and a billion of active users today

That’s phenomenal. No other network had such a rapid growth. And taking into the account that the audience of the TikTok is mainly youth 16-24 years, it is little bit less unpredictable. Only 30 percent of all users are over 25, but it still is a huge number. Did you know that the average time the user spends on TikTok is 52 minutes? It is twice  the Instagram’s time. And also more than a one third of all users post something every day.

Seeing all this craziness, the question arises – how to make money from it?

Making real dollars on TikTok

Since TikTok is a new social network it has quite a few methods for money-making. Check them out below. Some of them are new, and some  -already familiar.


What is a Brand Sponsorship and how to make money with Brand Sponsorships?

TikTok Sponsorship, just like any other sponsorship, is a marketing strategy. The brand sends you their product, and you feature it in your content. When the user sees his favorite TikTok influencer using this product, he wants to own such thing too. He goes online and buys that product, increasing the sales for the brand. The TikTok vlogger gets money from not only payment for featuring the “thing” but also for every attracted customer.

And if your account is big enough it can become a very good revenue source. So, are you ready to earn money on TikTok? To earn money from Brand Sponsorships you need to do some things. 

Well, there are really no steps or particular actions to take. It is more of a strategy to follow. You need to create a good profile that will attract followers, that can buy something. Not kids, only adults. Adults can buy stuff, right? If you have such an account already you need to check it for engagement Your followers must be well-engaged into your content, follow your links, etc. If you have all that you are now officially available for Brand Sponsorships! If the brands are not reaching you out, you can do it yourself. This strategy is called “Influence marketing” and there quite a few companies and services that can handle this for you.

If you want to know more about TikTok, how to start, how to grow the audience and how to attract new users – read our blog. In our articles about TikTok you can find a lot of information about TikTok accounts, content creation, promotion, gaining new followers and views.

Getting more followers, more views, and likes will significantly increase your attractiveness for brands and the chances of potential sponsorships. 


The method of growing and selling TikTok accounts will make you filthy rich

The sphere of eCommerce evolves every day, and TikTok is only strengthening its positions in this field. With the growth of its popularity it becomes similar to Facebook and Instagram in terms of ad performance. As a platform for promoting something it has no competitors. And the profile, and its size, also increases its value. For example on TikTok a profile with a hundred thousand followers can cost a small fortune. Every business now understands the power of TikTok. So the method of growing big profiles and then selling them becomes very relevant.

To do it, you need to create the profile that will satisfy the peoples needs in some sphere of entertainment. You have to create and upload videos regularly, follow trends or even create them. You just have to make your profile viral and popular, or it will not be interesting for the purchase. There are many people who do this, but the demand is higher. So you have some room for work.


Streamer-like method for earning money – go Live and receive the donations from the viewers

To utilize this method of earning you need to have an account with at least a thousand followers. The more – the better. To gain this audience you can upload trendy videos and even repost someone’s videos. Just get those followers by all means.

For many of you it can sound strange, but TikTok has a built-in system for monetization and donations. It is very simple to YouTube Live, where you also go live and people send you money for the support. There should be no problems setting it up!

However, there is one problem – users can’t send you money directly.First, they have to buy TikTok Coins. And after that they can send you those coins. After receiving the coins you can turn them into Diamonds, and only after that you can withdraw them as real money. Strange system, but it works fine and requires no additional apps or services. 


How to buy TikTok Coins?

If you are a user who wants to donate, or a creator who wants to try the system out, here are the steps to take to buy coins:

  1. Open your TikTok profile
  2. Find the “three dots” and tap on them
  3. Tap “Balance”
  4. “Recharge”
  5. Now you see packages available for purchase. Choose the one that suits you best.
  6. Choose the payment option. It can be Apple Pay, credit card, Google Pay, or Google Play Balance.
  7. Wait for the few minutes till the transaction is complete and there are money on your Balance.
  8. Click “continue”
  9. Done!

Now you have TikTok Coins, and you can spend them as you want. You can send them directly to your favorite creator that is live, or save for later. These coins can be the expression of your liking, and the creator will definitely be happy to receive a few dimes. If you are the creator, and you’ve received some coins, what should you do? You can, as mentioned above, transfer those coins to Diamonds, and withdraw them to your PayPal account. Setting up that account is easy as it can be, so let’s not dwell on that.

TikTok, how to monetize it, and withdraw real money

As we already said, you need to have a PayPal account that is verified. Make sure that the information about your PayPal account is accurate. Do you want your money to go in the wrong direction? To withdraw money you have to earn at least a hundred US Dollars. That is unfortunate, but still manageable. Also, TikTok won’t allow you to withdraw more than a thousand dollars per day. All these limitations are quite reasonable, and you can live with them easily, and even earn a good reward.

We hope that this short article was helpful for you, and that we didn’t bore you to death. More information regarding TikTok and promotion on TikTok you can find on the Promosound website. Stay tuned for next posts in our blogs, to start earning money on TikTok!