Spotify Mixed Promotion

As far as promo “packages” go, this one defines the term and should headline the Wikipedia entry (know what? Maybe it will). With one killer shot you pick all you need to shine at Spotify: plays, followers, listeners, and even likes & saves. All delivered safely, trickling in steadily, and as always with INSANE value.


All inclusive package:

500 Spotify Followers | 1k streams | 500 Monthly listeners


All inclusive package:

1k Spotify Followers | 2k streams | 1k Monthly listeners


All inclusive package: Best price.

5k Plays, 2k Followers & 2k Listeners


All inclusive package: Best price.

10k Plays, 4k Followers & 4k Listeners


All inclusive package: Upgrade your channel in ONE click!

1k Plays, 500 Monthly Listeners


All inclusive package: Upgrade your channel in ONE click!

5k Plays, 500 Saves, 3k Monthly Listeners

Let's push Discover Weekly and Release Radar Spotify with your Tracks! As a result of the promotion, you will get 1,500 followers to the playlist and 20,000 plays split beating all your tracks on the playlist.

All-in-one Spotify mixed promotion

Even though we offer every possible Spotify promotion package here on the site, we realized that many DJs, musicians and bands find it a tough titty to choose the best promo for their music.

Spotify followers? Plays? Sure, but how many, and mixed in what proportions?

That’s why we made this special Spotify mixed promotion for you to enjoy: every aspect of Spotify promotion your heart desires at the click of a button. Zero thinking, all awesomeness.


Buy mixed promotion on Spotify. Shine. Repeat

When you buy this mixed promotion on Spotify, you get a cocktail of

  • paid Spotify plays
  • real Spotify followers
  • real Spotify monthly listeners...
  • plus you can get Spotify Discover Weekly push
  • or buy Spotify Release Radar placement

All these - like every self-respecting cocktail – dosed & mixed up to perfection by your team @ Promosound.

So, how to buy this Spotify mixed promotion? Just check the promo packs on this page and find your perfect balance in the Force of Spotify domination! It’s that easy.


Why Spotify mixed promotion

Get more exposure, streams, and followers for your tracks and songs on the world’s top streaming platform. Buy custom-mixed promotion on Spotify in one shot and get the best organic boost for your music, albums, singles and podcasts:

  • Increase the reach of your audience and number of plays
  • Get featured in Spotify playlists, Song Radio, Discover Weekly and Release Radar
  • customize your Spotify promo to reach your goals – fast, legit and legal
  • buy Spotify mixed promotion cheap and easy (just look at the prices in here!)

For example, if you buy a combo Spotify package with plays and followers, you get to boost your play count and discovery, as well as get organic followership from the combination of the two.

Sounds good? Thought so.


Buy mixed promotion on Spotify here & now

Take your Spotify promotion to the very next level with our Spotify mixed promotion.

How to buy Spotify combo promo packs all comes down to browsing the goodies in here, and clicking a button. We do everything else for you. Easy peasy!

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