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Traxsource Top 100 Promotion
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Launch your tunes straight into the Traxsource Top 100 with our custom-built promotion service. Smell the thin, clean air above the clouds.
Depending on your genre, this service is priced differently, case by case. Email us at, and we’ll get back to you with a quote right away!

Traxsource Top 100 promotion

Well now, isn’t this a rare find?

A music promotion service is hell-bent on getting you to the Traxsource Top 100. In fact, we’d dare say, the best Traxsource promotion service in the known universe, being that we’ve been there, done that for years now.

Learn how this sublimely effective top 100 Traxsource promotion works, or get down to business by checking out the mic-dropping, music career-blasing promo packs on this page.

Ready? Steady? You know the drill…

How it works: top 100 Traxsource promotion

Borne out of delightfully down-to-earth record label Soulfuric Recordings, Traxsource has been helping DJs get their music heard with a blend of digital music store and EDM chart service. 

Since 2004, go figure.

Now, to get effective Traxsource top 100 promotion – without the promotion – you’d usually need a certain artsy flavor and quite the organic followership… and to insistently submit your tracks to Traxsource 🙏🙏🙏

But with the best Traxsource promotion such as ours, you don’t have to –– because we do everything for you!

We’ve been working with the folks @ Traxsource for years, and we know the exact mix of organic promotion and networking your track needs to get to the Traxsource top 100.

Meet the best Traxsource promotion service

Getting professional music promotion ultimately all comes down to results, so the best Traxsource promotion service is the one that’s played the field for a while.

Enter: Yours Truly.

We’ve helped thousands of DJs, artists, labels and bands climb to the top of… pretty much any chart. All the way to the top baby. With this Traxsource top 100 music promotion service, we can get your any track onto the Trax charts – Traxsource top 100, top 50, and top 20.

Chances are, if you’re hell-bent on getting featured in Traxsource top 7.49, we can do that too, but let’s stick to the ABCs for now.

In either case, how long it takes, and how much it $$$’s, depends on your genre, which defines how tough it is to deliver effective Traxsource top 100 promotion in your very special case.

Get your Top 100 Traxsource promotion, by genre

Your beats sound like victory. But what’s your genre?

Promoting music onto Traxsource top 100 can be a tough titty for popular genres, such as house, deep house or techno. That’s why we’ve categorized out Traxy music promos depending on genre.

Some are ready-made Traxsource top 100 packs you can get right away. Easy as cake.

But in some cases, like Traxsource Top 20 placement for Deep House, we can only offer bespoke services that we price case-by-case. In that case, all you have to do is get in touch with us and let us crunch some numbers.

But whatever your genre or desired chart placement, our top 100 Traxsource promotion can get you there.

Ask, and you shall be given, as they say.

Get to the top with the best Traxsource promotion service

The air gets thin at the top, so make sure you bring a sweater leave those blunts at home.

(Ok, maybe bring one just in case. Or, dunno, vape or something).

What matters is that here on Earth, you’ve discovered the best Traxsource promotion service out there: effective, crazy efficient Traxsource top 100 promotion you can get with no sweat.

And of course, with 100% legal, legit, safe and savings-friendly promotion methods – our very specialty.

Ok then. Take a dive into our top 100 Traxsource promotion services and get ready to climb up to the top of the charts from the top of Mount Everest!


What is Traxsource Top 100 Promotion?

This service boosts your music's ranking on the Traxsource Top 100 charts, increasing visibility.

How does it work?

The service promotes your track to increase plays and engagement, helping it climb the charts.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it complies with Traxsource's policies, ensuring your account's safety.

How quickly will I see results?

Results can be seen within a few days, depending on the package and genre.

Can I target specific genres?

Yes, packages are available that cater to specific genres for more effective promotion.

Will my track be permanently featured?

Feature duration depends on the promotion package and chart performance and audience actions.

How do I monitor success?

Monitor success through Traxsource top charts pages, tracking chart position.

Can this help with career growth?

Yes, high chart rankings on Traxsource can significantly boost your music career by increasing exposure.

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PromosoundGroup took my track to new heights! Made it into the Traxsource Top 50, and the exposure was amazing. Highly recommend their promotion services.
Absolutely thrilled with the results from Promosound's Traxsource Top 100 Promotion! My track shot up the charts and got the attention it deserved. Will definitely use this service again.
Huge thanks to Promosound for their top-notch service. My track reached the Traxsource charts and the increase in streams has been phenomenal. Couldn't be happier!
This promotion service is on point. My track made it to the Traxsource Top 100 and I've seen a huge uptick in engagement. Highly recommend PromosoundGroup!
PromosoundGroup's Traxsource promotion got my track to chart in no time. The exposure is incredible, and I’ve gained a lot of new listeners. Fantastic service!
Best decision ever! My track got the attention it deserved and entered the Traxsource Top 100. PromosoundGroup delivered as promised.
Promosound's Traxsource Top 100 Promotion is a game changer. My song hit the charts and the increase in plays and followers was immediate. Love it!
Can't believe how effective this promotion was. My track went from obscure to top 100 on Traxsource. PromosoundGroup really knows their stuff.
Impressed with the results! My song got into the Traxsource Top 100 thanks to PromosoundGroup. The whole process was smooth and professional.
Big shoutout to Promosound for their amazing promo service. My track climbed up to the top 75 on Traxsource. The boost in visibility is exactly what I needed.
Traxsource Top 100 Promotion by PromosoundGroup really worked wonders. My music got noticed, and I saw a significant spike in streams and downloads. Highly recommended!
This promo service is legit! My track got so much attention and hit the top 100 on Traxsource. Totally worth it. I'll be using Promosound again for sure.
Wow, PromosoundGroup knows how to deliver! My song made it to the top 50 on Traxsource within a week. Couldn't ask for a better promotion service.
Super happy with the Traxsource Top 100 Promotion service! My track jumped up the charts, and the exposure has been fantastic. Definitely recommend it to any artist looking to boost their presence.