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Jan Svendsen
Hey if your an indy band musician you… Hey if your an indy band musician you need to try service. these guys give amazing stats and alot new fans in a sweep. big spread in countries and states around the world, mostly united states. with a budget of 150 dollar we were up and running in the stores in about a day.
Boss Joseph
Wow This Is Amazing, The Reviews Need To Be Placed as soon as you purchase / login - information from the other reviews are very insightful of the - hard to find, trustworthy service 🙏🏾 I was A Little Skeptical at first but the speedy service and quick response - after just about 12 hours of purchasing I’m on Eastern Time & An Earlier Email Works Much Better 👌🏾 To Anyone — don’t lose faith — you’ve reached this far so your amongst the crew — This is the place to go to make sure You spend a lifetime building a career and lifestyle from your music - Jay Z said it best- Step by step and stay consistent Also get yourself out there - advertise your great music and with this cost effective promotion. Bob Marley said it best ~ When music hits you feel no pain - Rapper
Amelia GB
Literally so amazing, service is great and the guys were super helpful as I sent the wrong link and they made sure to chase me up and ensure they got the right song!! So many other people would have left it and taken the money but they were super helpful and friendly. Speedy service too. Thank you guys☺️!!
Beppe De Francesco
They are the best in this field of promotion, especially for those indie musicians who is a product their own music by themselves. I recommend them for any kind of promotion, thanks guys, best regards!
Todor Todorov
The service responds to the discrimination. Delivery is on time. Unlike some other promoters, there are no obscene comments, which is important to me. Flexible promotion scheme. Excellent communication. I recommend.
Sam Farell
It's not the first time I've worked with these dudes. I took a SoundCloud promo for my track. The communication is top, real plays, real reposts. I can't say anything bad! Peace!
Sylvie Smith
First time user of a promotions company and I was not disappointed. Great communication from start to finish, emails answered promtply within 24hrs. Results started to show within 48hrs of confirmation of my purchase. Really happy with the results of the streaming and following numbers. This is a professional, efficient and courteous company to deal with. Money well spent!
William Drew
Promosound have proven themselves to be the real deal and the way they work is incredibly professional! Not a single negative thing I can say about them and their services
Suzanne Carroll
I found Promosoundgroup to be professional and do exactly what they say they will do, and offer a legit professional service, would recommend working with them.
Efficient. Reliable. Great service. Promosound Group is a powerful tool to help genuine musicians get an edge in the corporate music world. Moderately priced. Effective service. Resilient work ethic. I'm an indie artist from Los Angeles and been in the business for 30 years. I am committed. Everything I have goes into music. I toured the states and Europe, but I could never compete with the corporate music world and their decision to say who makes it and who doesn’t. Promosound Group gave me a platform for my voice to be heard. They will provide top-notch music promotion, providing you have realistic expectations, but most musicians these days don’t. That said, If you are a real, honest, struggling musician who believes in your music, and need help getting heard, PromosoundGroup is the place for you. PromosoundGroup is for real musicians who know the real music world.
Tom Swan
Excellent Spotify promotion packages. I've placed the song on 15k curated playlist "Secret Electronica". I've got playlist listeners and a couple of new other playlists placement. Its sims like virus music marketing service works.
As promised all streams are royalty eligible and affirmative
Stewart Birch
Prompt and honest service ! Highly recommended..
J Rice
I have always had a really great experience with their service. Good customer service communication in a very timely manner. Keep up the good work we need you guys. Rice
Mario Estrada
Promosoundgroup has my business 100%, they have delivered and increased traffic on my Soundcloud page. Great customer service and they reply fast too. No negatives so far, i have used their services several times now.
The truth hurts
Great service I will continue to use this service always deliver!
Mario Estrada
Promosoundgroup has my business 100%, they have delivered and increased traffic on my Soundcloud page. Great customer service and they reply fast too. No negatives so far, i have used their services several times now.
Patricio Figueyras
Excellent PromoSound Group, I have been working with them for two years and they are always impeccable, agile and accurate responses. Thank you very much, I recommend them.
Fabrice Oze
Excellent Promo! They were no fake account all is regular, organic. Promosound know how to do magic. It's a super cool company with friendly customers service. Streaming Promotion on : Spotify, Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora and many more. Social Link : @fabriceoze or Fabrice Oze #fabriceoze #promosoundgroup
Jay Ltb
Really friendly and perfect service!!! they really are helping me out.
Very good promotion service. I have been working with them for several years. They have always delivered the services that I wanted. Can recommend them and will use their services again. We are reached Beatport top 100chart within 24 hours after ordering.
PromosoundGroup Group for the Win! At first I thought it was a scam, but after the first order these guys are good to me, never disappointed and always on time. They make sure all the promotions are 100% authentic, I will never use another service again. Big shouts to the PromosoundGroup team!
Excellent services, professional and attentive team. I have been working with PromosoundGroup for a very long time, and I am completely satisfied. They help me launch my promotions and "round off" the angles for lighter events. I think "people attract people". The prices are very competitive. The customer service is understanding and attentive. The packages are well thought out too. One day I found that a package was missing, and they created it as I requested, and made it available to everyone. Deadlines are widely respected and we receive what we buy, sometimes even more. What else? In today's world, these are the promoters that an artist needs.
The customer service with this group is always fantastic 🚀 They are attentive, they respond quickly and are always willing to help resolve any and all concerns. They truly are the best at what they do! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs quality promotion work done!
Sean Powers
I honestly have nothing but great things to say about PromosoundGroup. They meet every expectation and provide all services that they say they can do. If there ever is a problem which sometimes can be out of their hands, they have a superb customer service that is willing to find a solution to any problem encountered. I have been using this company for almost a year now and it has been a game changer ! I own my own independent record label and these guys allow me to meet my goals. 10/10 excellent work and please keep it up bc I’ll keep coming !!
Great service, always deliver on time and quick to respond, will highly recommend and use again! Best place to get music promo!
Johnny V
Great services, great promotions Reliable and effective 🔥
Kozak House
Very good music promotion services! I ordered Spotify promotion and i very happy. My track got a lot of streams in short time. Strictly recommendable!
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