Top 1 on "Secret Electronica" Spotify Playlist

Start promoting wisely, forget about the stupid, fake obscure descriptions of those who have no idea what real promotion on streaming services is.

Get TOP 1 on increasing 5k followers curated Spotify Playlist. All genres allowed.

Playlist name/link "Secret Electronica"

Fruits of promotion:

🔘 3k-6k Premium Streams

🔘 8-16k Classic Streams

🔘 Monthly viral Listeners

🔘 Followers engagement


Delivery time:

Placement proof link: 2 Days.

Streams delivery: 10-40 Days.

NOTE: some part of streams will be set off by Spotify as «Other listener’s playlists» check example

20-40% Will be set off as Directly Playlist plays.

Don't forget:

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$80 $300
Out of stock
Tom Swan
Excellent Spotify promotion packages. I've placed the song on 15k curated playlist "Secret Electronica". I've got playlist listeners and a couple of new other playlists placement. Its sims like virus music marketing service works.
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