1k Spotify Premium Plays

Expand your horizons with our new promo pack. 

Buy 1,000 Spotify Premium plays for your track or song. 

Double increase your Spotify royalty. 

Secret trick will helps to push your music into the best Spotify streaming platform.

*Please, note! This service provides considerable expenses for us. So, if your track is 6:00 minutes or longer, you will have to order it twice.

Delivery time: 3-5 days.

Also, you can order worldwide Spotify plays.

$8 $18
Out of stock
Efficient. Reliable. Great service. Promosound Group is a powerful tool to help genuine musicians get an edge in the corporate music world. Moderately priced. Effective service. Resilient work ethic. I'm an indie artist from Los Angeles and been in the business for 30 years. I am committed. Everything I have goes into music. I toured the states and Europe, but I could never compete with the corporate music world and their decision to say who makes it and who doesn’t. Promosound Group gave me a platform for my voice to be heard. They will provide top-notch music promotion, providing you have realistic expectations, but most musicians these days don’t. That said, If you are a real, honest, struggling musician who believes in your music, and need help getting heard, PromosoundGroup is the place for you. PromosoundGroup is for real musicians who know the real music world.
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