Tidal Hip Hop Playlists

Playlists, mixtapes, compilations. Success and fame have many names, and these are only few of them. All stars are on Tidal, conquering it. Why are you standing aside? Take your weapon - promotion, and give them a fight. Show them what you’re made of, show them that you are worthy. All those kids know nothing about music, and you know everything. You know where you want to be, and who you want to be. Find your place in the most popular playlist today, to get place on the music Olympus tomorrow. Check your options, make a few clicks - and boom, you are the king!

Gain your streams up to 2000 - 4000 per placement promo time.


Gain your streams up to 4000 - 8000 per placement promo time.


Gain your streams up to 6000 - 12000 per placement promo time. 


Gain your streams up to 10000 - 20000 per placement promo time.


Are you ready kids? I can’t hear you! Wow, stop singing the Spongebob song! Yes, the Spongebob song is catchy, but do you know what else is? Success is catchy. As soon as you get one, you will never stop being successful. Especially if you are a musician. So, what will we talk about today? Since you are a musician, you probably understand how the music industry works nowadays. Buy, if you are a newbie, we will explain it to you. Also, we will inform you about Tidal hip hop playlist promotion, music promotion in general, mixtapes on Tidal, and so on. it will be fun, fast, and effective. If you read this material, you will know what to do, how to promote Tidal playlists, and eventually how to become a star.

Tidal hip hop playlist - is this your way of promotion?

Where to start, hmmm. Oh, yes. Let’s start from the beginning. The beginning of musical career. How does it look for an average Tidal hip hop musician? You create your first song, then the second one, then the third one. You upload it to the Tidal, and wait. That how it looks like for an average musician. But you are not the average one, aren’t you? If you are more of an experienced and future-looking musician, you will go the other way. Your way to success will begin from Tidal playlist placement

So, do you need Tidal playlist placement?

Short answer - yes! But why? Music is all about promotion. You need to make people hear not only your music, but to hear about you! Your name must become an ad, the quality sign, something to attract people. That’s why you desperately need Tidal hip hop promotion. Music industry from the beginning was about promotion. How? For the first concerts for Mozart, there were boys all over the town to shout information out loud and attract people. However, the world has changed, the way the music industry works has changed also. No need for screaming boys, only digital and organic, safe promotion. 

How to promote Tidal hip hop playlist?

Can you do it on your own? Well, partially. To successfully promote Tidal playlist with your song in it, you just need o click “buy”. Really, it’s that simple. Of course it is not for free, but it is not so expensive. Just a few bucks, and you are a king! What can you buy for a few dollars? Will you choose a cheeseburger and fries, or a step to your future? Promotion through Tidal mixtapes is your choice. It works like this: your song gets placed into top-rated and popular playlist, and people start listening to it. It is safe, fast, effective, and most importantly - organic way of promotion. People will simply never notice the promotion, and add the songs to their libraries naturally. And that’s how you will achieve loyal audience.

Why hip hop musician should choose Tidal?

Easy - coverage. Tidal is much more popular than you think. Here is the short list of places, that actively use Tidal:

  • restaurant
  • coffee shops
  • shoe shops
  • clothes shop
  • shopping malls
  • gyms

Ass you see, the list is quite long. All the people visiting these places can legally become your audience. And this single thing should be enough to convince you to start using Tidal hip hop playlists for promotion and building your career.

So, conclusion!

Here are few words of conclusion. Should you promote your tracks? Yes! Will you get success fast? Almost. In a few promotions, music producer will hear your single and then your real career will start. And this career will be bright, like the sun. Crowds of fans, full stadiums, golden records, prestige awards and much more. It will be fulfillment of your dreams. No way around it, only forward. Light the way with your talent and take what is rightfully yours!

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