Spotify Underground 10k Followers Playlist Placement

Here's a straightforward one. Get exposure, streams and followers for your song or track on Spotify, by adding it to an underground premium playlist 10k followers – and growing fast!

Your track will get 5,000-10,000 plays during the Spotify promotion period.

 New listeners 

 Spotify rating points

★ Related tracks ranking

 Organic increasing coverage

NOTE: some part of streams will be set off by Spotify as «Other listener’s playlists» check example

20-40% Will be set off as Directly Playlist plays.

With this pack, you get Spotify exposure, streams and new followers, all in one simple, easy to manage package. Our listeners come from all over the world.

Order today, and we'll send a link to your track in the playlist as proof within 5 days. Hack Spotify promotion the easy way, with our professional streaming promotion service. 

Delivery time: from one week until two months.

$50 $100
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