Buy Tidal Playlists Placement

1-2k streams

Listeners increase

Followers engagement


 2-4k streams

 Listeners increase

ᐅ Followers engagement


5-10k streams

 Listeners increase

ᐅ Followers engagement


10-20k streams

 Listeners increase

ᐅ Followers engagement


Gain your streams up to 4000 - 8000 per placement promo time.


Gain your streams up to 2000 - 4000 per placement promo time.


Gain your streams up to 6000 - 12000 per placement promo time. 


Gain your streams up to 10000 - 20000 per placement promo time.


Tidal, Tidal, Tidal. Like a wave of tide it brings your success from the oceans deep. It can be millions of followers, billions of plays, golden albums and public recognition. You can accept your fate or deny it. But one thing stays the same- you will be famous with Tidal playlists. If you want to become the man (or woman) you always wanted to be, if you can’t live without screaming crowd, or your life fuel is media popularity - buy Tidal promotion today. Today you buy promotion - tomorrow you get millions in cash and golden limousines. Scroll down to see your options, and make your choice!

Howdy, partner! Are you ready to play some blues? No? Not blues? Is this music too old for you? Well, if you are a young musician with ambitions, it may really seem old for you. But do you know what else is old? Your approach to your career. If you ever asked older musicians for advice, you’ve heard “just create, and success will follow”. And this is the core mistake. The world has changed, and you need to adapt. It is like evolution, and in this evolution you want to be a fish, to become human eventually. Wow, such a strange opening. Is this article really about music? Yes, it is about Tidal playlists and Tidal playlist promotion. Don’t tell anyone, let it be our secret!

Tidal playlist promotion, Whaat?

Such strange words, Tidal playlist promotion. Will you promote whole playlists? No, of course not. It means promotion through playlists.  But do you really need it? Such a spirited and talented musician surely can build his success without any help, right? Sadly, wrong. If you recall some information from your memory about music history, you will see that it was always about promotion. All musicians used some sort of promotion. Whether it was a boy, screaming about you on the streets of Europe, or a trained producer, able to sell a bottle of water to a drowning man. It was always there. 

How to promote through Tidal playlists? It is relatively easy, but requires some understanding of promotion processes. Whole idea of promotion through Tidal playlists can be described in one short sentence - Tidal playlist placement. Now let me explain to you what is this placement, why playlists, and reasons for you to buy Tidal playlist placement.

How playlist placement works on Tidal?

Placement is the exact word to describe the promotion process. Tidal playlist curators take your song, and place it into one or several popular playlists. Such playlists have hundreds of thousands of active followers and listeners, so your coverage area is massive. 

When a user will hear a song and like it, he or she will add it to his library and follow the account of the musician for further updates and new tracks. It will boost traffic and popularity in an organic and safe way. If the real person does it - it is almost forever.

Why should you choose Tidal playlists for promotion?

You can say: Dude, Tidal is not a very big platform, when you compare it to Spotify. And we agree on that. But, Tidal has something to offer, that no other service can. I suppose you haven’t noticed, but in many stores in Europe or USA there are mirrors, with text “music by Tidal”. It means that this place uses Tidal to entertain customers. So, where can you see this text? Here are some places:

  • Clothes shops
  • Footwear shops
  • Gyms
  • Cafes
  • Big shopping malls, etc.

Tidal is bigger than you think, and buying playlist placement on Tidal is really a good investment.

Promotion service, how to choose?

Now, after we found out how to promote music via Tidal playlist placement, let’s choose service that can perform playlist placement with guarantees of success. Choosing your playlist placement service is also a very important task. Such service must be experienced, have well-trained playlist curators on Tidal, and have low prices. Kinda sounds like an impossible task, doesn’t it? 

Frankly speaking it does, but there are some answers for you. Some services to draw your attention to. Promosoundgroup can be the playlist placement service of your choice. Experienced curators and popular playlists will make you a star one day.

Future? What will be your future like? Hard to tell. However, music producer could hear your song, or one of his agents, shazam it and boom, you’re popular. Late night shows, concerts, music festivals. All yours. But you need to do only one thing to have them - click “buy”. One click will change your life, dude! Go higher, further than the stars!

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