80 Spotify Playlists placement

Now THIS is how smart Spotify promotion looks like! Playlists are the beating heart of the streaming service, and by featuring your track in there you'll get visibility, listeners and actual streams, which count towards your royalty payments. 

With this professional Spotify promotion service, you get to add one song or track on several premium Spotify playlists, which will be held there around one week.

This specific pack gives you 80 Spotify playlists placement.

During promo time you will get with guaranty

    160k - 320k monetizable  US, Europe based streams total.

    New listeners 

    Spotify rating points

    ★ Related tracks ranking

    Organic increasing coverage

    NOTE: some part of streams will be set off by Spotify as «Other listener’s playlists» check example http://joxi.ru/LmGEpYEiwNkd5A

    30-40% Will be set off as Directly Playlist plays.

    Within 5 days after your order & payment, we'll send you proof links of your track up there in the streaming cloud. Feel free to come back every day to see how it feels to see that stream count rise steadily (spoiler: it feels real good!). Own Spotify music promotion today, with our safe, legit and super easy to use service.


    We generate traffic and delivery of plays directly through our playlist for all subscribers, through various advertising companies, using target music groups, blogs, partner's music platforms and other ways of involving the target audience.

    Delivery time: 140-200 Days.

    $800 $1200
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